Star biography: Michael Jackson - King of Pop for all ages

16-08-2017, 11:00
There is no such person in the world who would not know who Michael Jackson is. Even a small child will say that this is the king of pop music, even though he has never seen him, and perhaps even the music has not heard him. Just say his parents. And they are right, Michael Jackson remains king, and let it be only in the memory of those who loved and honored him.

Young Michael Jackson: biography

BrieflyIt’s quite difficult to explain the story of the king of pop music. But we will try to do it. A very bright and amazing life describes his biography. Michael Jackson was born in 1958 on August 29 in the large family of Joseph and Catherine, living at that time in the state of Indiana (USA). The future singer was the youngest of the boys in the family. In 1993, in an interview that Michael Oprah Winfrey gave, he told that in childhood he often endured the abuse of his father: he could beat him, humiliate him, and severely punish him. One day, his father in a terrible mask at night made his way through the window into Michael's room and scared him so that several years after this incident, the boy was tormented by nightmares.According to the father, this was done for educational purposes. When the brothers rehearsed (Joseph Jackson created a group called "Jackson-5", whose members were his sons), the father for the mistakes could beat them with a belt.
Biography: Michael Jackson on the path to glory
The brothers successfully toured, and in 1970 they were on the first lines of the nationwide charts. Even at the time when Michael performed in the group, his unusual manner of behaving on the stage and his amazing vocal abilities favorably distinguished him from other members of the group. Then the world saw the dance of Michael Jackson, who later became famous throughout the world, in its embryonic state. He demonstrated his basic dance techniques, including the legendary moonwalk, a little later.

After a couple of years, the rating of the young group began to fall, the guys had to sign a contract with another company, which presented a number of conditions to them, among which was a change of name to “The Jacksons”. Until 1984, the Jacksons recorded several more albums and gradually left the stage.

Star biography: Michael Jackson on top of fame
In parallel with the work in the group, Michael begins his solo career, writes several albums.In 1978, on the set of the musical “The Wiz”, the singer met the future producer of his most successful works. Soon the collaboration of Quincy Johnson and Michael Jackson gives the planet a new look of the music world.
The results of the creative way of the musician:
• Achievements of the singer 25 times listed in the "Guinness Book of Records";
• Michael won 395 different awards (15 of them Grammy);
• Announced "the most successful artist of all time";
• Officially recognized as the “King of Pop”, “The Legend of America” and “The Icon of Music”;
• Awarded the prize “For outstanding achievements and contribution to world culture”;
• He was posthumously awarded the Muz-TV Prize “For the Huge Contribution to the World Music Industry”.

Biography: Michael Jackson in personal life

Despite the fact that the press watched every step of the star, his personal life remained a mystery to the public. It is known that in 1994, the singer married the daughter of Elvis Presley, Mary, with whom they lived for two years. The second time Michael married nurse Deborah Rowe, she also became the mother of his children - Prince Michael I and Paris. Together the couple lived until 1999. Jackson has a third child, Prince Michael II, born to a surrogate mother in 2002.
The health of the star was not perfect. It is known that since 1982 he suffered from the disease of vitiligo, so he was always forced to wear dark clothes, glasses and never appeared in the open sun. Therefore, it’s not the desire to be “white”, as the media have been writing for a long time, but the incurable disease caused its changes in appearance. Also, Michael himself argued that a vegan diet was one of the factors that influenced this. There is evidence that in the last years of the singer’s life, the disease of vitiligo developed into skin cancer.
In March 2009, the musician announced that he was planning to make the last tour, but this was not to be. On the morning of June 25, a few hours after the injection of the painkiller, Michael lost consciousness, and the doctors, who arrived 3 minutes after the call of his doctor Conrad Murray, could not save him, attempts to reanimate the singer were unsuccessful. According to the investigation, the artist died as a result of a medical error from an overdose of propofol. Konrad Murray sentenced to four years in prison.

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