Silicate glue. Application features

Silicate glue, otherwise known as liquid glass, is an aqueous saturated alkaline solution of vitreous potassium or sodium silicates.

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Silicate glue is used in different areas. Without this tool is quite difficult to do in construction, it is used to perform waterproofing. It is also used in the manufacture of acid-resistant, waterproof and heat-resistant concrete.

The use of liquid glass as an addition to building materials allows to increase their durability, strength, fire resistance and weather resistance. Silicate glue is used to impregnate products from wood and fabrics, which gives them fire resistance and density.

This adhesive can be used when trimming a garden. With it, perform priming wood, brick, concrete, as well as plastered surfaces, make waterproofing tanks and pools. Silicate glue will be needed for gluing all kinds of products made of cardboard and paper, glass, wood, leather, porcelain and fabric. Also used on various types of tiles and linoleum.

This composition can be used as a separate product, and in conjunction with various materials. Liquid glass is used as a cleaning and detergent. The adhesive composition is also used in the textile, cardboard, chemical and soap industries. The composition refers to an environmentally friendly antiseptic, prevents the formation of mold, fungi and rot.

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Stationery silicate glue is used for gluing cardboard and paper. However, over time, the glue line becomes brittle and yellow, and the paper begins to warp. There are other disadvantages. These include the time-consuming cooking process, which does not justify even a sufficiently high performance. It is in connection with this that at present it is rarely used to perform important work as an independent component, and most often in combination with other materials, for example, it is added to adhesive putties and mixtures.

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How to use liquid glass

Before use, silicate mounting adhesive must be mixed. To perform the work you need to prepare a roller, brush or brush.Before applying the composition of the surface is cleaned of various contaminants, wood material is recommended to clean with emery paper. Silicate glue is applied with a thin layer on the joined surfaces, which are then pressed down to each other.

For the manufacture of waterproof plaster it is necessary to mix cement and sand (1 to 2.5) with a 15% composition of liquid glass. The same solution is used for laying the external elements of chimneys, stoves, fireplaces.

To perform waterproofing floors, basements, floors, walls, adhesive composition is combined with a concrete solution in the ratio of 1 to 10.

In ordinary work on pasting silicate glue, the price of which is from 8 rubles, is taken from the following calculation: 300 - 400 grams per 1 square meter.

To clean the dishes (pots, pans and other household items) a solution is prepared from watery glass and water (1 to 25), in which they then boil the dishes.

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