Here is a brazen woman!

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Closing the front door, they heard some strange meowing, or sobbing, interspersed with exclamations like “slut” and “slut”. The sounds clearly came from our new neighbors. The old people moved out a couple of months ago, and we are only familiar with these people in a hint.
We know that a man of 35-38 years old entered, with a young girl, without children. Even the names are not remembered. However, we were not able to continue in blissful ignorance.
Hearing the sound of the door being closed, a thin woman with chemical curls on her head jumped out of the apartment.
-That is the slut, slut! She said in a dramatic tone, obviously pleased that she finally found the audience.
- Who?
- Yes, someone ... Baba Evonaya is new, who else! The floors are all dirty with my son! The fridge is empty! The apartment cockroaches!
- I see ... - we nodded.
- Lingerie is not erased! Drain tank does not work! Yes, even the communal debt of 10 thousand, hanging below the ad! It was necessary so run the man and the house!
- And what is he? - unable to stand, I asked maliciously. “He lives here too.”
- He lives ... He, by the way, is the first serious relationship.They thought she was a decent woman, she would take care of her husband, follow her house. And then he calls me - this artist, in two months, just packed her bags and left! What a brazen woman!
- So maybe she just tired of the infantile mama's son, who are not able to solve any question? - I wanted to clarify. But the neighbor has already disappeared behind the door.
I'm thinking - maybe the fact that many men are not ready to share their homework with their wife, despite their equal employment, are their mothers to blame? Who meekly "rustled around the house" and taught the sons to idle? And now they are waiting for the same daughter in law - a free maid.

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