Stewardess Vesna Vulovich: biography, life history and interesting facts

Winner of the world record survivors of a fall from a height without a parachute, Vesna Vulovich survived a serious plane crash and was the only survivor of twenty-eight passengers. In her life there were some more miraculous rescues: in her childhood she encountered a shark on vacation, then almost fell victim to a mentally ill person and coped with a difficult ectopic pregnancy.

How Vesna Vulovich became a stewardess

A girl with an unusually beautiful name for Russian hearing Spring was born in 1950 in Serbia. Spring attendant Vesna Vulovich, about whose miraculous rescue in 1972 the whole world spoke, became almost by accident. Immediately after graduation, she entered the university where she studied English. Spring managed to attend an internship in the UK, where a school friend who worked as a pilot,He advised the girl to try to work as a stewardess. Vesna Vulovich was beautiful and knew English, so she could fly on international lines. This gave not only a good salary, but also the practice of English, as well as the opportunity to often go abroad. So the girl became a stewardess. She first rose to the sky in 1971.

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It is worth mentioning that the story of Spring Vulovich is a series of miraculous rescues. At twelve, she rested in Montenegro with her parents. To the inflatable mattress on which the girl swam, a shark swam up. There were never any predatory fish in those waters. But this shark followed the ship from afar. The shark was driven away, the girl was saved. The second time she argued with a mentally ill neighbor, who suddenly pulled out a knife and pounced on the girl. She managed to escape. The third time - severe ectopic pregnancy. Grandmother of Spring Vulovich, after the miraculous rescue of her granddaughter in a plane crash, confessed to her parents, who were communists, that they secretly baptized the girl in the church. Father was impressed. He began to believe in God and left the Communist Party.

Fateful day: the twenty-sixth of January 1972

On January 26, 1972, the twenty-two-year-old steward of the Yugoslav Airlines, then an intern, was in a good mood. Later Vesna Vulovich recalled that the whole of January was disgusting, but that fateful day was fun for her. She was mistakenly assigned to a flight on the route Stockholm-Copenhagen-Zagreb-Belgrade. Fly had to be another girl - an experienced flight attendant with the same name. The personnel department confused Spring Vulovich with Spring Nikolic. After the news of the crash, the flight attendant Nikolic quit and never flew the planes.

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The crew of the twenty-sixth of January were very gloomy, they did not smile. The captain refused to go to the city and locked himself in his room. One of the team told Spring that he felt like something was about to happen. Memories flight attendants break off an hour before the flight. Vesna Vulovich recalled how the cleaner was cleaning the plane, how the passengers were waiting for landing. One of the movers was somehow nervous and emotionally excited. The stewardess paid attention to him, and after the catastrophe, she thought that it was he who could have placed an explosive device. But it was on that fateful day that she did not experience any fear.

Even in the subconscious stewardess did not have any phobias after the disaster. When she was transported by plane to Belgrade, the doctors were going to inject a girl with sleeping pills so that she would not get hysterical during the flight. Then Spring was indignant. She told the doctors that she loved to fly, and moved the flight calmly. Memories of the tragedy returned to her much later. The former stewardess of Yugoslav Airlines later recalled a harsh sound, and then a bright light and cold on New Year's holidays, when boys in the yard blew up firecrackers.

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DC-9 crash over Hinterhermsdorf

The plane "Yugoslav Airlines" made an international flight from Stockholm to Belgrade via Copenhagen and Zagreb. On board were twenty-eight people, five of them - members of the crew, including the Spring Vulovich. The plane took off as usual. The flight took place at an altitude of about ten thousand meters. An hour later, the DC-9 passed the next point of the route in East Germany. Soon the aircraft suddenly collapsed. The nose and cockpit separated from the hull. At the time of the disaster, Spring Vulovich was in the rear compartment, and the explosion occurred in the front.It did not affect her salvation in any way, because in any case the plane fell from a height of more than ten kilometers. But Spring herself believes that the important role that she was in the tail.

Aviation crash investigation

The stewardess remembers a very bright light and immediately very cold. The plane instantly fell apart. The cause of the explosion was a bomb, that is, it was a terrorist attack. According to the official investigation, all the systems of the aircraft were operating normally until destruction. During the examination in the blood of the pilots, no traces of narcotic or alcoholic substances were found. The distress signal from the cockpit did not arrive on the ground, as well as the message about the breakdown. The plane itself was quite new. He began flying regular flights less than a year before the tragedy. The cause of the disaster called the explosion in the luggage compartment. Ten days after the tragedy that took the lives of twenty-seven people, the state security of Czechoslovakia presented fragments of the alarm clock, which was part of an explosive device.

