Steel Pipe Ring

The ring is a kind of ring, it is predominantly a man's adornment, and made of "noble metal" emphasizes the status of its owner.
Now there are a lot of varieties and forms of rings, and everyone can find something of their own, but if you want something original that emphasizes your style and gives you the opportunity to prove yourself as a novice jeweler, this article is for you.
And so we will need:
Any piece of steel (copper or brass) pipe, in general, which you can get, the inner diameter of the pipe should match the diameter of your finger, which you will make a ring.
steel pipe cut

steel pipe

Next, we need to prepare the cut length of the pipe at an angle, the larger the angle, the wider will be the front part of the ring and, accordingly, the rear one.
Once you have decided on the corners - sawing the future blank, do not be discouraged if it does not look attractive yet. All ahead!
we cut the pipe

piece of pipe

Next, we determine the front (wide) side of the ring.If you want to make a rectangular like mine, then we clamp the workpiece perpendicularly in a vice, and grind it with a file to the desired state.
file process


Then grind all sharp corners and protrusions from the sides.
modify the file

After you have given the ring to the desired shape, we will work on a pattern - the choice is unlimited, it all depends on your imagination and the availability of the necessary tools, if you get along well with metal etching, you can get a very good and interesting pattern, I stopped at the classics and made a couple of cuts on the sides and 3 diagonally, then the tiresome grinding process begins, if you have a power tool for polishing it will greatly facilitate the polishing process, in the absence of the necessary tool, take a large sandpaper and cut Avniiva rough irregularities, then take the very fine sandpaper, which you can find and in a circular motion begin to polish the ring, that would remove all scratches.
seal ring

Steel Pipe Ring

ready-made view

And finally, if you want to make your ring shiny, you need to rub it with goi paste, using rags.
With this method, if you have the desire and imagination, you can create unique author's products, everything is in your hands,successful homemade products.

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