Shaurma On-Home, Recipe

Many of you have tried Shawarma in your life(shavermu) - a very tasty, juicy and satisfying dish, which hardly leaves anyone indifferent. Shaurma (shaverma) is made from different types of meat: lamb, veal, pork, chicken and others, which of them to take as a basis - you will decide yourself. The only difference is the taste. We do not recommend buying shawarma in eateries and shops, delinquent meat is poured tightly with marinade with vinegar essence and the smell of rot fights for a long time, so it can be poisoned with a purchased shawarma quickly, but it will be extremely difficult to treat and survive after such a "delicacy".

Shaurma is prepared in two ways: in pancakes and in pita bread, again, it's a matter of everyone's taste. You can read the recipe for preparing shaurma at home, making up its sauce and filling, and then decide what to wrap. For the recipe, we chose chicken meat, which is cooked in a matter of minutes, so the process itself takes considerably less time than, for example, pork shaurma or lamb with mutton.

Juicy shawarma at home. Ingredients:

- large chicken breast or two medium;

- four fleshy tomatoes;

- four salted (not sour!) cucumber;

- Head of white juicy cabbage;

- purple bulb;

- 130 ml of sour cream and the same amount of mayonnaise;

- three cloves of purple garlic;

- dill, basil and parsley bun;

- vegetable fresh frying oil;

- three long, unbreakable lavash;

- large salt and ground pepper with seasoning for grilled chicken (usually it includes two kinds of pepper, coriander, hops-suneli and, sometimes, flavor enhancers).

And now the very recipe for cooking shawarma at home:

  1. Rinse and divide the chicken breast into smallbrusochki, do not melt, meat can fall apart during cooking. Seize and pepper, add the seasoning and put on frying in vegetable oil. See that the meat is not dry, if the chicken is "sporty", you need to cook for about thirty minutes. At the end of frying, you can add a spoonful of sour cream with mayonnaise in half. It is not necessary to cool it.
  2. Chop the cabbage as thinly as possible, put it into a prepared container and remember it well, so it will be softer and juicier.
  3. Wash the tomatoes. Divide into halves and thinly cut, depositing in a separate container.
  4. Bat the cucumbers with boiling water and cut thin petals into a separate bowl.
  5. Onions peel and also finely chop, it is better if it will not be brusochkami, and slices, so shaurma at home will not be bitter.
  6. Prepare a container, pour mayonnaise and sour cream there, crush cleaned garlic there, chop the herbs and stir well.
  7. Now prepare the work surface: free the space and around, put the containers with the ingredients. Remove the lavash and divide it in half. Place the pita bread in the center.
  8. Shaurma in the home is done as follows: on the edge of a sheet of pita bread (sausage on the center) spread the cooked chicken, top with a little onions, tomatoes, cucumber, sprinkle with cabbage, pour sauce and make one turn, bend the edges inward and continue to wrap. It is not necessary to pour a lot of sauce, otherwise shaurma will soften at home.

If you do not like pita bread and you are closer to the taste of pancakes, then the workpiece for "sheet" can be done as follows:

- take a pair of eggs, whisk them with the addition of large salt and a pinch of sugar, pour in the milk and drive the flour exactly enough to make the dough liquid;

- grease the baking sheet with oil, clean in hotoven and glow, push and pour a part of the dough there, trying to shape the square with a spatula (if there is a small baking sheet - there are less problems), take it back and wait about a minute, then gently turn the pancake;

- the pan can be replaced with a frying pan with a wide bottom, then shaurma at home will turn out in small portions.

We told you how to make shawarma in the homeconditions. The recipe for cooking shawarma at home is not as complex as it might seem from the very beginning. The process is fascinating, and the result will surprise you with its fragrance and satiety.

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