In each person's life there are such moments when he wants to express gratitude either to a specific person, or to the highest forces, or to the occasion. This feeling is transmitted in various ways and is called gratitude. This word speaks for itself. After all, it was formed by combining the words "good" and "give." In this case, the expression of a sense of appreciation occurs in different ways.

In this article we will look at how the words of gratitude are most often conveyed. And as the addressee we will choose parents - the people closest to us.

What is gratitude?

This word speaks for itself. It means giving a blessing, which is expressed by a feeling of gratitude for the good done. For example, for support, service or even financial assistance.

Also, gratitude is expressed as a reward at work and represents a cash bonus, a certificate or even a promotion. It all depends on the scale of the benefits received from the employee, as well as the attitude of the authorities to their subordinates.thanks to parents

Feelings of appreciation we often feel to higher forces. We thank them for our lives, including the trials that make us wiser and stronger.

This feeling is very significant for a person. He should be able to thank all those who do good for him. Thus, he shows that he appreciates what he receives and has. It is no coincidence that Cicero called this feeling "the mother of all other virtues." We should be able to express gratitude to parents, teachers, relatives, friends, colleagues, and higher forces for what they do for us. Their actions should not be overlooked, so that they do not think that they are not valued, they do not notice the effort they have invested.

How is it expressed?

For the good you need to pay good. A pleasant word from the heart is one of the best ways to express appreciation. But there are other options for appreciation. This is a reciprocal good deed, the provision of services, the donation of a souvenir or a monetary reward. (Believers can light a candle and pray for the one who helped them).

To express appreciation, it is good to know the person to whom you want to make pleasant.Otherwise, instead of a surprise, you can offend him. After all, not everyone will accept a gift or cash. Therefore, the best way is the kind words spoken from the heart. For example, you want to express gratitude to your parents for having acquired something or for resolving something. For certain, parents will be very pleased to see the sincere joy of their children and learn that they are grateful to them and consider them to be the best. It will be better than any other thanks.thanks to parents at the wedding

But often you have to express appreciation unmotivated, without a sincere desire. In this case, from an early age. This is due to the prejudice and habit of adults paying for everything. For example, gifts to educators, class teachers, teachers, teachers. Through them they try to express gratitude for the work. But it also happens that not everyone is worthy of encouragement, therefore, not all donors give a sincere gift. In such cases, the word “gratitude” loses its positive coloring. It becomes something like a forced return of material goods, bribes.

As we can see, appreciation is sometimes forced.But I want to believe that most often she is sincere and brings people positive emotions. For example, it is unlikely that gratitude to parents may not be from the heart. After all, we are most often grateful to close people - all those who make our lives better.

Thanks to parents

Our moms and dads invest in us more than everyone else. They bring us up, lift us to our feet, help us learn, feed us and dress us, support us in everything, set us on the right path. How can you not express feelings of appreciation towards them?

Gratitude to parents is expressed not only by words. Grateful children, in order to show their ancestors that they tried for their sake for good reason, through their actions prove their love and sense of recognition. They try to obey them, to study well, not to fall into bad stories, to be educated and polite. They respect the elders. And with their success in school, sports, work, they bring joy to their parents.thanks to parents

But deeds are one thing. Often you have to express appreciation in public. For example, on holidays. Be it a wedding or anniversary. Here it is simply necessary during the congratulation to express the words of gratitude to the parents aloud. In order to tell them the pleasant, sometimes you need to prepare.After all, not everyone is endowed with oratory. And in front of a large audience, many feel uncomfortable, are lost and do not know how to express all that I would like to say in gratitude to my parents. Therefore, like congratulations, words of recognition must be prepared. They can be in verse, in prose. You can use template blanks to show appreciation. But it’s best to say it all in your own words. Both parents and guests will certainly notice where your sincere words are, and where someone else’s text is.

The expression of gratitude in verse. Example

Poetry is like a song. It is harmonious and pleasant. Therefore, it is often expressed gratitude to parents in verses that are either memorized by heart or read from a leaflet. If the last option is chosen, then you need to familiarize yourself with the text in advance, learn to read it without hesitation. Otherwise, both you and guests will be embarrassed by poor reading. In addition, it can be considered as a frivolous attitude towards parents.

The benefit of poetry is now not enough. They are composed for different moments in life. Therefore, it will be easy to find suitable ones.thanks to parents in kindergarten

We have been taught since childhood to be grateful. Therefore, from an early age, we memorize poems to express gratitude to parents in kindergarten and school. As a rule, children read to their ancestors the works of various authors.But there are those who themselves write poems for parents. This gift is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable. But if you are far from a poet, you can use the following example:

Dear Mom and Dad,

We want to say thank you

You healthy, happy kids

I managed to raise together.

We brought home fun

But sometimes they created problems

Well, you scolded us a little,

Get up on their feet helped us.

So as you, no one will support us

And so no one can love.

Mom, Dad, thanks for that,

May you be fine!

Expression of gratitude in prose. Example

If you are not a fan of memorizing rhymes, much less composing them, then you don’t have to force yourself to do it. The expression of recognition in prose can also sound beautiful, if sincere feelings are invested in it.

If you are not a master at words, you can ask for help those who are good at it, or you can use ready-made texts. After all, many words of gratitude to parents are similar to each other - this is, as a rule, appreciation for giving life, raising and “lifting to their feet”, not sleeping at night, supporting, instructing on the right path.thanks to parents in verse

Gratitude to parents at the wedding is a special topic. Usually they are grateful for the gift of such a beautiful daughter or such a beautiful son. Such gratitude is difficult to imagine in verse. Therefore, prose is the most universal way to express recognition. For clarity, we give an example.

"Dear and beloved Mom and Dad! On this day, first of all I want to express to you the words of gratitude for being close to you, for being with us. to continue to take care of us, even when we have already matured. For you, we always remain children, and for us you are always parents, mentors and friends. Thank you for giving us life, raising us, caring for us, supporting us, helping in difficult moments and rejoiced at our successes. We appreciate it, we remember everything and diligence, and will never forget it! "

Thanks to parents in your own words

Saying feelings of recognition to ancestors on holidays has long been a tradition. Therefore, all the time invented and written a lot of texts for congratulations and expressions of gratitude.Nevertheless, it is still preferable to express recognition in your own words. Then they will sound more sincere, more meaningful and believable.

If it is difficult for you to prepare such a text, try to remember all the qualities of your parents, all they have done for you. Write it down by adding to the beginning “I thank you for what you ...” - and everything is ready.

The same can be done when you express gratitude to your parents at the wedding. Instead of patterned expressions, use the text that you yourself prepared by investing your true love for those who gave life.

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