Skyrim: "Alternative start". Skyrim: fashion

About the game Skyrim has long been known.The possibilities of this fairy-tale world are almost unlimited. But, like any game, "Skyrim" begins the same way. A long execution, a dragon, tasks, escape ... Very much this process bothers, especially if a person passes a toy for the first time. Then the Skyrim mod "Alternative start" comes to the rescue.

What it is

As we have already said, many simply "freeze"long and monotonous start of the game "Skyrim". In order to diversify the already out-of-the-way toy, it is customary to make additions. They change the game and add new raisins to it. For Skyrim fashion is very important. "Naked" game is pretty short (if we talk about the main chain of quests), and side tasks sometimes occur such that the eyes on the forehead climb, not to mention the state of nerves.skyrim alternative start

Today we are talking about a new beginning of the game.Everyone understands that in a fairy-tale world you can create a character of different races. Nevertheless, the toy will start the same way. The "Alternative Start" mod for Skyrim will allow you to choose a new beginning for your character that will affect the development of the game as a whole. Be careful in choosing! We will talk about what options are possible later.

A bit about the mods

As we have already said, for Skyrim fashion arerather important components. So, for example, with their help you can not only diversify the game and expand the map, but also get something new. For example, in Skyrim spells and magical effects will be significantly replenished after installing some mods.

You can also find new things, armor, weapons andcharacters. For example, although useless for the game, but still interesting is the mod to get a certain companion. Next to you will run an ally of a certain race and with a specific name. Usually such fashion is done for fun.skyrim fashion

There are also useful modifications.Thus, you can run into a fashion changing the look of many taverns. He will make the game more atmospheric. But the most useful modification is still the rapid movement between points on the map. Who ever plays Skyrim, knows how difficult and unpleasant it is to crawl from one side of the map to another. But, back to our topic: "Skyrim." Alternative start. "

How to start

After you have installed the modificationalternative start for the game Skyrim, you can try it out in practice. To do this, create a new character. At the very beginning, there will be no noticeable changes. After the "Persian" is created, the most interesting will begin.

The game gives you the opportunity to choosestart for the race. Depending on which path is chosen, your game will develop. Thus, you can better learn Skyrim and feel yourself not only as a protector of a fairy-tale world, but also as a simple resident of one of the cities. Now you can see yourself in the role of an ordinary person, looking for adventure with his friend, a captive of magicians, a Talmor agent, a recruit among Companions or, say, a real farmer. We will not reveal all the cards - let the mod itself show what it is capable of.skyrim spells

surprise me

We think, by name and so it is clear that the playerA surprise awaits if he chooses the beginning of "Surprise me." Of course, where there are no pleasant (or not so) surprises. This mode will help those who could not decide which story they want to start. If the player chooses "Surprise me", then the game will choose the beginning. Of course, the "old version" is not taken into account.

For each race, a unique beginning will be found.This will serve as an excellent gift for those who are tired of the execution in Helgen and see how Alduin starts his attacks. Try to find your place in the world of Skyrim!

And what about the quests?

Naturally, the question is quite logical,as now will begin the quests in Skyrim. Alternate start will not allow you to immediately begin the main chain of quests, in which you have to find the evil Alduin and fight it. Instead, your attention will be presented to new tasks that correspond to one or another picture of the beginning of the game Skyrim. Spells and things in this case are not added, for them separate additions are made.mod alternative to skyrim

And what about the main chain?It's not worth worrying about. After you choose an alternative start, the game will wait patiently until you decide on your own to begin the main quests. Therefore, if you do not particularly burn with the desire to again struggle with Alduin, just do not start a chain.

If you are tired of playing on an alternativescenario, you can try yourself again as a great warrior. To do this, talk with the inhabitants of any cities about the military operations that took place near Helgen. After a while your character will see Alduin. After that, you can warn of the danger of the inhabitants of Riverwood or go in search of Hadwara or Raloth. They are both in the cave from which you left, starting the game in the standard scenario. Since the player wanted to meet with both, the game is made up so that both men lie wounded in the cave. In addition, you can choose which of them to help by giving a healing potion. If you want, you can leave them to die both. In this case, in Riverwood, you will have to stamp one. So it's better to save someone.

Russian or English

It seems that everything goes very well - modthere are, alternative beginnings too, but there are several versions of the game. Not so long ago, "Alternative Start" worked only on English versions. But with the advent of Steam mod became available for Skyrim in Russian. It, like all developing computer toys, is regularly updated.skyrim in Russian

Unfortunately, the Russian version of the mod has a number ofproblems and bugs. Above them work, but it's impossible to eliminate everything at once. So, for example, if you start a game in which you originally already have a house, you will not be offered to immediately become a member of the city. Or you still have to look at the first attack of Alduin, before your training starts as a fighter of the ranks of Companions.

Scene with a Toothed Crown, which is available whenchoosing one of the parties in the civil war, it is necessary to look. This is a known bug that makes the whole chain of the civil war fail, that is, if you miss this video, then, most likely, the line "Civil War" can be forgotten.

Thus, we got to know Skyrim's "Alternative Start" mod. Play, develop and try yourself in a new role in the world of "Skyrim"! Find your way to glory!

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