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Every modern person, regardless of age group, today is faced with stressful situations, nervous overstrain, constant haste, absent-mindedness, incomprehensible bustle, inner experiences. All this is the factors that adversely affect a balanced mental state of a person, gradually loosening the nervous system and lead to poor health. Unfortunately, neither children nor adults are insured against such influences.

best sedativeIn connection with the adverse effects of all of the above on human health, you need to be able to calm down in time, keep your emotions in check, without the help of medicines to bring your stress state back to normal. However, not everyone is able to do it, but for many it does not work, because stress has entered their lives as the norm. In this situation, there is only one way - taking sedatives.They will help calm the nerves, slow down thinking and focus the body on physical rest, that is, sleep.

All of us, going to the pharmacy, ask to sell us the best sedative. It should be understood that not all types of sedative drugs are sold without a prescription. Speech in this article will focus on those sedatives that can be taken without a doctor's prescription.

It should be understood that with the help of drugs of a certain group, you can calm down once, twice, if there was solid soil for the stress disorder, so to speak. You can worry about the wedding or exams. But if overexcitement in your life is a constant phenomenon, then you should immediately go for a consultation with a doctor. After all, excessive anxiety, irritation and a change of mood are signs of many serious diseases, often associated with the cardiovascular system.

If you are looking for the best sedative, then we can disappoint you immediately, this does not happen in principle. Each human body possesses its own drug, the components of which can effectively influence the stabilization of the functioning of the central nervous system. But with the most popular, we will acquaint you just below.

What are sedative medications?

Before looking for the best sedative, you should understand what this group of drugs is. So, these are pharmacological drugs that have a positive effect on the nervous system. They restore the balance between the physiological processes of excitation and inhibition.

best sedative reviewsSoothing means are divided into synthetic - medicines, which include in the composition of various chemical components, and natural preparations of plant origin, containing extracts of herbs and shrubs, as well as their fruits.

Contraindications to take sedatives

Before looking for the best sedative, you need to figure out whether you can take it. So, sedative medicines are contraindicated during pregnancy. The only thing that the doctor can advise when overexcited during the child's pregnancy is tea from the infusion of motherwort or valerian.

Taking sedatives is not recommended for people prone to allergic reactions, especially to herbal ingredients.Before taking, you should always carefully study the instructions of the drug.

It is extremely unacceptable to take sedatives in case of sustained injuries of the mechanical nature of the head, as well as traumatic brain injuries. The prescription of such drugs can cause adverse reactions.

No drugs are prescribed without consulting a doctor for children. Whims, tears and irritability in small children is the norm. If a child reacts this way to the absence of a favorite toy or the fulfillment of some of his desires, this is not a reason to worry about an unbalanced psyche. If there are other causes of irritation and restlessness, then you need to seek specialized help from a doctor.

It is not recommended to prescribe sedative drugs for patients with epilepsy and with a head tumor. With alcohol and drug addiction, their use is also unpredictable.

Never be in a hurry to experience the best sedative on you, the reviews of which you have heard from girlfriends or sick people. Better listen to your well-being and visit a doctor who will help you understand the true causes of internal anxiety.


Mild effects on the human body, in particular, on the central nervous system have a sedative. They are based on medicinal plants and their fruits, often in combination with bromine. These are medications with a moderate effect. At their reception the minimum is observed by-effects.

the best sedativeIf you are looking for the best herbal sedative, then you need to pay attention to the preparations, which are based on motherwort, lemon balm and valerian roots. They lead to normal pressure, reduce the heart rate. These plants are not sleeping pills, have a beneficial effect on the normalization of physiological processes in the human body and cause drowsiness. Melissa helps very well from nervous itching, it is indispensable in the prevention of arrhythmias and hypertension.

What is the best sedative in a sedative group? Many rely on drugs such as Barboval, Valeriana, Validol, or Valocordin.


This is a group of potent sedative drugs. Often they are used in psychiatric medical practice. So, if someone advises you to buy medicine from this group, as the best sedative, be careful.These drugs are prescribed only by doctors in cases of complex psychosis and diseases associated with serious mental disorders. These include the drugs "Trisedil", "Azaleptin", "Sonapaks", "Tiaprid".


Many people today take this group of sedatives without a prescription. They perfectly relieve anxiety, relieve obsessive fear, reduce emotional discomfort. With all this, these drugs do not affect the ability to think perfectly, to speak, to perceive any information. They do not cause hallucinations, mental disorders. The person remains adequate, while his physiological condition returns to normal.

top sedatives ratingHowever, despite all the advantages of tranquilizers, they can be addictive. Therefore, recently the issue of prescription of treatment with these drugs by doctors has been very sharply discussed. In the process of getting used to a certain soothing medicine, there is a trembling in the fingers, slow thinking, weakness. These are all signs of an addict.

