She ruined the family!

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Have you noticed this oddity?
If after 10 years of marriage, the husband has left his wife, then we will surely hear that:
A) so she needs
B) that she is “herself to blame”
B) that it was necessary to save the family
D) that she must have grown fat, stopped looking after herself and did not wear beautiful underwear
D) the control shot in the head is that the wife has ceased to develop
And now I ask you to pay attention to how they react to the news that a woman leaves a man after 10 years of marriage.
We will surely hear that:
A) She failed to save her family.
B) It’s my fault, so now let him humbly looking for dates on a dating site
C) I was not able to kindle a fire in a man so that he again became like at the beginning of a relationship.
D) Unable to build close and trusting relationships.
D) Just a fallen woman
I have a question - what if in this case the husband did this all? He looked bad, recovered by 30 kilograms, made a short haircut to zero because of baldness, and in general his lingerie is some kind of non-exciting? How to be in this case?
Has he ceased to bring money to the general budget, has ceased to develop, has ceased to be interesting to his wife?
It turns out, and around a good husband plyashi, and around a bad, boring husband plyushi, and then you ruined the family.
On the other hand, it’s obvious that both are responsible for the family as a joint venture.
If you have a 50% stake in the company, and your wife has 50%, then you have a common responsibility, and the success of the company depends on both of you. You can not just lie down and stretch your legs, expecting the other to do everything for you.

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