Slips are cowards for all time

Everyone has his own tastes in clothes, cosmetics. The same applies to the choice of underwear. Chaste shorts, extreme thongs, practical tanga ... there is no limit to the imagination and preferences of our mods and women of fashion. But perhaps the most common subject of an intimate wardrobe are slip-pants, which are comfortable, fit for any clothing, yet look incredibly attractive.

slip pantiesA characteristic feature of panties-slips in that,that they have relatively wide lateral parts. Due to this, they tightly fit the hips, hiding their shortcomings, do not slide and do not look out from under the clothes. They are appreciated for their practicality and comfort: slips can be worn even under tight pants or a pencil skirt, and your figure will look just perfect in them.

Slip-pants have several varieties (independing on the style and fit). If you have nothing to hide, you like jeans with a low waist, you can safely choose mini panties. And the fans of more closed linen will suit maxi - closed models.

Pay special attention to the material by choosingSlips: Panties should be made of natural materials, in extreme cases, not more than 50% of synthetics are allowed. If you really liked the pretty panties of synthetic material, try to have at least a small natural vstavochku.

slipper pantiesToday, underwear is made of cotton,nylon, silk, elegant viscose, elastic materials and even exotic bamboo fibers. And there are a lot of adornments on it: lace, ribbons, rhinestones, bows, embroidery, funny inscriptions, etc. However, experts recommend: when choosing panties, first of all pay attention to comfort and practicality, and only then evaluate their appearance. When fitting, the laundry should not crash, rub or irritate the skin, be too tight or, conversely, spacious. Then he has every chance to take a worthy place in your closet.

what is slippery pantiesSlips are cowards that can be found not only inwomen's wardrobe. So men's underwear is also known as a classic tight-fitting type. There were such cowards in the middle of the last century, in 1935, and since then repeatedly changed their shape and style. They are made of a variety of materials, can be with an overestimated or underestimated waist, varying degrees of fit and length. It is noteworthy that in every country such underwear is called in its own way. In Russia they are usually called ordinary swimming trunks. Especially often men wear them in the warm season, under trousers and jeans with a low waist.

And, of course, slips are cowards who choosefor your child any mom. Baby slips are very popular, and no wonder: they are comfortable dressing and taking off, do not crush and do not rub. A wide range of styles and colors allows you to choose clothes for both boys and girls.

slipper pantiesNow you yourself can easily answer the questionabout what panties are slips. This is a comfortable, beautiful, stylish and very popular underwear, which has no restrictions either by sex or age. Surely there are such panties in every closet.

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