System in bookmaker offices: features, recommendations

Game systems in bookmaker offices are not as popular among players as, for example, express trains or single men. And all because few are able to correctly bet on the system, although it has some special advantages. So let's consider what a system is in bookmakers, what are its features and advantages over other types of bets.

system in bookmakers

System concept

Any experienced player can immediately answer what a betting system is. But for the integrity of the information provided, it is worth recalling what it is. The system in bookmakers is a combination of several express bets. It may consist of two, three or more bets, while each of them must be put the same amount of money. The final coefficient, in turn, is calculated individually for each express. That's the whole answer to the question of what a system in a bookmaker is.Fonbet, one of the well-known bookmakers, notes that systems of 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, 3 out of 5 are usually most popular.

game systems in bookmakers

Features of the betting system

The main feature of the betting system and at the same time its advantage is the absence of the need to correctly guess the outcome of absolutely all events. No, if the player guesses everything, then this is definitely good. But with one misfire, the player will still make a profit, which is not possible with an express type bet. That is, the system allows the better to hedge in case he is not sure about one or more predictions. If you compare it with an ordinary, the system again looks like the most attractive rate. The system in the bookmaker will bring a greater amount of winnings than with an ordinary type of bet. But when a better is completely sure of his winnings and wants to get the maximum benefit out of it, you should still opt for the express bet, since it will be more profitable than the system.

Building gaming systems

The system in bookmakers is always based on one principle. The first digit in the system reflects the number of sports outcomes that the better included in one express game system. The second is the total number of express trains.The difference between the second and first number shows how much a player can make mistakes so as not to be in the red. For example, in the 2 of 3 system, the player may not guess one game prediction, and in 3 of 5 - two.

The dimensionality of the bookmaker system can be absolutely anyone, even 15 out of 16. But remember: the more expresses in the system, the harder it is and, accordingly, the higher the risk of loss. However, to find out how the system works in a bookmaker, you need to learn how to calculate its profitability.

betting system in a bookmaker

Profitability of the betting system

As mentioned earlier, for each express a different winning coefficient is assigned, which makes it a little difficult to determine the profitability of the whole system. Game systems in bookmaker offices are checked for profitability using simple calculations. To do this, multiply the winning coefficients in each express and compare it with the total number of express. If the product of the coefficients exceeds the total number of express trains, then the system will be profitable even with a possible player error. Suppose that in system 2 of 3 there are game coefficients 1.5 and 1.3, then 1.5 * 1.3 = 1.95. This result is less than 3 (seethe second digit of the system), so if the player guesses two events out of three, then the system will not bring any profit to him.

On average, the game coefficient must be greater than 1.7. But in any case, do not be lazy to once again check the profitability of the system, especially since its calculation does not contain complex mathematical calculations.

what is the system in the bookmaker fonbet

System calculation

Consider how the system is calculated in the bookmakers, we will help the simplest bet on the system 2 of 3. The bookmaker provides data on the possible gains only with full guessing all the events. Imagine that a player betted $ 60 to win the hosts in a basketball game and one express was losing.

In the system, 2 of 3 express trains are as follows: the first game plus the second, the second plus the third and the first plus the third. Therefore, if a player guesses the outcomes of two games, then one of the three express trains will be winning. If he guesses all three, then three express trains will play.

In numbers, it looks like this:

  • The amount of the bet for each express is divided equally, i.e. $ 20 for an express.
  • Game factor is 2.0.
  • The winning amount = 2.0 * 2.0 * 20 dollars = 80 dollars, of which 20 dollars profit.

But, as a rule, players do not bother too much about how the system is considered in the bookmaker's office. Calculations can be made using special calculators that make calculations both online and after installing the software on a PC or using a special application on a mobile device.

system in the bookmaker calculation

Fixed rate systems

Some bookmakers have the so-called fixed-rate systems. A fixed-rate system is a type of betting system in which a player can include one or several bets in all possible system variants. It is advisable to use this type of bets only with one hundred percent confidence in the outcome of the event. Otherwise, if the better failed with the result of the event, the system automatically becomes losing. Among professional betters, such a system can be called “Vernyak”, “Banker”, etc. The profitability of a fixed-rate system is usually higher than the profitability of a standard rate system.


In order not only to experience a feeling of adrenaline during a dispute with a bookmaker, but also to make some money from it, experienced betters are ready to share a few tips with newbies.And some of them are suitable not only for systems of bookmakers, but also for the game as a whole.

Recommendations for betting in the bookmaker system:

  1. If you decide to get acquainted with the system for the first time, then the best option is to choose the simplest option 2 of 3. Practical experience will help the player to feel all the nuances of this type of betting on their own.
  2. Choose the right strategy for yourself. The betting system due to the fact that it gives the player the opportunity to make a mistake in the outcome of the event is ideal for trying several strategies of the game in action.
  3. Start playing with small bets. Although the system gives you more chances to win, you should not immediately invest large sums in it. Only after you feel self-confident can you start playing “big”.
  4. Before you make a bet, be sure to check the profitability of the system. Agree, there is no point in the game, if it obviously does not bring any benefit.

These useful tips will help the newcomer quickly get comfortable in the game with the bookmaker and at the same time will not leave him penniless. As in any other gambling game, the better always needs to be able to control himself, to maintain complete calm and cold blood.

how the system works in the bookmaker


Although the betting systems in the bookmakers have not found their popularity, they certainly have a number of advantages. The main thing - to understand how to properly use them. The system can be useful not only for beginners, but also for professional betters. After all, with such a low probability of loss, it can bring at least a small, but stable income. When betting in the system, it is important not to forget about the pre-game analysis, so as not to go into the minus and keep at least the minimum profit.

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