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Can you always take the child with you, or only when the journey is limited to moving in your car? No, really, how to take the children with you, or send them to some event, if they need to have a car seat attached to them? Security is very good, but I don’t want to break off children either. That would be some kind of compact portable version, which is not scary to put the child in the car, right?
I found it! This is a really compact Mifold booster that you can easily put your child in his school backpack!

A booster is a holding device. And usually, although they are smaller than a children's car seat, they are still quite cumbersome - it’s not an option to carry with you. The difference between the Mifold booster and the regular booster is obvious:
Mifold is really small: its size is 25.5 x 12.7 cm.

It is 10 times less than the usual booster and weighs less than 700 grams! The child can always wear it in a backpack, and you can always be calm.

You can buy a very convenient case for it so that the booster is always assembled. Plus, so you can fasten it somewhere, so as not to lay out, if suddenly the same backpack this time turned out to be full.

I was wondering how to use it at all, because it looks more like some kind of child's toy. Plus, this is a very recent invention (in the Russian market, it appeared only this year), and such innovations always seem complicated at first.

We went to try, and everything turned out to be easy!

Once again, this is how it looks. Pay attention to the belt on top, I will soon explain what it is for.

On the back and this belt there are instructions.

But even so intuitively what to do.

And this is very good, because one of the most important moments of a child’s safety in a car is the possibility of his own release from seat-belts. Here the child understands how to do it.

So, you lay out the booster, pushing the side parts and adjust them under the child. In total, they have three positions, and this is excellent, because you do not have to buy a new booster when the child is older - one booster is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old. These side parts just adjust the position of the seat belt, so they need to try on the child.

You laid out a booster, put a child on it. Now take the seat belt and pull it in the normal direction.

Clip and push one part of the tape into the sliding element that is adjusted in size.

Remember that belt on the booster? Its you cling to the top of the seat belt to lock the child on top. This is the main difference of the Mifold booster - it does not try to raise the child to the level of the belt, he lowers the belt to the level of the child’s shoulders.

The third and last step - push the other lower part of the tape into the second sliding element.

All: three movements. See how tightly the seat belt passes now - the child is locked. And, by the way, do not joke, but immediately inform the child that he can easily free himself :)

The reliability of this booster is confirmed by the strict European standard ECE R44 / 04.
German car club ADAC after the crash test Mifold writes:
“The test results show that Mifold complied with the requirements of the UNECE Standard 44 in weight categories II and III.”
This is a huge difference from most boosters on the market. The NTV channel in its program called Mifold a "miracle of technology." And this is really an advanced invention for child safety.
Did I mention that this thing is compact? In the glove compartment fits perfectly, as well as in the women's handbag. It can also be stored in the rear seat pockets.

It is very convenient that you can have up to 3 such boosters in a regular-sized car, and they will not take up much space when there are no children in the car, but when the children are traveling with you, you can easily place them. Three children with Mifold boosters fit in the back seat, but it’s almost impossible to place three ordinary boosters or car seats for children.
And the most important. You have already clearly flashed the question: "Is it permitted to officially use such a booster instead of a child car seat?" Allowed, but only in the back seat. Mifold boosters belong to the category of universal children's car seats, non-integral class, group II / III. Each certificate comes with a certificate that proves it to both you and the traffic policeman who stopped you.

But the "other restraints" are prohibited. These are, for example, seat belt adapters.
But still, you should understand that the booster and the child car seat with the backrest and lateral support are not equal in terms of safety. This means that if possible, it is better to use a full-fledged armchair with a back, and when there is no such possibility: use a Mifold booster when traveling, in car sharing, in a taxi, in a friend’s car or in a rented car.Especially considering that in most of these cases, if you get a chair, you will have to pay extra for it.
This is exactly the thing that every child from 4 to 12 years old should have with him (and it doesn’t matter if you have a personal car in your family or not) so that you can protect yourself on any unexpected trip with or without you. Believe me - so much calmer!
So that you rather get this useful thing, I give a promotional codevarlamov, he will give you a discount of 690 rubles when buying on mifoldstore.ru.

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