Stars that have done breast reduction surgery

2-05-2017, 11:34
Probably in the whole world there is not a single woman who is satisfied with everything. Brunettes envy blondes, curly buy hair straighteners, let alone the demand for surgical manipulations with the volume of the breast and say nothing. However, even in this question, discrepancies are found: more, as it turns out, does not mean better. With all its undeniable merits too lush forms can be delivered and a lot of trouble. Sometimes they are so annoying that women decide on a seditious step - to reduce the breast.
1. Drew Barrymore

Drew was born pretty plump girl, but even before the start of an acting career, she became a regular visitor to the gym and got in shape. However, the bulk of the chest concealed slimness. “You see, a big bust is a huge psychological burden,” said the American. “No matter how thin, if you have a large size, you will always look fatter than you really are.”When Drew was 20 years old, she traded the third size for the first.

2. Pamela Anderson

In the twists and turns of the breast transformation of the sex symbol of the 90s, even tabloids are lost. The first operation Pamela made while still a teenager - in the youthful photographs, the future queen of silicone is almost unrecognizable. In 1999, the actress was tired of too big a breast and replaced implants with much more modest ones. Later, Pamela declared that she tried to return to her natural forms. But despite all the transformations, the star of the series “Rescuers Malibu” and in 49 years old remains very attractive.

3. Nicole Kidman

The famous actress, they say, was very pleased with her decision to enrich the breast. Nicole took the fashion to appear at social events in revealing outfits and did not hesitate to admit to her deed. However, a couple of years ago, Kidman unexpectedly appeared with the good old first size. It turned out later: someone told Nicole that foreign bodies in the chest can cause toxic poisoning. The Australian decided not to check for herself whether it was true or not and returned to the start.

4. Victoria Beckham

In her youth, the singer strongly complexed due to the volume of her chest, considering her completely non-sexual. Therefore, she did not even one, but two operations to increase.In this case, for the time being, Victoria refuted the insinuations regarding the surgical origin of her charms. In 2009, she apparently realized that with such thinness, the fourth size does not look very organic, and took a step back. And after giving birth to the fourth child, and completely got rid of the implants.

5. Jennifer Connelly

Everyone who watched the movie “Requiem for a Dream,” knows how good the chest of the Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly is. Or rather, how good she was before. Because now from the former wealth is not even a trace. There is no true information about the reasons for the demarche. Whether the actress inserted youth implants is also a mystery. Jennifer is silent.

6. Christina Ricci

Christina, best known for her role in the comedy “The Addams Family”, decided to reduce her breasts at the beginning of zero years - precisely at the moment when silicone “watermelons” were at the peak of popularity. Unnecessarily pompous forms made low Ricci disproportionate. In addition, she too often noticed that the look of men can not rise to eye level. By removing two sizes, the actress found harmony.

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