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Health and the ability to maintain a high level of productivity in any activity largely depends on the quality of care for your body. And if we talk about current measures of recovery after a busy day of work, then definitely it is worth paying attention to back massage.

Relevance back massage

Muscles actively receive stable loading practically at any kind of activity. And for them to function properly, care is needed for them. Back massage at home allows you to have the most beneficial effect on the muscles after a hard day.

back massage at home

In fact, massage of the back muscles is very important. Due to stable loads, the muscles come to a state of stiffness and tension by the end of the day. At the same time, to restore intervertebral discs during the night, it is necessary that the back be relaxed. If you work with muscles correctly, then the health of the spine and the back as a whole will be maintained much longer than in people who ignore these principles.

Thus, massage plays an important role in maintaining the correct state of the muscles of the back and spinal discs. In addition, the well-applied back massage technique helps to normalize blood pressure, activate oxygen-containing cells, open additional capillaries, improve heart function and establish a more active delivery of nutrients to the tissues of the body.

Where to begin?

Before you apply any technique, you need to prepare and choose the correct body position. Starting a back massage at home is possible only when all the back muscles are in a relaxed state.

If we consider the correct back massage in a horizontal position, then it is necessary to place the person comfortably on a table that is stable and comfortable in height (the surface should not bend) and place a small pillow under the rib cage. Massaged in this case should lie on the stomach with arms straightened along the body (face pointing forward).

back massage

If it is painful or uncomfortable to lie down for any reason, then you can sit on a chair facing its back. It is recommended to lubricate the back of the massaged and the hands of the masseur with previously prepared oil.Peanut, soybean, almond, coconut, olive (most popular) and even sunflower oil are perfect for this purpose. It will not be superfluous to add aromatic essential oils that have a healing effect.

Aromatic compositions that are worth paying attention to

Since the implementation of a back massage involves the use of oils, including essential oils, the following combinations of common elements are definitely worth exploring:

- Emollient oils that stimulate blood circulation. It is petigranovoy oil, juniper, rosemary and nutmeg oil.

- A composition having a warming effect. This group includes marjoram, gum or pine essence, oregano, camphor and eucalyptus oil.

- Anti-inflammatory oils and muscle relaxants. In this case, it makes sense to mention nutmeg, lavender and thyme.

correct back massage

Having chosen any of the compositions, it is necessary to mix all the ingredients in equal proportions and add them to the oil base. Before you start a massage, you need to warm up the oil and apply it on the surface of the palms.

Topical advice on preparing for a massage

Technique massage back - this is not the only condition for successful work with the muscles. First of all, it is necessary that the massaged relaxed emotionally. For this you need to make contact with him and bring him to a state of rest. In this case, the pressure during the massage should be increased gradually, as the back muscles warm up.

It is important to remember that deep and strong squeezing can be used only when working with the softest areas of the back. In the area of ​​the kidneys, strong pressure is not allowed by definition.

Classic massage technique

When it comes to working with the back muscles, it inevitably implies a certain set of massaging exercises, such as:

- Stroking back. From this massage should begin. The purpose of stroking is to prepare the back muscles for more intense effects and general relaxation of the body. It should be performed across and along the back, as well as around the circumference (along the edges of the shoulder blades), using the entire surface of the palm. It would not be superfluous to combine energetic movements from top to bottom along the back with barely perceptible, light movements from bottom to top.

back massage lessons

- rubbing.These are movements that must be carried out from the sides to the spine and in the opposite direction. It is important to pay attention to the muscles of the neck and shoulders - they need to be rubbed more carefully. Such movements will eliminate muscle tension, swelling and salt deposits.

- kneading. Here you need to use both hands. First, the skin folds are grasped by the fingers, after which the arms gradually move away from the spine. It is necessary to massage each side of the back separately. Kneading is important in the presence of cardiovascular diseases. It can increase blood flow to the tissues and helps to cleanse them of the by-products of metabolism.

- Vibration. It is performed using fingertips. From the loin to the neck, circular movements are performed, after which the regulation of metabolism improves and muscle relaxation occurs.

