Stanislav Strelkov: biography and creativity

Stanislav Strelkov - Soviet, as well as Russian film and theater actor. Realized himself as a dubbing director. He was born in Moscow in 1967, on November 6. In 1985 he became a student at VGIK Gerasimov, he entered the acting department, in the workshop of S. F. Bondarchuk, People's Artist of the USSR. Since 1989, this man has been actively acting in films.


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Actor Stanislav Strelkov played his first role in film biography called “The Satellite of the Planet Uranus”. This tape was created at the film studio "Uzbekfilm". Realized himself as a dubbing actor. In this capacity, he performed more than 500 roles. Stanislav Strelkov achieved fame as a dubbing director. In particular, in this capacity he worked on the painting “One Meeting”.

He is the director and actor of voice-over dubbing programs and films. Since 2002, he has managed to duplicate more than 2,000 films for TV channels and DVDs. Stanislav Strelkov's book The Art of Sounding Films was published in 2014.

He is also the author of the work entitled Dubbing: In Search of the Truth.Stanislav takes part in the development of computer games, such projects on his account more than 200.

He is also engaged in work on film studios, audio books and cartoons. Since 2002 he has been teaching at the metropolitan studio, his theme is: “Zakadr, Lipsing, dubbing”. Stanislav is the author of the express method, its essence is in the unique presentation of the material.

Following from simple to more complex, during several intensive practical classes, an actor who does not possess due experience gains the skills and necessary knowledge to work at the microphone. Among his students are Yevgeny Khazov, Pavel Kipnis, Alexander Zachinyaev, Sergey Smirnov, Ivan Kalinin, Olga Zyuzina, Vasily Zotov, Alexander Golovchansky.


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We have already discussed the creative activity that Stanislav Strelkov is conducting. Films with his participation will be presented below. The actor played Shubin in the film directed by V. Vorobyov "Caviar". In the tape D. Iosifova "Catherine. Takeoff ”he appeared as Adams Vasilyevich Olsufiev. As Governor A. B. Koshkin, he was remembered by viewers of the film "April Fool's Day", directed by A. Baranov.


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Stanislav Strelkov was associated with this type of media in the early period of its activities. In the period 1994-2009. He was the presenter of the live broadcast, the author of the programs, the director, speaker and editor at the state station "Radio Russia". He is a member of the Union of Journalists. He also worked at the Voice of Russia radio station. Member of the International Federation of Journalists.

Sound performance

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Stanislav Strelkov engaged in dubbing films in 1989. Then he was a full-time employee of the Actor’s Department at the Gorky Central Children's Film Studio. Stanislav participated in the duplication of more than 500 foreign films. In his voice, many world cinema stars speak, among them: Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Clive Owen, Daniel Otoy, Sean William Scott, Jason Bateman, Philip Noir, Tom Wilkinson, Andy Garcia, Bill Paxton, Christian Clavier, Steve Carrell.

Here are some examples voiced by the actor pictures. In his voice, Charles Porter speaks in The Miracle on the Hudson. Actor dubbed Ray in the tape "Chocolate." He worked on dubbing the Suffragist tape. In the film, Rufus in the voice of Stanislav says Dim Sum. The actor's intonation appeared in Takeo Saeki in the film “Curse: Beginning of the End”.

Stanislav's voice is well-known to connoisseurs of foreign TV shows.He worked on the dubbing of the Bella and Bulldogs project. In his voice, Francisco Alonso speaks from the series “The Sorcery Story”. The actor voiced several heroes in the Dangerous Henry project. Stanislav dubbed director Nelson on the series Ghosts of the House of Hatevey. He worked on the dubbing of the project "The Terrible Family." Also, his voice can be heard in such TV shows: "Violetta", "Carnival", "Soslan on Planet Earth", "Beauty and the Beast."

Young viewers can recognize Stanislav by numerous cartoons. In particular, in the “Masked Heroes” project, his voice is with the narrator. He voiced several characters at once in the “7 gnomes”. The actor worked on the duplication of the cartoon "On the Other Side of the Fence". His voice can be remembered by viewers of the Tom and Jerry Show. The actor was engaged in the dubbing of the project “Sylvester and Tweety: Mysterious Stories”.

We have already noted that Stanislav realized himself as a dubbing director. In this capacity, he worked on the following projects: Rufus, Adam's Splitting, Catching Santa, Dangerous Henry, One Meeting, Sorcery Story, Terrible Family.

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