Short biography of Tsiolkovsky Constantine. Interesting facts and photos

The topic of today's article is a brief biography of K. E. Tsiolkovsky. This world-renowned scientist lived his life so that we would one day witness the first manned space flight. Biography of Tsiolkovsky is interesting and rich, we will try to briefly tell about all his achievements.

A bit about the Tsiolkovsky family

Konstantin Eduardovich was born in the family of a forester on September 17, 1857. His mother was a native of poor nobles, led the household and raised children. She herself taught her sons writing, reading, and arithmetic.

When Konstantin was three years old, the family had to leave the peaceful village of Izhevsk and begin a new life in Ryazan. The head of the family, Edward Ignatievich, faced difficulties in his work, and he had no choice but to take his family away.

Tsiolkovsky biography

School years

Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich, whose biography is known to many, entered the Vyatka gymnasium in 1868. In this city, the family moved after a long stay in Ryazan.

Education was given to the child badly. Tsiolkovsky, whose brief biography is described in this article, had been ill with scarlet fever, and now he had not heard well. He was almost deaf, and the teachers could not give him the necessary knowledge in the field of science, so in 1873 they decided to deduct him for academic failure. After that, the future great scientist did not study anywhere, preferring to study independently at home.

Private tutoring

Biography Tsiolkovsky keeps a few years of life in Moscow. There the sixteen-year-old youth went to study chemistry, mechanics, mathematics and astronomy. He had acquired a hearing aid, and now he could study on a par with all students. He spent much time in the library, where he met Fedorov N. F., one of the founders of cosmism.

K.E. Tsiolkovsky, whose biography in the capital of which in those years has no bright moments, tries to live on his own, since he understands that his parents cannot help him financially. For a while he is coping, but still this life is too expensive, and he returns to Vyatka to work as a private tutor.

In his city, he immediately established himself as a good teacher, and they came to study physics and mathematics.The children readily practiced with Konstantin Eduardovich, and he tried to explain the material to them more easily. He himself developed teaching methods, and the key was a clear demonstration, so that the children understand what it is all about.

Tsiolkovsky brief biography

First studies in aerodynamics

In 1878, the guy leaves for Ryazan and there he receives a diploma of a qualified teacher. He did not go back to Vyatka, but began working as a teacher at the Borovsk School.

In this school, despite its remoteness from all scientific centers, Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich begins to actively pursue aerodynamic research. A brief biography of a novice scientist describes events when, having created the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases, he sends the result of his work to the Russian Physico-Chemical Society. Mendeleev's answer was unexpected: the discovery had already been made a quarter of a century ago. This was a real shock for Konstantin Eduardovich, but he was able to quickly pull himself together, forget about the failure. But this discovery did bear fruit, his talent was appreciated in St. Petersburg.

Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich brief biography

Aerodynamic tunnel

Since 1892, the biography of Tsiolkovsky continues life and work in Kaluga.He again gets a job as a teacher and continues research in the field of astronautics and aeronautics. Here he created an aerodynamic tunnel in which the aerodynamics of possible aircraft are checked. The scientist does not have the means for more in-depth study, and he asks for assistance from the Russian Physico-Chemical Society. Remembering the previous unsuccessful experience of Tsiolkovsky, the scientists believe that there is no sense in allocating money for his work, and they send a response in the answer.

This decision by researchers does not stop the researcher. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, whose biography says that he was from a poor family, decides to take money from personal savings and continues to work.

Family funds were enough to create and test more than a hundred models of aircraft. Soon, they began to talk about the scientist, and rumors of his perseverance reached the Physico-Chemical Society, which refused to finance his projects. Scientists became interested in the experiences of Konstantin Eduardovich and decided to allocate 470 rubles for the continuation of his works. Tsiolkovsky, whose brief biography is still interesting to people, has spent these funds on improving his aerodynamic tunnel.