Such agents as Atarax, Lorazepam, Chlordiazepoxide, Diazepam, Fenazepam are among the tranquilizers.

Normotymic medications

This is the so-called psychotropic drugs. They normalize the mood of mentally ill people. These drugs are prescribed to inhibit the development of disorders, mitigate the phases of mental seizures. The most commonly used drugs are Olanzapine, Risperidone, Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine, Quetiapine, Lamotrigine.

Soothing Healing Fee

The best sedative, reviews of which positive nature can be heard very often - this is a herbal collection. Such a composition of medicinal plants can be varied, but often includes lemon balm, mint, watch, hop cones, motherwort, chamomile and rhizomes of valerian.

 best sedatives without prescriptionHerbal preparations are the best sedatives, without prescriptions, sold in pharmacies. They can be harvested in the summer season by yourself. They are included in the rating of the best sedatives, as the safest sedative drugs that mother nature has endowed with humanity.

Natural infusions on herbs relieve nervous tension, relieve insomnia, irritability, return to good mood and peace of mind.

Sedatives for children

Many young parents are looking for the best sedative for infants. It is the baby that is subjected to stress at the time of birth, during the period of getting used to the new environment, and therefore may be excessively moody and tearful. Help in this case, the bath using infusion of chamomile and mint. The child after such bathing sleeps quietly, his excitability decreases. If the child’s stress does not pass, and the tantrums do not end, then this effect is not stress, and only a pediatrician can tell the reason for such a child’s condition.

However, a change of mood is observed not only in infancy, but also during the process of getting used to kindergarten or school, before exams. Often this results in tantrums, crying, isolation, constant whims.

So, on what kind of sedatives is it better to pay attention in order to appease the child and not harm his health? What is better, herbs or medicines?

The best sedative (many mom reviews are positive) is soothing teas. Thanks to them, the nervous system of the child returns to normal.Such drinks can be bought in pharmacies. Often, it is a packaged grass shredded mixture in sachets, or granules, which easily dissolve in water.

best sedative for childrenThe composition of such herbal tea is usually included valerian, lime blossom, mint, chamomile, lemon balm, motherwort. It is not always in the drinks of different manufacturers that the proportions of the components included in the collection are respected. Therefore, the effect is different. Who focuses on the daisy, some on lemon balm, and some on mint. There are teas that, in addition to the herbal composition, include sugar or fructose. To select the desired collection, you should know the properties of medicinal herbs. A qualified pharmacist or pediatrician, who has a child, will help to understand the large assortment of soothing therapeutic fees.

Many parents place emphasis on homeopathic medicines, such as “Dormikind”, it is prescribed for babies, eliminates insomnia and anxiety; or drops of “Bai-Bai”, which ensure a quiet and deep sleep of the baby. This medicine is also analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

the best sedative for menNo less effective are the syrups "Nervohel", "Caprice" and "Rabbit".They may have different contents: synthetic, herbal.

Many people recommend such products as "Glycine". It is prescribed to children of school age. The tablet is placed under the tongue and slowly absorbed. Small children, not having the patience to dissolve the pills, simply chew on them, which has no effect.

It is also possible to calm the children's central nervous system with such drugs as Pantogam, Magnerot, Phenibut.

And yet, whatever effective remedy may be offered at the pharmacy, it is necessary to give preference to safe medicinal herbal preparations. From the infusion, you can make tea or make a useful bathroom.

Herbal aromatic oils, including mint, lavender, lemongrass, also have a soothing effect. A child who is too excited will benefit from sleeping on a pillow, the filling of which will be herbs.

Children are very helpful to drink warm milk with honey, which also has a sedative effect. And the best sedative for your offspring is attention, care and love.

List of the most effective soothing

If you are looking for the best sedative for men, there are none.But the method of stress relief for the male is sports activity and sex. A man is soothed by delicious food and a warm homely atmosphere.

If you are interested in the best sedative for women, then among the above drugs is also very difficult to find the very most effective. The causes of disorders are very diverse. Someone needs help during menopause, and someone just got nervous because of the bad news. Selection of sedatives is strictly individual. Helping to calm down a woman helps, in addition to medicines, a change of scenery, nature walks, morning or evening jogs, care and attention of loved ones.

The most frequently used sedatives in modern society, despite the sex of a person, are the medicines Novopassit, Validol, Persen, Tsitoflavin, Valocordin, Donomril, Valerian, Tincture of peony.

Doctor tips

As mentioned above, before taking sedatives, you need to find out the cause of your anxiety, bad mood, irritation.Only a competent doctor can prescribe a truly effective medication sedative and affect the central nervous system disorders with proper therapy.

Soothing drugs can be taken independently without a prescription only in cases when it comes to minor stresses or irritations. With constant such a phenomenon, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Always take care of your health whenever possible and never self-medicate if you often feel unwell.

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