Sommelier: who is it?

March 7, 2015
Sommelier: who is it?

A sommelier is a profession, and sometimes, as some believe, even a vocation. Before finding out who this is a sommelier, consider the etymology (that is, the origin) of a word.

The word "sommelier" is borrowed in Russian from French, where the noun "sommelier" means an employee of a restaurant that is in charge of alcoholic beverages.

In Russian, this word is not inclined and can mean both feminine and masculine (depending on gender).

Sommelier: what is it?

In the Middle Ages, sommeliers called packers who transported food and drinks were called sommeliers. Then they began to call people who prepared drinks for the royal gentlemen.

Today, a sommelier is a specialist who is responsible for alcohol in a restaurant (bar), draws up a wine list, advises visitors to various dishes, talks about the bouquet of a particular wine, variety, harvest, etc.

Of course, the person of this profession must understand this area, have a good sense of smell and taste buds. In addition, he should be polite, courteous and eloquent.

A sommelier is able to make the procedure of tasting alcoholic beverages a real art, while the sommelier himself, selecting a suitable wine (or other drink) for the guest, does not drink - he can sip it and, without swallowing, analyze the taste, after which the drink is spat out into a separate container ( guests are not served). A professional sommelier is able to distinguish not only the grape variety, but even the crop year.

Nowadays there are sommelier schools where they teach this art, there are competitions among specialists in this profession.

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