"Tarragon": drink recipe. Soft drinks

Everyone knows that childhood is the most memorable and memorable time. And there is no such person who in childhood did not like soft drinks. One of the most popular - the drink is very simple. It can be cooked at home. How? This will be discussed in the article. Just to start, let's find out what is tarragon and whether it is useful for the body.

tarragon drink recipe

What is tarragon?

Estragon is a perennial herbaceous plant, which is considered the birthplace of the United States, Siberia and Asia. This plant is also called tarragon, dragoon grass or tarragon wormwood. This is a bush whose height is from one meter. The spread of tarragon is quite wide. This is Eastern Europe, and Canada, and Mexico, and even India and China. In Russia, tarragon grows in the Far East and Siberia. This plant in the flowering period is decorated with fragrant yellow flowers with black heads. This period, as a rule, comes in the second half of the summer.

This spicy seasoning has an original taste, and the notes of delicate and pleasant aroma are barely audible. Often, the herb is used in cooking, medicine, and the cosmetic industry.

Tarragon is used as a spice in almost any kitchen in the world. Some hostesses add it when salting cucumbers, soaking pears and apples. Dragoon grass is used in the preparation of many savory and mouth-watering dishes: fish, legumes, mushrooms, etc. In some cases, tarragon is included in spirits to give them a pleasant aroma.

Tarragon gives some dishes a refined and appetizing taste and acts as a natural preservative, with which food stays fresh for a long time.

The soft drink "Tarhun" has a delicate taste and aroma. They are very pleased to freshen up in the hot season.

soft drinks

Useful properties of tarragon

The deepest value of this plant is due to its healing mineral and vitamin composition. In addition, tarragon is enriched with vitamin C, coumarins, carotene, essential oils, which make the plant a natural doctor.

So, let's analyze in more detail, what is useful tarragon.

how is tarragon useful

Therapeutic effects on the kidneys and urogenital system

Tarragon has a beneficial effect on the condition of the kidneys and eliminates inflammation. Also, tarragon has a diuretic effect, thereby leaving the hated swelling.

Dragoon-grass in the fight against stress and lung diseases

Tarragon wormwood provides antibacterial and antiviral activity. Used widely seasoning to eliminate diseases such as bronchitis, sore throat, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

Just imagine, targhun contains an unimaginable amount of natural antioxidants, ascorbic acid and vitamin A. These nutrients help rejuvenate the skin and prevent the development of cancer. After consuming the tarragon, human immunity is significantly enhanced.

In addition, this plant was used even by our great-grandmothers to get rid of insomnia, pain in the teeth, headaches. Also, the spice perfectly fights long-lasting stresses and depressions, making a person more calm and resistant to nervous breakdowns.

cooking tarragon

The benefits of tarragon for women and men

Estragon will be incredibly beneficial to the health of the male, because it helps to increase potency and heals the genitals.

Beneficially tarragon affects the fair sex. In women, the menstrual cycle is significantly improved and normalized.

Tarragon improves appetite

In the course of the experiment, some chemicals were discovered in the grass that contribute to increased appetite. Tarragon will be a real helper to those people who for some reason have lost interest in food. So, improve the appetite will help drunk a glass of drink called "Estragon". Recipe drink you can learn by reading the article to the end.

how to make tarragon

Tarragon helps to remove extra pounds

Experts boldly claim that the plant increases the absorption of creatine in the muscles. In other words, tarragon improves digestion and accelerates it. Non-alcoholic beverages are different: healthy and not. But "Tarragon" is recommended for use by people on a diet.

The use of dragoon herbs for the stomach

Since ancient times, tarragon has been used as a digestive tonic, as it promotes the production of bile in the liver.The unique plant eliminates indigestion, improves the intestinal microflora. In addition, tarragon is used in alternative medicine to combat parasites and worms.

tarragon drink recipe

Delicious "Tarragon": drink recipe

Refreshing drink "Tarhun" is quite original and adored by all generations. Often we buy it in stores, but do not even think that it is easy to cook at home. Moreover, the home drink will be natural and does not contain dyes and preservatives, which is not the case with the store product.

Cooking "Tarkhuna" at home will not take much time from you. Homemade drink quenches thirst pretty well and never has a bright green color. Its color ranges from light green to dark grassy. It depends on the number of plants and the period of infusion.

And nevertheless, how to make a tarragon? What drink recipes are the most popular and piquant?

Tarragon with lemon

So, we will need:

  • 2 fresh lemons;
  • 100 grams of herb tarragon;
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 2 liters of sparkling water

How to make "Tarkhun" from these ingredients? The drink recipe is as follows.To begin with, sparkling water is poured into a medium-sized tank and soaked tarragon in it, kneading the grass with a wood pulp. This mixture is covered with a film and put in the fridge for 2 hours.

After this time, take out a bowl and add granulated sugar to the mixture to taste. Then squeeze the lemons in a bowl. Then we filter and pour the resulting drink into a bottle, pre-shake. You can serve it with ice and fragrant mint.

That's all, you can enjoy a delicious product called "Tarragon". The recipe of the drink you now know, you can start cooking. Quench your thirst! Enjoy your meal!

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