Chicken is an inexpensive product that is available to all social groups. This tasty, light and nutritious meat, which can be recommended for diet and baby food - depends on the method of preparation, which is very, very much. The chicken is cooked, stewed, fried, smoked, you can pre-pickle it, you can make amazingly tasty burgers out of it, bake it in batter ... There are a hundred more ways to make delicious chicken dishes, both festive and everyday. That is why chicken is one of the most popular ingredients for making a daily menu.

General recommendations for cooking chicken

A chicken can be cooked as a whole carcass, or cut into pieces, the size of which depends on the specific recipe: for chakhokhbili or stew - smaller, for roast - larger. If you bought a non-gutted carcass, you must first prepare it first - cut off the head and legs, remove the insides, clean and scorch if necessary from excess feathers and hairs and wash.And only after these manipulations, you can start cooking.
The number of chicken recipes is incalculable.The number of chicken recipes is incalculable.
Some tips:
  • For cooking, you can take an adult chicken - the broth will be richer, but for stewing and frying - a chicken whose meat is softer and softer.

  • You can cook everything. But if you live in the “economy” mode and have cut up a whole chicken carcass, then send the backbone and bones of the sternum for cooking. You can also add a neck and wings. The remaining pieces will fit perfectly on the "second".

  • If you are cooking aspic, then you have to cook heads and legs, and for saturation any piece of meat from the carcass will go.

  • Often in stores they sell not whole carcasses, but some of its parts — shins, thighs, necks, breasts, etc. For example, lean broth will be obtained from the legs, breasts and wings, and fatter from the hips and back.

  • It is better not to cook the skin, especially thick (for example, from the neck), but cut it into pieces and melt the fat out of it, and then cook the chicken or any other dishes (the same eggs) on it.

How to cook chicken in the oven

In the oven you can roast a chicken, simmer or bake in a bag or sleeve, which is very convenient. Chicken pieces are placed in a special baking bag, mixed with salt and spices and placed on a baking sheet.Sometimes the bag is recommended to be pierced - then the chicken will look more like a roast. In the whole package, it will be extinguished. Too tasty, but the dish will be different.
Chicken prepared for frying in the sleeveChicken prepared for frying in the sleeve
If there is no package, you can stew in a refractory container under the lid, adding a little water, and fry - without a lid and without water, only in fat. You can salt the raw carcass, but sprinkle with spices just before readiness. This is done so that the spices do not lose their beneficial properties during heat treatment.
In the oven, you can cook whole chicken, for example, stuffed with buckwheat, rice or apples. The prepared carcass is salted, peppered inside and out, stuffed with semi-boiled or grilled raw apple, sewn and placed on a baking sheet. Chicken must be periodically watered with drained fat and juice. Preparing such a dish for about an hour or a little more.
Apples stuffed with apples, baked in the oven

How to cook chicken in a skillet

It is better to fry in the pan, and not chicken, but chicken. The first method is roasted tobacco chickens. A small chicken carcass is fried completely under the yoke.The chicken must first be salted, pepper and seasoned with spices - it can be spicy, it can be spicy. Spread the carcass and place it on the pan, well warmed up with fat, belly down, press down with a lid and build a load - a small stone, a kettle or a pot of water. After about 10 minutes, the chicken should be turned over and fried in the back. Finished chicken sprinkle with herbs and serve with raw vegetables.
Chicken tobacco is prepared in the pan under the pressChicken tobacco is prepared in the pan under the press
You can not mess around with the cargo and fry the chicken pieces in the usual way - on the one hand and on the other until golden brown, making sure that the thick pieces are properly roasted. Always fry over medium heat and without a lid, turning the pieces regularly to prevent them from burning.

How to cook chicken in batter

A batter is a batter that is dipped into pieces of chicken, meat or fish and fried in boiling vegetable oil. Very tasty dish, which is often served on a festive table, business banquet or buffet. Cooking chicken in batter is easy, but you need to tinker.
Chicken in batter - a simple and delicious dishChicken in batter - a simple and delicious dish
For batter, it is best to take breast or thigh fillets.Prepare the dough as for fritters - an egg, something dairy from half a glass, flour and salt - on a fillet from one carcass is enough. You can add to the dough for turmeric for color and a few other spices for taste, but this is not at all necessary.
Dip a piece of meat into the dough and immediately drop it into the hot oil. The bottom line is that the piece floats there, and does not lie at the bottom of the pan. Fry on both sides for a minute.

How to cook grilled chicken

A grill chicken at home can only be cooked if you have an oven with a grill function or a separate device. Grilled chicken is fried completely, sitting the carcass on a spit and securing with special forks on the sides. The spit is spinning slowly, so that the chicken is roasted evenly. Salt and pepper should be raw carcass before frying.
Grilled chicken cooked on a spitGrilled chicken cooked on a spit
Under the chicken it is necessary to put a baking sheet or any fireproof vessel into which the juice and fat will drip. Cooking time about 30-40 minutes. You can serve raw vegetables and greens as a side dish.

