This snowflake is much more beautiful than the usual one, cut out just from a piece of paper, but it becomes much more difficult. From the very beginning I wanted to name my story not just a snowflake, but a snowflake from Oksana. The fact is that this method of making snowflakes was shown to me by a friend, or rather a work colleague, but changed her mind and left it as it is.
This decoration has a much larger form of bulk than any jewelry.
Well, okay, the cause of time. What would our snowflakes turned out beautiful, we took color A4 sheets. And they chop them along a width of about 0.5 cm. Of course, this can be done with ordinary scissors, but we have mass production and, therefore, it was decided to attract a special knife.
After a few minutes from several sheets it turned out this:
Someone already probably guessed, this article will be made onquilling.
Then you need to turn our stripes into curlicues. We used a mechanical device, which I tell about at the end. And the most accessible, it's pasta from a ballpoint pen with a cut in the middle.
We insert one end of our strip and wind it on the paste with a little effort. Remove from the paste and let go. Nakrutish dissolve a little, but in general the form will remain.
Glue the dangling end to the roundels, thereby fixing the shape of the curl.
Shape your fingers - make any necessary geometric shape.
We glue the figures together with the same paper glue.
Give dry and now - the snowflake is ready!
Other colors.
And now how to speed up the process and make more than a dozen of such wonderful homemade products.
Across the knife that cuts the paper along I we used a homemade winder.
I made it from an old DVD player. It consists of a motor, gearbox, button and charger from a mobile phone.
Everything is almost ready, you just need to unscrew unnecessary parts and insert into one of the gears a piece of paste from the handle with a slot and that's it.
Insert the end of the strip, press the button and the strip fun is wound onto the paste. Everything is simple and clearly understandable without further explanation.
With this device the number of curlicues per unit of time increases significantly!
Happy New Year to you!

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