- Slamming. In order to get a softer effect, the palm must be folded in the shape of a spoon. Slamming itself must be done on the muscles, without affecting the kidneys, bones and shoulders.

The back massage technique at home is completed with soft relaxing movements that are performed with an emphasis on places of tension or pain.

In fact, there are various massage schools, the complexes of which are somewhat different. If you wish, you can explore the most relevant of them. It is better to take back massage lessons from Specialists who have regular customers.

How to work with the back muscles with osteochondrosis

First of all, it is worth noting that osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases of the spine. And therapeutic back massage in this case is very relevant. It produces a tangible therapeutic effect due to the fact that it significantly improves blood flow in the intervertebral discs and the spine itself, as well as relieves muscle tension.

back ache massage

It is important to know that such a massage is performed during the period when the pain syndrome has already been stopped. During an exacerbation, massaging can be assigned as an exception. In this case, the masseur is faced with the task of acting on the pain by the reflex method. For this, manual stimulation of healthy parts of the body is used.

When the back hurts, the massage should be extremely gentle and not lead to additional pain. If you massage the muscles every day, then for 3-4 days the pain during the performance of the technician passes.

In contrast to the classical method of osteochondrosis, the massage is carried out in a sitting position. In this case, the neck area, neck and chest muscles are affected. In order to achieve full massage of the pectoralis major muscles, you need to lie on your back.

Medical back massage: types

Most often, these types of massaging are used in combination with physical therapy and gymnastics. At the same time, this kind of impact on the back muscles can be divided into 3 key stages: introductory, main and final.

therapeutic back massage

An introductory section usually takes from 1 to 3 sessions. During this period, the masseur observes how the person reacts to different techniques, as well as studies the response of the body and selects the most relevant tactics.

The main stage (3-16 session) is focused on a differentiated method of using movements. This increases the intensity of exposure to the muscular system of the back.

The purpose of the final stage is the constructive training of the patient in the use of therapeutic massage at home and the continuation of the basic technique.

If we talk about the qualified treatment of the spinal section, then there can not do without the participation of a chiropractor or a neurologist.

Back massage for children

It is necessary to start systematic carrying out simple physical exercises even when the child is in infancy. This will help strengthen the musculoskeletal tissue and overall health of the baby. As for the massage for children, it is based on the use of rubbing and stroking movements. It is important to thoroughly wash your hands before massaging. This condition should be taken as seriously as possible, because otherwise there is a risk that dirt, microbes and various pathogenic bacteria will fall on the baby’s skin.

back massage for children

The next thing you need to do - put the child on the table, which must first be covered with a film or blanket, folded several times. Initially, the duration of the massage should not exceed 10 minutes. Over time, the intensity of the exercises and the duration of the massage can be increased.

The best time for a baby massage is evening (before the child goes to bed). This will help your baby sleep fast and fast. As for the directly massaging of the spinal region, it is performed in the position of the child lying on his stomach. At the same time, it is necessary to do stroking of the back with the backs of the palm, starting movement from the buttocks and smoothly moving towards the upper part of the back.

When performing this technique, kids usually lift the head and rest with the handles on the couch. This reaction is useful because it helps strengthen the muscles of the neck, head, arms, back and skeleton, inclusive.

Contraindications, topical for back massage

In spite of the fact that the back muscles definitely need a constant, competent effect, massaging is contraindicated for some people. First of all, we are talking about those who suffer from various skin diseases (inflammation of the lymph nodes, eczema, herpes, severe forms of dermatitis, etc.). Back massage is not recommended for acute febrile condition, thrombosis, noticeable varicose veins and other diseases falling into the category of "venous". It is worth to refrain from massaging the back in case of skin lesions, as well as in case of irritation. Cardiovascular diseases are also quite a good reason for not giving back massage.


Back massage can be safely recognized as one of the best methods of restoring and relaxing the muscular system. Its value increases even more when you consider the fact that it is in the area of ​​the back that there are points of impact on the spine and blood flow that feeds it.The mastered back massage technique will make it possible to make it to your relatives.

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