Solyanka soup

Solyanka - soup is necessarily rich and sharp. It is prepared, as a rule, on different broths: vegetable, meat, mushroom and fish. Its main difference from other dishes is an acid-salty taste.

Solyanka-soup is prepared from three mainIngredients: meat, fish or mushrooms. So, the basis of meat is various kinds of meat, sausages and smoked meat. Fish - boiled, smoked and salted fish. Mushroom - salted, dried or pickled mushrooms.

Although the recipes for cooking this dish isquite a lot, because it can be slightly modified, based on their own taste preferences, but still the main components remain unchanged. This, of course, salted cucumber, lemons, capers and olives. In addition, the saltwort (soup) should be prepared with the addition of cabbage, tomatoes or tomato paste, kvass, greens and spices. And served it with a sour cream.

Cooking solyanka is not recommended in conventionalpots, and in gusatnitsah or cossacks. Not inferior to its taste qualities and hodgepodge, cooked in pots. So, very tasty it turns out meat solyanka, which is cooked in the Kazanka.

This soup of soup is prepared from three types of meat: lamb, beef and pork (150 grams each). In addition, you need 100 grams of boiled buds, tongue, ham and sour cream. Another 4 salted cucumbers, a pair of sausages, tomato and onions, 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil and tomato paste. You also need 2 liters of water, a laurel leaf (2-3 pieces), half a lemon, 1.5 tablespoons olives and capers, pepper, salt, dill and parsley - to taste.

Preparing a soup of soup is quite simple and short-lived,and its taste and aroma will please all members of your family. So, first, wash lamb, beef and pork. Put it in a kettle, fill it with water and cook for about an hour on medium heat. In the meantime, you need to peel the onion, chop it finely and fry in a pan. Add tomato paste and a couple of spoons of broth and stew for another five to six minutes.

Chop the slices of pickled cucumbers,previously cleansing them from the skin and cutting them along into two parts. Put them to the onions, stir and continue to simmer. Cut small pieces of ham, tongue, kidneys and sausages. Send them to the same frying pan.

Strain the broth, and cut the meatis rather subtle. Put it in a kettle with filtered broth, add the contents of the pan, salt, pepper, put the bay leaves, capers, tomatoes (cut into slices) and pour all the broth.

Cook another five to ten minutes. Already in the ready hodgepodge add slices of lemon (peeled), olives, finely chopped greens and sour cream. Serve to the table only when hot.

For those who adhere to posts, excellentoption - hodgepodge lean. If you cook it correctly, slowly, constantly stirring, and with your soul, then as a result you will receive an amazing dish. To do this, take 200 grams of stewed cabbage, 40 grams of pickled cucumbers and tomato puree, 20 grams of onions, carrots and mushrooms (either marinated or salted), 5 grams of capers and 3 grams of biscuits.

Peel the cucumber slices. Fry the onions and mushrooms. Cut cabbage with straws and fill with vegetable broth. Add a little of the sauteed tomato puree and cook until ready. Then combine with the fried carrots and cook until ready.

At the end of cooking, about five minutes beforeend, add bay leaf, salt, a little bit of flour, sugar and pepper. Combine the prepared cabbage with mushrooms, onions, cucumbers and capers. Fry the pan with a little oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. On it, put the resulting assortment and bake until done.

The ready-made lean solyanka is served with olives, lemons, pickled plums or cherries.

Bon Appetit.

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