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Members of the ultra-right organization Ustashi were suspected of organizing the attack, but there is information that the crime was officially unsolved.Vesna Vulović herself later said in an interview that, according to the information that she has, responsibility for the attack was assumed by the Croatian National Movement. In 1991, the militants allegedly returned to Yugoslavia to participate in the civil war, but they all died, except for one criminal who later left for Argentina.

Wonderful rescue of a Serbian flight attendant

The locals were the first to arrive at the scene of the accident. German Bruno Honke discovered the stewardess, the only survivor in that terrible catastrophe, gave her first aid and gave her to the doctors. Perhaps it was because of timely first aid provided that the flight attendant, Vesna Vulovich, managed to survive. The girl received many injuries, was in a coma, so even the doctors gave her little chance. She had three broken vertebrae, both legs, and a skull fracture. One vertebra was completely crushed, so that the girl was temporarily paralyzed (lower part of the body). Vulovich was in a coma for twenty-seven days.

Severe recovery after the attack

After falling from a height, Spring Vulovich was restored for quite a long time.Of course, such serious injuries require a significant rehabilitation period. Within a month, she woke up every day and asked the same questions: where she was, why she went to the hospital, what happened. During the night she forgot everything. When the memory returned, Vesna Vulovich suffered for some time with a feeling of guilt before the dead colleagues. The stewardess then joked that the main thing in a plane crash was to know where to fall. So, already in those years, medicine in the Czech Republic was much better than local. Already at that time there were heated floors in the wards for patients, and in Belgrade, this is still the case only in selected private clinics.

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How a stewardess managed to survive the crash

How did the stewardess Vesna Vulovich survive? There was a version that the wreckage of the aircraft "held" the snow-covered tree canopy. In fact, on the day of the collapse of the snow was not, he fell later. Perhaps she survived just because of the time and correct first aid. A local resident, who served in the Wehrmacht during the war, found a weak pulse in Vesna Vulovich and helped him. He did not try to move it because he suspected a spinal fracture. Family members of the flight attendants believed that St. George, who was considered their family patron, saved her.

Do physicians have a version about how Vesna Vulovich survived? She always had low blood pressure. At a height where there is absolutely no oxygen, a person dies almost immediately due to a heart rupture. After the terrorist attack, Vulovich lost consciousness, and with low pressure it saved her from instant death even in the air. But why she remained intact, falling to the ground? Vesna Vulovich was always involved in sports, so the body was flexible and prepared for the loads, bending in any direction. Perhaps because of this, she received fewer fractures than she could.

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Continuing work after a disaster

When the girl recovered, and she spent more than one year in hospitals (only continuous hospital treatment took sixteen months), she decided that she did not intend to give up her favorite work. Vesna Vulovich actually loved to fly. She went to Yugoslav Airlines to reinstate her as a flight attendant. But colleagues could not understand how she could get on the plane again without fear. Velovich refused to take a spring flight, offering to get an office job and forget about aviation. The former stewardess, who miraculously survived the terrible plane crash, insisted on her, but in the end got only office work at the airline.

Life after disaster

In 1977, Spring Vulovich married, in 1992 she divorced. The girl had no children. Subsequently, the stewardess of the Yugoslav Airlines became an opponent of the policy of Slobodan Milosevic. She participated in rallies, for which Spring Vulovich was even fired. In 1985, her name was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. At first, she was not allowed to the award ceremony, because they expected to see the flight attendant, who survived the disaster, lame or in a wheelchair. Vesna Vulovich went on her own and looked wonderful. At the presentation she met her idol Paul McCartney. She asked for an autograph, for which the British musician first asked for an autograph from her.

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At the awards ceremony, Spring Vulovich was dressed in a cheap silk outfit. She was afraid to sit, because the fabric could be crushed, so she stood on her feet for ten hours. The Queen of Belgium even asked the girl why she did not sit down. When she found out about the dress, the monarch person joked that she was in an even worse position. The dress of the Belgian Queen cost ten thousand dollars (Vulovich admitted that her outfit cost one hundred dollars), but she still could not sit down because of the etiquette was not appropriate.

Vesna Vulović died at the end of 2016 in Belgrade, in her apartment.Her body was discovered only after a few days. Law enforcement officers opened the apartment at the request of friends of the woman. She didn’t answer calls for a couple of days and didn’t go out. The reason for the death of Vesna Vulovich is not disclosed by the authorities.

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