Shilak: a manicure guard your beauty

Hands say about a woman almost everything! They are able to give the age, and the condition and well-groomed nails perfectly characterizes their owner. It is believed that any self-respecting woman will not leave the house if she does not have a manicure. But in today's world, which lives in a frenzied rhythm, there is not always enough time to put your hands in order, and sometimes there is no free minute just to make up your nails. And, it would seem, the situation is not the best way, but, fortunately, today almost any beauty salon will offer you to do a manicure and get beautiful well-groomed pens for at least 2 weeks.

silac manicureWhat is shilak manicure

The once fashionable nail extensions gradually lost their relevance and short natural nails came into fashion. But, unfortunately, modern manicure varnishes last no more than 3-4 days, at best a week. Recently appeared shellak helped to solve this problem. So what is it? Shilak is a kind of a mixture of gel (which makes nail extensions) and lacquer, which does not contain harmful substances and is absolutely odorless.The great advantage of this mixture was its hypoallergenic and easy to use.

Shellak Coverage Benefits

Compared with acrylic or gel buildup, the use of shilak has several obvious advantages:

  • how to remove shilakdoes not cause allergies;
  • very simple and fairly quickly applied;
  • does not require prior cutting of the nail plate, which allows you to keep the nail healthy;
  • removing this gel polish will not cause you any problems;
  • does not peel off, does not “peel” (unlike ordinary lacquer) and is not smeared;
  • the coating lasts at least two weeks without losing the brightness of the color;
  • nails look very natural and natural, as if made up with ordinary varnish.

All these advantages have contributed to the fact that shilak-gel is very popular today, and practically any beauty salon provides application services.

Gel polish manicure

Despite the fact that this innovative coating is applied very simply, you should not do it yourself, and it is unlikely to succeed. The fact is that in order to properly and accurately make shilak-manicure, you must first prepare your nails.silac gelFirst, the nails are given the desired shape and the surface is degreased. Then a base coat is applied, which must be dried in a special UV lamp for about 10 seconds. And only after that the nails are painted directly with colored shilac and dried again in the lamp. The final stage is the use of a special protective coating, which adds shine and provides manicure strength. But about how to remove shilak, the manicure master will tell you, and you can do it yourself, but you will have to purchase a special tool for removing the extended nails. The liquid is applied to the nail, the finger is wrapped in foil or sponge for 10 minutes. After this time, you can easily remove the old color.


Shilak manicure - very comfortable, durable and practical coating. But, despite the fact that it is very easy to apply and even easier to remove, it is worth contacting a professional to achieve the best result. Besides, you see, it is always pleasant to visit a beauty salon and have fun!

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