Short plot, invited actors: "Liquidation" - the best Russian serial of 2008

“Liquidation” is a television series, whose actors managed to recreate the whole world on the screen from the colorful Odessa characters of the post-war time. The director was awarded the Taffy national TV award for his performance. But the filming crew of the series received the most appreciation from grateful viewers.

"Liquidation" (TV series): actors, a short story

The plot of the criminal film "Liquidation" is based on real events that took place in 1946 in Odessa. The screenwriters used the diaries of David Kurland, the deputy chief of the Odessa COB. Quite famous Russian actors were invited to the project.

actors elimination

“Liquidation” is a series, the intrigue in which revolves around the activities of the criminal gang of a certain “Academician” (M.Porechenkov), which makes a series of daring raids and crimes in post-war Odessa. The head of the anti-bandit department, David Gotsman (V. Mashkov), takes up the investigation and finds out that the raider group is led by a person who is in some way connected with law enforcement agencies.

“Akademik” is always one step ahead, especially if you need to remove valuable witnesses or cover your tracks. Therefore Gotsman comes to the conclusion that there is a mole in his team. From this point on, the investigation becomes especially tense and not only the life of David Markovich himself, but also those of his loved ones, is in danger.

In 2008, the “Liquidation” TV movie won 5 TEFI awards in various nominations and received the title of “Best Television Series”.

"Liquidation": actors and roles. Vladimir Mashkov as Gotsman

Vladimir Mashkov received many prestigious film awards for his incarnation on the screen of the image of David Gotsman: “Golden Eagle”, Taffy, Oleg Tabakov Prize and FSB Prize. Mashkov so organically got used to the image of an energetic and somewhat eccentric lieutenant colonel of the Odessa militia that it is already difficult to imagine how this role would be played by other actors.“Liquidation” became clear evidence that Vladimir Mashkov fully mastered the art of reincarnation.

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In an interview with Vladimir Pozner, the singer admitted that he had to sharpen his character’s Odessa speaking for a long time. And after the end of filming for a long time, Mashkov could not get rid of the habit of speaking “like a gotsman.”

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mashkov also played the main roles in the films "Limit", "Thief" and "Land".

Mikhail Porechenkov in the role of "Academic"

Mikhail Porechenkov got one of the leading roles in the film “Liquidation” - that elusive “Academician”, who deftly led the gang, merging the operative information from UGRO to the accomplices.

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According to the plot, Vitaly Krechetov was attached to Gotsman’s task force to help him in the fight against organized crime. David Markovich himself at first completely trusted the new partner and until the last could not believe that the “shirt-guy” Krechetov was the “Academician” who became the originator of the unrest in the city and the death of so many people. However, the facts are a stubborn thing, so in the final there is a decisive clash between Krechetov and Gotsman.

On the role of "Academic" tried many actors. “Liquidation,” however, was included in Porechenkov’s filmography: director Sergey Ursulyak was bribed by the ability of the performer to look convincingly both in the image of a positive and negative hero, which is important when reincarnating into a two-faced and ambiguous character. Ultimately, Michael organically joined the general panorama of images and became an integral part of the screen action.

Other Performers Roles

The actors of the film "Liquidation" carefully prepared for the shooting, studying the flavor of life in Odessa. For example, Sergey Makovetsky (“Brother-2”), who plays the role of the pickpocket Fima, took over Odessa from his wife from Odessa. Other actors worked on their speech.

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“Liquidation” is a film in which Ksenia Rappoport (“The Death of an Empire”) got the role of the Polish girl Ida. To master the Polish accent, the actress had to exercise a lot.

The role of Chekan, the chief accomplice of "Akademik", was played by Konstantin Lavronenko. The performer is also known to the viewer from the films “Exile” and “Isaev.”

Vladimir Menshov (“Night Watch”) appeared in the frame in the image of Marshal Zhukov.Polina Agureeva played the singer Antonina Tsarko, and Lika Nifontova - Gotsman's wife Nora.

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