How to cook chicken in a slow cooker

Multivarka - salvation for the hostess. Even in the simplest models there are basic modes that perform the functions of the stove: frying, stewing, boiling.
Boiled chicken. In the slow cooker it is very convenient to cook the bird.If you need a first course, then it is most convenient to cook it in a slow cooker. The whole carcass is usually not cooked: it is cut into pieces, after which it is immersed in water, covered with a lid, and the Cooking or Soup mode is turned on (depending on the multicooker model). If you cook an adult chicken, then it takes about 30-40 minutes. Perhaps a little more, depending on the size and rigidity of the meat. 10-15 minutes is enough for a broiler chicken.
Chicken in the slow cooker is prepared quickly and simplyChicken in the slow cooker is prepared quickly and simply
Chicken stew. In a slow cooker, stew chicken well. Cut it into portions, add water or broth to cover the bottom of the bowl, you can immediately salt it, put it in the "Quenching" mode and go about your business. If you wish, you can add garlic, spices, and herbs to the prepared chicken stew for aroma and let stand for a few minutes.
Chicken can be cooked separately or with other ingredients, such as potatoes, vegetables, or rice. Potatoes should be peeled and cut slightly larger than the soup (about half a matchbox), mixed with the same pieces of chicken and simmer together. If you cook with rice, then we first roast the chicken until half cooked, and then we put rice in it, which takes 6 minutes to complete cooking, while the chicken is a little more.

How to cook chicken in the microwave

The microwave is a convenient device for those who have no time to conjure in the kitchen and look for new recipes. The dishes there are tasty, cook them very quickly: I threw the ingredients into the bowl, turned on the desired mode and forgot for 20 minutes. In the microwave, you can stew, and fry, and bake - it all depends on the selected mode. As a rule, a recipe book is attached to each oven and there are many ways to cook chicken there.
The recipe for chicken wings in the microwave

How to cook chicken in a can

A chicken in a pot is, in fact, a stewed chicken in the oven. Instead of a duck sausage or stewpot use a glass jar. There are no cardinal differences, but often it is the bank that helps out, if for some reason there were no fire-resistant extinguishing dishes at hand. There are a few rules to follow when cooking chicken in a pot.
Cooking chicken in the bank has several nuances:Cooking chicken in the bank has several nuances:
  • The bank should be put only in a cold oven, otherwise it will burst.

  • The temperature in the oven should not exceed 180 ° for the same reason - the glass can not withstand and burst.

  • It’s better to get the cooked chicken when the oven has completely cooled and the jar becomes warm or moderately hot, but not burning.

  • There should be no paper stickers or plastic inserts on the bank itself.

  • The container does not need to be filled to the top - when stewing chicken meat will produce juice, and if the dishes are full, the juice will flow out.

  • To extinguish can be taken as a fillet, and chicken on the bones. You can add potatoes, onions, carrots. It is convenient to pre-marinate the meat in the same jar for half an hour, then put it in the oven. Neither water nor extra fat is added.

What does chicken do?

As a side dish, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, rice, buckwheat, or boiled pasta will be perfect. If the chicken is fried, it would be nice to add some sauce so that the second is not dry. An excellent side dish will be any summer salad or just plain raw vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, radishes. From greens - parsley, cilantro, dill, salad.
Chicken is good with greens and vegetables.Chicken is good with greens and vegetables.

The benefits of chicken meat

Chicken is a dietary product, but not all of its parts. So, boiled white meat of a breast is shown at any diet - at weight loss and diseases of the alimentary system, at diabetes, pregnant and nursing.Young children and old people can be given minced chicken breast. Athletes are recommended to eat it, because there is a lot of protein there, which is necessary during heavy exercise.
For anemia, it is good to eat chicken liver.
Chicken legs contain collagen, which means that regularly eating this seemingly low-grade product can significantly improve the condition of the skin.
Chicken legs affect the youthfulness of the skinChicken legs affect the youthfulness of the skin
Chicken broth is indispensable for colds and recovery processes after a serious illness or operation.
But there are also disadvantages that are easy to eliminate. A bird bought from poultry farms is recommended to first soak in cold water for about an hour or two so that all harmful substances, such as antibiotics, are released. You can drain the first decoction after 1-1.5 minute boil and put the boil again. But this is only before cooking.
Chicken skin is generally not recommended to eat - give it to animals.
The hen is the nurse. Probably not a single product gives such a variety of dishes like chicken. Experiment, look for your recipe and let you be delicious.

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