Than open tif file

The more there is on the computer markettechnology programs, the more diverse extensions and file types. Often in search of information or solving a problem, users are faced with the need to download a file with some mysterious extension, which until now had no business, and Windows does not recognize it. In this case, you need to look for a program that is "responsible" for opening such a file.

Let's look at an example: than to open a tif file

First, what kind of extension is this? This abbreviation is Tagged Image File. It is a high-quality graphic format. Due to these characteristics, files with the .tif extension serve to store high-definition images and with a huge number of shades of different colors (for example, digital photos taken by professional cameras, highly detailed drawings or diagrams). It was developed about forty years ago, the first version, of course, is outdated. To replace it came later and more "advanced" versions. The more difficult the option became (and there are about 50 of them), the higher the requirements for the program, allowing them to open.

Despite the fact that files with the extension of suchsorts allow you to preserve the original saturation, detail and quality of the photo (or pictures / drawings / diagrams), their actual size is usually smaller than the usual and more common format .jpeg

So, knowing what this extension is and why it isUsed, it remains to find out what to open the .tif file. The problem is that the usual image viewer, especially their older versions, do not allow full viewing of such files, because do not have the appropriate resources and do not allow processing of such high-quality files without damage to viewing.

Therefore, any user, before opening tif files, should see the list of programs that allow this:

  • ACDSee. This program of working with imagesis quite difficult to handle for beginners, but once you are puzzled with professional file formats, you will have to learn how to work with it. It, naturally, paid. But there is a price to pay: the program allows you to make scrupulous work on photos, adjust the white balance, play with color, correct the defects of sharpness and noise.
  • Adobe Photoshop. A great program, when working withthere are questions like "How to open tif files?". Also, like the previous one, is a graphical editor, however, unlike the first, it is more often used in web design. Of course, if you just need to find, than open a tif, then it will fit. For processing, you will need more in-depth knowledge of the program.

Despite the fact that both programs are claimedmanufacturers as paid, in the open spaces of the Runet, of course, you can find "patched" versions with keys, etc. What, as you know, is illegal and the author of the article is not recommended.

As for the choice of users, most still prefer Adobe Photoshop, because she happens to berelativelyeasy to work with this format.

Often, as practice shows, there is a need to convert the tif file into a different, more common, format. There is also such an opportunity.

So, you have downloaded a file that already has a well-known tif format. Than to open it - clearly, but it would be desirable to transform to a format jpeg, for example, or gif. The program is usefulMicrosoft Paint.With it, open the file, find the "File" tab, we select the "Save file as ..." function in the shortcut menu, and select the desired format here.

Absence of programs (even Microsoft Paint) is notis a hindrance to converting tif format files. On the Internet, there are many different sites that allow you to do this procedure on-line. It should only be borne in mind that the loss of quality when formatting is inevitable.

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