The best and most interesting books on psychology for women: a list and reviews

Psychology is an interesting area of ​​human activity. The issues she deals with are sometimes very complex. But the fate of a person depends on their decision. Many works have been written on various psychological topics by professionals and those who are versed in such matters. That is why books on psychology for women and men are a demanded product on bookshelves and counters.

Psychology as a science

Psychology, like any other science, is divided into two sections interacting with each other - theory and practice. The theory is subject to those who study the sphere of human life, delving into professional terms and judgments, know how to operate them cleverly. But the practical part is the life of each of the more than seven billion people on this planet. No matter how people feel about psychology and psychologists, but, in fact, each is a psychologist himself.TOpsychology nigi for women and men help to understand many life situations, evaluate them and draw conclusions for the future. Literature based on the opinion of professional psychologists or simply those who have managed to build their lives according to a certain plan according to specific principles and share personal experience can be found in the form of benefits and in the form of ordinary everyday stories. Many try to read almost allbooks on psychology for women, whose rating is published by glossy magazines for the "weak" half of humanity. But, perhaps, it is always worth taking note of what you read, not trying to copy someone else's life.

psychology books for women

Dream come true

Many interesting books on psychology for women are devoted to self-improvement, the ability to realize their desires and dreams. The attitude to life allows you to build it so that it satisfies the existing needs. There are a lot of such books. For example, "Start a new life", the authorship of which belongs to Alexander Sviyash. Based on the narration of this work on the methods of sending thoughts to the Universe, which will thank the implementation of these plans.They say that scientists have already proved the materiality of thought, which means that everything that is desired can be realized. This book is devoted exactly to such ways of realization of the desires. But a mental image can create and two together -Man and woman. The book on psychology, based on methods of self-improvement, will help to make your life harmonious by implementing plans and desires.

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Love yourself

For many people in our complex world, the priorities in life are assessments: those who are close and who are very far away, who are expensive, and who you will never meet in your life, but they cannot think about you "something there". This is bad, as psychologists say, who are engaged in practical work to restore the most important thing in life — self-esteem. No one can love you the way you can love yourself. Ekaterina Mikhailova’s book, I Am Alone, tells the story of everyday stories, when only work on oneself, without external evaluations, helped to bring harmony inside and out to many women who became heroines of the narrative. Very simple and easy language, which, I think, easily perceive anda man and a woman, a book on psychology "I myself" helps one to understand one simple thing - a man himself builds his life, and how he builds it will live. And therefore it does not matter at all what those who live their lives, prosperous or not so happy, unhappy or unhappy, think about you, they have no right to interfere. Only you yourself are the mistress of your present and future.

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Non defective marriage

A special place in the ranking of books on self-psychology is occupied by the literature on the eternal topic - the relationship between the sexes. The book about the psychology of men and women was published not one, not ten, and not even a hundred. All life is built on this relationship - from the act of love and conception to the memory of generations. Unsuccessful personal life becomes a stumbling block for many people in the implementation of their life plans. John Gray dedicated a book about the relationship "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" to his wife Bonnie. "With love and affection," as it is written in the preface. The author talks about why people of different sexes look at the same things differently. Why do not understand each other, although they speak the same language. The author gently advises how to learn to listen and hear your soul mate, how to help yourself and another person to find happiness to be together.A book with a soft humor tells in simple language about difficult things - about the relationship between people who have become families, wanting to understand each other, support, help and not interfere.

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Everyone does not like?

It is difficult to say which are the best books on psychology for women, because everyone chooses what she likes and what does not. But many people dream about pleasing everyone around, but not everyone knows how to achieve this. Psychologist Alyona Libina published a training book, “The Psychology of a Modern Woman. And smart, and beautiful, and happy ...” This publication allows, without leaving your home, to get not only advice and practical skills on how to present yourself from the best side, how to learn and to love and respect oneself, how to build relationships with other people in order to always be beautiful, smart, and loved. The women participating in the work of the group are the characters of the book, tell about themselves, about their life, about what they see in their "neighbors", what they like and what causes a sharp negative. This work will become a real helper for those women who strive for success in life. The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman, the books about which are diverse, numerous, makes it possible to understand what is needed and what should not be done to find your female happiness.

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Kids and you

A woman is a mother. Although the modernity is such that many people prefer to build their life paths so that the flow of "childfree" becomes its principle. But still, in the absolute majority of women, the instinct of motherhood is the basis of life itself. Psychology books for women on parenting are popular in all countries. One of these books - "Children from Heaven" by John Gray. By the way, Gray is the world-famous author of books on psychology for men and women for various occasions. This book about the upbringing of children by the American author has been translated into dozens of languages. It naturally, positively poses and solves serious issues - understanding, conflict, support in raising a child. And in general, as the author of the bestseller believes, the positive is the basis of proper education.

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Parents and you

Another vital question that many people are looking for an answer to is the relationship between adult children and their elderly parents. Psychology books for women and men who have grown up long ago from girls and boys, help in solving many issues relating to becoming old parents. Evgeny Pavlovich Ilyin, a professor of psychology, in his book "The Psychology of Adulthood"tells all those who want to maintain a good relationship with their parents until the very end, regardless of misunderstandings, offenses, conflicts, what it is like to be old. This edition, perhaps, will be useful for everyone, because as they say, we think that the time will come, and time is just passing. And old age comes, it turns out, very, very quickly. By setting an example of intercourse with their old parents today, fathers and mothers show their children an example of how they will need to be treated in three to four decades.

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Success at work

Work is an area of ​​life from which there is no way to go, because there is no work - there is nothing to live for. Is there a job to live once? So as to build relationships at work, in order to cope with their duties, without dragging on everything, to have time not only to work, but also to live, so that the career does not run constantly “to the left”, but go itself in hands. BookPavel Rakova “What I want, I will receive. The three-step technology of success ”is exactly what should help build your career in accordance with how you want it. However, the technologies proposed by the author of the book should work not only in the professional sphere, but also in achieving other desires. The unity of body, soul and mind is the basis of human happiness.It is worth reading this work, if only because it is written in a light syllable, with a bit of humor, in which the most mundane everyday situations occur regularly.

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Time management for the benefit

Psychology books for women have not bypassed one interesting area of ​​psychology - the ability to plan and manage your time to achieve the desired results. For example, one of the best-selling books on this topic "Time management for women. How to do everything." It was written by Natalia Eremic. The book is available to explain what motivation is, what keeps us in one place, why we don’t have time, why we need to plan time and follow this plan, how to switch from one type of action to another or even to “inaction”? It is very simple and with life examples from the book's characters it is told about such a fashionable, but at the same time, an old concept like time management.

Pops books for women rating

Books on psychology for women - and useful, and interesting, and entertaining reading. Whether they will help to cope with problems, improve their personal lives, develop relationships at work, at home - everything depends on the woman herself.But it’s probably much more productive to pick up a useful book and read it, than, looking at a computer monitor or smartphone screen, to view other people's photos.

According to reviews of people who read this literature, these books make you think about your life. They motivate action and dramatic changes.

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