Tablets "Calm": reviews, indications, instructions for use

Homeopathic medicines, despite all the controversy about their effectiveness and usefulness, are still in demand. They contain components of natural origin, which, according to experts in this field of alternative medicine, contribute to the solution of many health problems. For example, "Calm" (pills) reviews are often the opposite, although their composition is largely traditional.


Homeopathic medicine is a special field of alternative medicine. It originated over 200 years ago and over the decades has remained an ambiguous area of ​​human treatment.

Such drugs cause a lot of controversy, because the principle of homeopathy is to treat like with similar, often causing serious complaints. Treatment is delayed and a favorable outcome becomes impossible. Especially often this effect is manifested in the treatment of serious diseases - oncology, cardiovascular diseases.

Modern medicine requires careful verification of all aspects of the use of a substance to its effectiveness was proven. But homeopathy operates under the hour very controversial components to believe in their effectiveness. Although many substances, especially of plant origin, have a long-term, scientifically confirmed experience. They are successfully used as additional or complex components of the treatment of certain health problems.

For example, sedative, soothing herbal medicines can be bought at any pharmacy, they have been clinically tested and have proven efficacy. It is with such components that the drug "Calm" (pills) was created, the reviews of which are very different - from laudatory to extremely negative.

calm pills reviews

Forms of release from nerves

Homeopathic remedy for irritability with the characteristic name "Calm" comes in two forms - in granules and tablets. Moreover, granules are a traditional way of producing homeopathic preparations. But the tablets of homeopathy drugs appeared a little later,it is much more convenient and familiar to take a pill than counting the right amount of pea pellets escaping from your fingers and crumbling in different directions.

Reviews "Calm" (tablets) from those who took this drug, mention both forms of release. Someone says "thank you" for the form of pills, noting that it is convenient to take them, while others prefer granules, like the traditional formulation of homeopathic medicine.

pills calm down the instructions for use

What works in the drug?

Tablets "Calm" composition have multicomponent. Both in granules, and in tablets three active components work:

  • Zincum valerianicum (zincum valerianicum) is a zinc salt dihydrate of valeric acid. It has a sedative, antispasmodic effect, affecting the tissues of the peripheral and central nervous systems;
  • Cimicifuga racemosa (cimicifuga racemosa) is a component based on a wild medicinal plant, known since the times of Ancient China. It has analgesic and sedative effect. It is noteworthy that the plant itself, because of its sugary sweet smell, is used as a natural insecticide, and its popular name is black cohosh;
  • Strychnos ignatii (strychnos ignacia) - a homeopathic substance-extract from the seeds of wild climbing bush Ignatia amara (Ignatia),belonging to the Loganian family. They contain alkaloids strychnine and brucin. The plant is poisonous; when consumed inwards, it causes spasm of the diaphragm and paralysis of the respiratory system. The extract from the seeds of this plant in homeopathy has been used since 1805, when it was introduced into the list of substances by the founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann. It is indicated for use in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders and depressive states.

Due to the functionality of the active ingredients, the drug "Calm" belongs to the homeopathic preparations of anxiolytic, sedative action.

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How does the drug work?

One of the homeopathic medicines that can be purchased at almost any pharmacy is the granules and pills “Upokoy”. Instructions for use of this drug describes its action as a sedative, relieves emotional tension, means.

It contains homeopathic substances of natural origin, included in the list of Hahnemann. When taking the drug, anxiety and irritability are reduced, manifestations of chronic stress are stopped, which potentiates an improvement in overall well-being.The manufacturer of the drug, the Russian company NPF “Materia Medica Holding”, notes that “Soothing” does not cause inhibition and drowsiness.

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When is the medication indicated?

Herbal medicines that have a calming effect are in demand in pharmacy chains, for example, "Calm" granules and tablets. Instructions for use of this drug indicates that it is prescribed for use in the following cases:

  • neurosis with changes in the work of the heart;
  • nervousness;
  • irritability;
  • reaction to severe stress and adaptation disorders;
  • excessive irritability.

Tablets "Calm" indications for use are, though everyday, but consultation with a specialist before using them is still necessary.

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How to take medicine?

Both for granules, and for tablets under the name "Calm" there are general rules of application:

  • it is best to take the medicine in the morning, shortly before the meal;
  • tablets and granules are taken sublingually, that is, they are placed under the tongue and held there until complete dissolution;
  • The medicine is not recommended to chew and swallow.

Usually, one tablet is prescribed for use once or 5 granules of the drug per day. But at high stress loads, the drug can be taken an additional 1-2 times - during the day and in the evening.

Medicinal homeopathic remedy "Calm" should be taken a course, since a single application does not give a noticeable result. The course lasts 1-2 months. Then you need to take a monthly break and repeat the course of therapy, taking granules or tablets "Calm". Overdose of the drug manifests dyspeptic disorders and requires symptomatic therapy.

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Are there any contraindications?

Soothing tablets "Calm", as well as the absolute majority of drugs, including homeopathic, have their own contraindications. They are not recommended for pregnant women, as well as for those mothers who are breastfeeding.

It is forbidden to give these tablets or granules to children under 18 years old. Such limitations are related to the fact that clinical trials regarding the use of this drug have not been carried out, and their safety for these groups of patients has not been proven.

For this drug, contraindication is individual intolerance to any of its components.When choosing a drug in the form of granules, it should be noted that its main formative form is sugar grains. This should be considered in patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as suffering from the syndrome of malabsorption of galactose (glucose) or a hereditary form of galactosemia, and in congenital lactase deficiency.

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Similar drugs

Homeopathic medicine "Calm" (pills) reviews from patients has very different. Someone praises him for efficiency, someone tells about the futility of this medicine. For this tool you can find similar drugs not only in the range of homeopathic remedies, but also in traditional pharmacology.

For example, drops or tablets of valerian extract, motherwort and lily of the valley tincture have anxiolytic and antispasmodic action. In pharmacies, you can purchase and complex drugs, similar to the drug "Calm". These are Novopassit, Afobazol, Persen and many others.

Which of the many remedies with a sedative effect to choose, will be decided by the attending physician taking into account the anamnesis, the patient's condition and the causes of increased nervous excitability.

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What do doctors and patients say about the tool?

The homeopathic drug "Calm" (pills) has different responses: from extremely negative and completely negative, to laudatory and recommendatory. Most patients note that the drug, if it has a calming effect, then a few days after a course of regular use of tablets or granules. Although for many it is important almost instant action to calm down, stop nervous and annoyed.

But those who evaluate its effectiveness, thank the drug for helping to normalize nervous excitability, even after some time. Many of those who give feedback on the remedy, note as a plus that the drug is taken sublingually. That is, tablets and granules do not require water to be washed down, which means they can be taken almost in public transport. In addition, the form of pills is very convenient.

Negative reviews about tablets and granules "Calm" are based only on the fact that for a particular patient they turned out to be a meaningless purchase, without having the desired effect. Many people point out that it is better not to acquire an incomprehensible homeopathic remedy, but to purchase traditional, time-tested drops, for example, the same valerian or motherwort.In any case, a medicinal product, even a homeopathic one, must be prescribed by a specialist.

calm pills reviews

Homeopathic medicines cause a lot of controversy about their effectiveness. Deciding which treatment method to choose should only be made after a diagnosis, consultation with a specialist. Most likely, homeopathy is only an assistant to traditional medicine. Replace these drugs, clinical trials, it is not necessary.

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