Books Tsiolkovsky

Konstantin Eduardovich devotes more and more time to the study of space. He put a lot of work into the book "Dreams of earth and sky", which was published in 1895. This is not his only work. A year later, he began work on another book - "The exploration of outer space using a jet engine." Here he describes the features of the composition of fuel for rocket engines, the possibility of transporting cargo in space. This book became the main one for the scientist, in which he told about the most important scientific achievements.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky biography

Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich: family

With his wife, Sokolova Varvara Evgrafovnoy, Konstantin Eduardovich got acquainted in the late seventies of the nineteenth century. She was the daughter of a landlord in which a young scientist rented a room. Young people were married in 1880 and soon became parents.

Varvara and Konstantin had three sons - Ignatius, Ivan and Alexander - the only daughter Sophia. In 1902, misfortune came to the family: their eldest son Ignatius committed suicide. Parents for a long time departed from this shock.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky brief biography

Misfortunes of Tsiolkovsky

Biography Tsiolkovsky contains a number of misfortunes.The troubles fell upon the scientist, sparing no one and nothing. In 1881, Konstantin Eduardovich died his father. Six years after this event, in 1887, his scientific works were completely destroyed by fire. There was a fire in their house, he left behind only a sewing machine, and the modules, drawings, important notes and all the other belongings were turned into ashes.

In 1902, as we have already written, his eldest son passed away. And in 1907, five years after the tragedy, the water already broke into the house of the scientist. Oka spilled heavily and flooded housing Tsiolkovsky. This element has destroyed unique calculations, various exhibits and cars, which Konstantin Eduardovich valued.

In the future, the life of this person became worse and worse. The physico-chemical society, once interested in the work of a scientist, did not want to finance its research and the creation of new models of aircraft. His family has become almost impoverished. Years of labor were wasted, everything created burned fire, carried away by water. Konstantin Eduardovich had neither the means nor the desire to create them for new inventions.

In 1923, another son, Alexander, committed suicide.Konstantin Eduardovich experienced a lot and suffered, and the last years of his life turned out to be more supportive of the scientist.

Tsiolkovsky Constantin Eduardovich biography

last few years

Rejected by the scientific community, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, whose brief biography is described in our article, almost perished in poverty. He was saved by the new power that came in 1921. The scientist was assigned a small but lifelong pension, for which he could buy some food, so as not to die of starvation.

After the death of the second son, the life of Konstantin Eduardovich changed radically. The Soviet authorities appreciated his writings, presented in his book on rocket engines and fuel. The scientist was given housing, the living conditions in which were more comfortable than in the previous one. They began to talk about him, began to appreciate his former works, to use research, calculations, models for the benefit of science.

In 1929, Tsiolkovsky personally met with Sergei Korolev himself. He introduced many proposals and drawings that were appreciated with dignity.

Literally before his death, in 1935, Konstantin Eduardovich finished work on his autobiography, from which we learned many details of his life, all the joys and experiences.The book is called "Traits from my life."

In 1935, September 19, a great scientist died of stomach cancer. He died and was buried in Kaluga, where he spent the main years of his life. Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich made a huge contribution to the study and conquest of space. Without his work, it is unknown which country would be the first to send a man into space. He deserved a happier life and universal acceptance. It is a pity that his work was appreciated so late, when the scientist experienced a lot of grief and loss.

K e Tsiolkovsky biography

Tsiolkovsky's achievements and interesting facts from his life

Few people know that at the age of fourteen Konstantin Eduardovich himself, only from improvised means could assemble a lathe. And when the boy was fifteen years old, he surprised everyone with his new invention - a balloon. It was a brilliant man since childhood.

Fans of sci-fi novels, of course, are familiar with the work of Alexander Belyaev "Star of the CEC". The writer was inspired by the ideas of Tsiolkovsky to create this book.

Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich, a brief biography of which is contained in this article, during his activity has created more than four hundred works on the theory of rocket engineering. He substantiated the theory of the possibility of traveling in space.

This scientist was the creator of the country's first wind tunnel and laboratory for the study of the aerodynamic properties of flight machines. He also designed a model of an airship made of solid metal and a controlled balloon.

Tsiolkovsky proved that it is rockets, and not other aircraft, that are needed for space travel. He outlined the strictest theory of jet propulsion.

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