Tank Museum in Parola, Finland

There are a lot of museums in Finland, including military ones. I rarely write about them, not my topic. Only a few museums really fascinate me so that I myself have tried to get there and walk on it for a long time. However, I don’t miss the extra opportunity to visit some thematic museum. If only so that you can then make a post with recommendations for those who are really interested. For example, motorcycle fans should visit the motorcycle museum in the city of Lahti, for aviation, the thematic museum in Jyväskylä, and in the Vapriikki museum center there are generally a dozen expositions on various topics. In this post I will mention the Museum of tanks, not far from the town of Parola, in the Tavastia region.
Tank Museum in Finland
This museum is rather big. More precisely, the largest in Finland, where armored vehicles are represented. The exposition of the museum has more than 90 pieces of equipment, which somehow related to Finland. Moreover, about a third of all the equipment has been completely restored, in working condition and can be used on the go.Actually, they are used at all sorts of festivals and events.
Tank Museum in Finland
The whole museum is divided into several parts. The picture above is part of one of the hangars. There are only three indoor spaces + a gift shop. Some of the tanks of the Second World War are located on a hill in front of the museum (including the Soviet armored train), and another part at the entrance to the museum’s parking lot.
Tank Museum in Finland
In the exposition, in addition to the tanks of Soviet, German, Central European and even Finnish origin, you can see parts of the weapons, tank engines, communications equipment and articles of clothing and footwear.
Tank Museum in Finland
There are several armored cars, for example, like this Soviet-made BA-20M. Such an armored car, like many exhibits here, is captured. About the Finnish swastika everyone knows, right? I mentioned it here.
Tank Museum in Finland
Tank T-26, made under the license of the English Vickers in the 30s.
Tank Museum in Finland
The description of this tank is not found. Almost all the exhibits here have large tablets with descriptions in four languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian:
Tank Museum in Finland
On the street there are some more armored vehicles. This is the Patria AMV 8x8 Amos, Finnish production. Mass production began in 2004, and this copy was given to the museum as a demonstration of the achievements of Finnish industry.
Tank Museum in Finland
Another Finnish armored vehicle with a short name SISU.Began to be produced in 1937 for the needs of the country's police. He was armed with three machine guns, also Finnish production.
Tank Museum in Finland
English Humber "Pig". Made on the basis of a light-duty truck. The museum was in 1990.
Tank Museum in Finland
Daimler Ferret MK 2/3. These were done in England, the most was released in 1952-1971, respectively. Used during UN peacekeeping operations.
Tank Museum in Finland
In the adjacent hangar exposition of modern military equipment. Impressive cars:
Tank Museum in Finland
At some of them you can climb and look inside:
Tank Museum in Finland
Tank Museum in Finland
Tank Museum in Finland
It’s terrible, how crowded and uncomfortable there is:
Tank Museum in Finland
There is another Patria AMV here:
Tank Museum in Finland
Means of communication:
Tank Museum in Finland
Separately, there are tanks on the hill behind the fence. Here, for the most part, good old Teshki Soviet-made.
Tank Museum in Finland
There are a couple of "Germans", the British and one of Czechoslovakia:
Tank Museum in Finland
And a huge armored train:
Tank Museum in Finland
The address of the museum of tanks: Hattulantie 334, 13720 Parola, Finland. Watch for pointers that say "Panssarimuseo". The official site panssarimuseo.ru. Before going to the museum, check the time on the site.
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