Susan Pevensey - the most controversial character in the novel The Chronicles of Narnia

The British writer, theologian, scholar and poet Clive Staples Lewis became famous throughout the world thanks to what was written in 1950-1956. the cycle of novels The Chronicles of Narnia. A series of books is popular now, but often criticized. One of the most controversial characters in fantasy books is Susan Pevensey. Her story is perhaps the most incomprehensible and discussed by both readers and critics.

Character description

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So, Susan is one of the fictional characters and belongs to the Pevensey family. In seniority, she is second after Brother Peter, then comes Edmund and baby Lucy. She was born in 1928. If you turn to the source, you can learn in general about the appearance of the girl. Susan has green with a tinge of blue eyes, long brown hair and medium height. The girl does not possess any outstanding characteristics and does not stand out among her peers.

Susan Pevensey's character is controversial. She is intelligent, well-mannered, but at the same time it seems to everyone around her to be such an insidious, narcissistic, proud person. In part, these statements are confirmed in the future. In Narnia, Susan is nicknamed the Magnanimous. As for the magical paraphernalia, the girl has the Magic Horn, bow and arrows. They were presented to her as a gift by the Father of Christmas.

Character Susan Pevensey in the books

Susan appears in three novels by C. S. Lewis, dedicated to the magical land of Narnia, of seven. For the first time she, along with her sister and brothers, appears in the book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, published in 1950. According to Time magazine, she is in the hundred best novels published in English. In the story, all four children are sent into the outback to the old friend of the family, Professor Kirk. One day, baby Lucy is hiding in a closet and mysteriously enters a fabulous country.

Susan, like the brothers, does not at first believe the stories of the younger sister. After the children get into Narnia all together the girl tries to reason with the others and persuades them before it is too late to return to England.She is skeptical about what is happening, but at the same time she is ready to give everything to help her loved ones. 15 years after the coronation ceremony, all Pevensey return home and become children again.

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The second book with the participation of the character Susan Pevensey is "The Horse and His Boy." The events in it unfold at the time of the rule of all four matured children in Narnia. In it, the girl goes to the country Tarkhistan. The prince offers her marriage, but Susan refuses, and he takes her prisoner.

The third book is Prince Caspian. It is about the second journey of the Pevensey family to Narnia. It is in this book that the author finally deprives Susan of faith in a magical country. She easily accepted the fact that life has already been going on for a whole year, she doesn’t see Aslan when he calls them. However, while the girl is still hiding her disbelief.

The book "The Last Stand"

The last book of the cycle was released in 1956. It describes the end of Narnia. The children of the Pevensey family are no longer the main characters, but are only mentioned in it. The whole idea of ​​the book comes down to a confrontation between two parties: those who still believe in Aslan, and those who are on the side of the impostor who declared himself to them.It mentions that Susan betrayed childhood memories. Now she has changed, refused to hope and believe and is interested only in lipstick, stockings and invitations to visit. According to one of the characters, Susan always looks like she wants to become an adult as soon as possible. According to the text of the last book in the series The Chronicles of Narnia, Susan Pevensey remains alone in the real world, having lost her parents, brothers and sister in a train accident.

The screen version of the book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" ("The Chronicles of Narnia")

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The book was filmed twice. For the first time this was done in 1988 by director Marilyn Fox. “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” he turned into a mini-series that includes 6 episodes. The role of Susan in the project was performed by English actress Sophie Cook (pictured above). Critics greeted the show cool, even for the late 1980s - early 1990s, it was made clumsy.

The second and most successful film adaptation belongs to director Andrew Adamson. In 2005, his film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe became the third highest grossing. Englishwoman Anna Popplewell was approved for the role of Susan Pevensey.The actress (photo can be seen in the article) is selected more than successfully. The viewer sees the shining green eyes and brown hair described in the book, as well as the freckles that Sue always worried about. Anna was shot from 13 to 17 years, which is fully consistent with the on-screen and book age of her character.

Screen adaptation of the book "Prince Caspian"

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The first film adaptation entitled "Prince Caspian and sailing on the" Conqueror of the Dawn "was filmed by BBC. The mini-series appeared on screens in 1989 -1990. Still in the role of Susan Pevensey - actress Sophie Cook.

After the success of the first film on the books of Lewis, Andrew Adamson decided to withdraw the sequel. As a result, in 2008, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was released on big screens. In 2008, he became the tenth in the list of the highest grossing. The cast of the main roles remained the same, including Anna Popplewell returned to the image of Susan.

Opinion critics

In the cycle of novels Lewis traced an interesting feature. So, the youngest of the Pevensey brothers, Edmund, develops from the bottom up, becoming more selfless, honest and courageous, acquiring positive character traits. At the same time, the author from top to bottom lowers the image of Susan in the eyes of readers.The fact that it was in the end, the books say nothing.

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“Susan stayed alive in the human world, but at the same time turned into a rather narcissistic and stupid girl. However, she still has time to improve, and maybe sometime she will return to Narnia. Although even after everything that Susan saw, she could easily convince herself that it was “nonsense,” Lewis wrote in one of her letters. Agree, quite a drastic change of mood in relation to the character.

It is on the description of Susan Pevensey that the assertions about gender discrimination inherent in Lewis books are based.

“The moment came when the heroine became an adult, now she is lost for Narnia because she has become interested in lipstick. She became a non-believer because she discovered the relationship between the sexes, and I absolutely don’t like it, ”said writer JK Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter books) about the novel.

Lewis advocates say that criticism of his works comes mainly from those who do not accept Christianity. Susan stopped believing in Narnia and being her friend not because of lipstick and stockings. The reason is deeper and is based on questions of the Christian faith, the worldview of C. S. Lewis in this area.

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