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Sofron, Sofroniy name meaning and interpretation of the name. Sofron - prudent (Greek).
Name days, patron saints. March 14 (11) - St. Sophrony, Patriarch of Jerusalem, defended the Orthodox faith from heretics, composed many church chants and the song "Quiet Light." Died in 644
December 22 (9) - St. Sophronius, Archbishop of Cyprus, was honored for the virtuous life of the gift of miracles (VI century).
Superstitions, omens, custom. On Sophronia, December 22, hoarfrost on the trees - to the harvest,
The zodiac of the name is Pisces. Planet - Jupiter. The color of the name - sea wave. Auspicious tree - pine. The cherished plant is sedge, the patron of the name is sterlet. Stone mascot - aquamarine.
Diminutive forms. Sofronka, Sofronya, Sofrosh, Sofa, Fronya.
Middle name. Sofronievich, Sofronyevich, Sofronievna, Sofronyevna; razg. Sofronych.
Name and character. Sofron to everything in life is very serious and reaches certain heights with conscientiousness and scrupulousness. Of the many different solutions and situations, he usually chooses the most difficult.But you can always rely on him, he does not lose his presence of mind in any position. Sofrop is noble and non-small.
Name in history and literature. Sophrony - the name of several saints of the Orthodox Church. The Monk Sofronii, a recluse of the Caves, recited the entire Psalter daily and, until his death, did not take off his shampoo and iron belt. The relics rest in the Theodosiev Caves, in the Kiev Lavra. St. Sophronius the Reverend, to monasticism, presbyter Stephen, from the village of Penkovtsa, near Sredets (Sofia); after the death of the governor Radula, Sofrony came to the Danube, settled in a monastery near Rus, where he was killed by a servant around 1510.
Sofron Fedorovich Khitrovo - Rear Admiral. In 1731 he participated in the Kamchatka Expedition; since 1746, together with captain Nagaev, he trusted the maps of the Kamchatka expedition and "for the endurance of many and unspeakable needs" was appointed director of the Moscow Admiralty office. Known for his "Journal of the voyage from Okhotsk to Kamchatka 1740."

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