Sunburn ointment. Medicines, folk remedies for sunburn

Without a doubt, everyone not only heard a lot about sunburns, but also felt it in his own skin. Making a sunburn is pretty easy. But how to avoid such situations? How to protect yourself and your body from the harmful effects of sunlight? And if so, how to be? What is the most effective sunburn ointment? This article will help answer these questions and will give some useful tips to those who like to soak up under the scorching rays.

sunburn ointment

How are sunburns treated?

Many suffer from sunburn in the summer. What helps in this case? How to act in such situations? Despite the fact that burns can be obtained completely different severity, it is very important, when this happened, to provide first aid to the victim.It should be as follows:

  • It is necessary to reduce body temperature in the area of ​​the skin where the burn occurred.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that dehydration of tissues does not occur in places of burns.

If you perform these two simple procedures, the pain immediately decreases and the swelling of the affected area decreases. After that, it is necessary to engage in the treatment of the affected area, and it does not matter if it is a slight burn or burn, as a result of which blisters form on the skin. And in fact, and in another case, help is needed.

sunburn than smear at home

Sunburn: how to smear at home?

If a person has a sunburn, then his treatment can be carried out at home. It is very important to follow certain rules and perform mandatory procedures. Then you will get rid of sunburn. What helps with such skin lesions? Experts recommend sticking with the following mandatory medical procedures:

  • Direct contact with the sun should be avoided until the burn has passed completely.
  • Be sure to treat the affected skin area with a remedy.For these purposes, great spray "Panthenol".
  • In order to slightly reduce pain and avoid raising the temperature of the body, you can take painkillers and antipyretic drugs. Ibuprofen, Aspirin or similar products will be available at any pharmacy.
  • In order for the affected skin to heal and regenerate faster, it will be necessary to consume large amounts of vitamin E.
  • In order to avoid dehydration in the body, it is very important to drink as much fluid as possible. The average amount of water per day should be at least 2.5 liters.

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Most often, sunburn begins to appear after half a day or a day. How much does a sunburn go through? Discomfort begins to decrease gradually after 2 or 3 days. There are situations where recovery may take about 6-10 days. Even if the burn is insignificant, the skin on the affected area will still begin to peel off and peel.

Sunburn cream

Today, the market has a fairly wide range of tanning products. But due to the fact that most women tend to get such a desired tan, they get severe skin burns. As a result of this, integuments can change their appearance beyond recognition.The skin is also very sensitive begins to react to any contact. Basically it is pain. In order to somehow reduce these symptoms, there is a special cream against sunburn. It will not only moisturize and saturate the affected areas, but also contribute to the rapid recovery of skin tissue.

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Which burn cream will work best?

In order for sunburn cream to be really effective, it is necessary that it has the following functions:

  1. The cream should soothe the skin. It is very important. After all, after a burn, the skin becomes inflamed and the body temperature begins to rise.
  2. Moisturizing effect. Be sure the cream should moisturize the affected skin. Indeed, as a result of the burn, the skin becomes very dry.
  3. Regenerative effect. After the blisters begin to burst, it is very important to restore the affected skin. A cream that will have this property will help to quickly solve this problem.

Unfortunately, not all modern tools can provide the desired effect. It is best to pay attention to those creams from burns, which include the following components:

  • Sea buckthorn oil.
  • Panthenol.
  • Aloe vera.
  • Zinc Oxide.

Sunburn Ointment

Experts recommend that before smearing the affected skin with an ointment for burns, be sure to visit a cool shower. This will reduce body temperature.

Today, in almost every pharmacy you can buy a special ointment for sunburn. The most effective are the following:

  1. "Bepanten." This drug helps in the short term to remove inflammation, as well as to restore the affected layer of the epidermis. To obtain the result, the ointment must be used 2 times per day.
  2. Zinc ointment. It has a positive effect on the skin, which has been negatively affected by sunlight. It quickly relieves inflammation and moisturizes the skin. It can be used as a compress. This drug can be used up to 6 times in one day. In this case, the skin must be dry.
  3. Aloe vera sunburn ointment. This ointment perfectly disinfects burned skin, as it has a bactericidal property. It rather well contributes to the rapid healing and restoration of the skin.It is recommended to smear the affected parts at least 3 times a day.
  4. Dexpanthenol. Ointment is used only in cases of thermal burns. It is very gentle on burnt areas of the skin and contributes to their rapid healing and early recovery. Before using it, the affected area must be treated with an antiseptic. Apply ointment no less than 4 times per day.

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Using popular methods to treat sunburn

Do you have sunburn? What to smear at home? Effective are not only medicinal drugs. Popular healing methods will help to heal and relieve inflammation after sunburn. They do not cause adverse reactions and will not cause allergies. If you follow all the rules, you can quickly go on the mend.

  • Homemade yogurt. Sour homemade milk or plain sour milk has long been used to quickly heal wounds that could have formed after burns. To slightly reduce the painful symptoms, the affected areas are smeared with yogurt, while it is very important that it does not dry out completely.After this procedure, the skin is washed with purified cool water.
  • Aloe vera leaf juice. Aloe vera juice moisturizes the skin and reduces inflammation. As a result, unpleasant sensations are reduced. Juice is most often used in the form of compresses. To do this, take it and boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio and mix. After that, they dip a napkin into the solution and apply it to the sore spot for 10-15 minutes.
  • Potatoes in any form. An excellent folk remedy in the fight against sunburn is ordinary potatoes. You can grate it or use its juice. In both cases, it will have a beneficial effect on the affected area of ​​skin. It perfectly removes inflammation and promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  • Sour cream. This recipe is familiar to us all from childhood. It will only be necessary to lubricate the burned areas of the skin with oily sour cream and leave for a few minutes. It will help reduce body temperature and reduce pain.
  • Sauerkraut. Quite an interesting method of dealing with burns. For this you need chilled sauerkraut. It will need to be applied to the sore spots.It allows you to relieve pain and reduce irritation.

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If the sun burned his legs

Not only hands and face can suffer as a result of prolonged sun exposure. Very often, in a similar situation, and legs. Only a sunburn of the legs threatens not only pain and peeling of the skin. As a result, his limbs may begin to swell strongly. As soon as you notice something like this, you should lay your legs in such a way that they are at the level of your heart. If it is hard to do, then you can put a few pillows under them. This contributes to the outflow of blood in the right places. As a result, the puffiness quickly subsides. In no case can not take a cold bath. Only a shower with hypoallergenic soap is recommended.

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