Slanting bangs

Women love to experiment with hair,change their color, shape, length. Such an important detail as a bang, too, does not remain without attention. The choice of bangs depends on the fashion, as well as on the shape of the face. Stylists at all times treated the bangs with increased attention. Since the fifties, the fringe has not come out of fashion.

Fashion bangs are a real decoration for anyhairstyles, but especially well they look at the hair of medium length. Now in a fashion slanting bangs, which is at the peak of popularity is not the first year. Do not think that the oblique fringe is an attribute of an emo girl's hairdress or a schoolgirl. Hairstyles with bunches are worn by women of all ages. The bangs, especially the oblique, give the image a stylish, bright, youthful face and is suitable for hair of any length, it revitalizes the face and can change it beyond recognition. Different types of oblique bangs differ from each other - they can be short and long, straight and torn. Most of the oblique fringe is suitable for haircuts bean and cascade, but it looks good on loose straight hair. The slanting bang visually balances and smooths the disproportionate face, but especially it suits those who visually need to lengthen the face.

Particularly well, such an original bangs look on a triangular or square face, but if the face is round or oval, then it will also adorn the girl - this decoration is completely universal.

If a bang of this type is long, it is likeyou can not better emphasize the individuality and balance the proportions of the round face. If the owner of a narrow face knows how to cut the oblique bangs smoothly, as if on a ticker, then such an ornament would fit perfectly, and visually the face would become a bit wider. If the face is of a rectangular shape, which sometimes upsets a girl a little, it will be a good idea to make a long rare oblique bangs, smoothly turning into the main hairstyle.

It should be borne in mind that bangs of this typeboldly can wear girls with straight hair, but on wavy and more curly hair this decoration will look bad, so the type of face when choosing a bang, you need to pay paramount attention, otherwise you may need to shape your hair to correct it constantly. You can add to this that bangs of this type should not be beaten at all, but it is better to ensure that it has smooth, even lines and is smooth and shiny.

Why is this form so popular? The fact is that a bang of this kind can fully reflect all the main features of the character of its owner and also characterizes it as a modern woman, looking ahead and stepping in step with the tempestuous rhythms of time, which is typical for women in modern large cities. And yet, this type of bang, especially torn, conveys the hostess's inclination to adventures, some flirtation and mischief, and even gives out quite a bit of recklessness.

Apparently, special honor nowuses a long - to the eyelashes - oblique bangs. This bang makes the face younger, gives some mystery, extravagance and sexuality to the image created. With such a hairdo, the girls may well look bold and relaxed. And, most interestingly, to create such an original hairstyle, you do not need to visit expensive salons. Everything can be done and just at home - it would be just a wish and a little time. But only if the features are large, then you need to exercise some caution, otherwise you can just hurt yourself. For fashionistas with such facial features, slanting bangs are best suited for short and strongly filified.

Those women of fashion who want to somehow stand out and refresh the familiar image can grow a slanting bang below the chin, or curl a curl, which will be a very original option.

Independently, without visiting the beauty salon,this hair style is easy to make. The bangs can be lush or milled. To perform the cutting, you need a few simple tools, among which there must necessarily be scissors - thinning and simple hairdressers, clamps and a comb. First we'll separate the hair with a triangular parting, the rest of the hair will be chained. We will wet the hair and comb them, then cut the hair either smoothly or with denticles - it depends on the desire to get a smooth edging or fuzzy.

A thick bang can be divided into small strands and "tear", if there is such a desire. After that you can perform the thinning. Perhaps, everything, it remains only to dry.

It is better to make out a long bang on dry hair,otherwise you can "miss" and cut it too short, which happens when you cut it yourself.

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