The best Soviet cinema commander - Ivan Dmitriev

The most famous Soviet cinema commander, who became popular immediately after the premiere of "Striped Flight", a cult comedy film. Ivan Dmitriev has played many other roles, but many have been remembered by the young sailor in his uniform marine cap.

early years

Ivan Petrovich Dmitriev was born on July 30, 1915 in Vyshny Volochyok of the Tver province of the Russian Empire. According to another version, in Grozny, but the seven-year school was definitely graduated from Vyshny Volochyok. The labor biography of Ivan Dmitriev began in the same city. He began working in the local theater, first in the auxiliary lineup of the troupe, then as a prompter and assistant director.

Dmitriev decides to link his life with theatrical art and moves to Leningrad. From 1932 to 1936 he studied acting skills in the class of Yu.M. Yuriev in the Leningrad technical school of performing arts, now it is the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. After graduation, Ivan then turned 21,He worked for two years at the Leningrad Comedy Theater. Debut years were marked for the actor's first success, the audience and critics warmly accepted his role. In 1938 he was called up for military service.

War years

Young actor

Ivana was sent to the Baltic Fleet Drama Theater. From 1938 to 1946, he served in the Navy. Ivan Petrovich later recalled that he already knew what success was, and came to the naval theater as an already confident actor. In 1939 he made his film debut, in the film "The Fourth Periscope" he played a small role as commander of the diving team.

All the war years, the actor Ivan Dmitriev spent touring with the front brigade on the most dangerous sectors of the front, giving presentations in the most difficult conditions and raising the fighting spirit of Soviet soldiers. He took part in the hardest fights on the Hanko Peninsula. In 1942, he was awarded the Order of the Red Star, and later other military awards.

From that time on, Ivan Dmitriev had the habit of professionally wearing military navy uniforms and almost not parting with his vest. He was demobilized in 1946, but for another two years he served in the navy theater, only as a civilian actor.


Portrait of the actor

In 1948, Ivan Dmitriev and his wife were invited to the troupe of the Leningrad Drama Theater. VF Komissarzhevskaya, in which he worked for a quarter of a century. The actor himself recalled that he felt that he was in his home, he found his theater. He became the leading actor of the theater, played the main roles in many performances, including in “Vanyushin’s Children”, “Crime and Punishment” and in “The Dowry”.

In 1973, the already popular actor was invited to the Academic Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin. On the stage of the famous Alexandrinsky Theater, Ivan Dmitriev performed in his student years, but, considering himself unworthy, went to serve in another theater. Director Igor Gorbachev really wanted the actor to play Satine in Gorky’s play “At the Bottom”. He who did not like change, the actor agreed and served 30 years in Alexandrinka.

Movie career

Striped flight

The first main role, in fact - a real film debut, took place in 1949 in the film "Academician Ivan Pavlov". In the 1950s, he starred a lot, although the roles were memorable, but second-sighted: the most famous was the role of Mikhail Krylov, section head and former major, in the comedy “For the Storefront of the Department Store”.Prior to that, there were roles in serious films Mussorgsky (1950) and Belinsky (1951).

But for all Soviet viewers, Ivan Dmitriev will remain the senior assistant to captain Oleg Petrovich from The Striped Flight, who made him a screen star. For a long career in the cinema, he played in more than 60 films, many of the images created by the actor were remembered by the audience, including Dybenko from Aurora's Volley (1965), Blinov from Sibiada (1978). The last role of the actor was 2002 in the movie "Time to Love", where he played Father Father Dmitri.

Personal life: first marriage

In the office

The family in the personal life of actor Ivan Dmitriev appeared in 1940, he married Alexander Vladimirovna Delvin, the actress of the Baltic Fleet Drama Theater. They met a year earlier, when he was called to serve in the theater troupe. He always affectionately called his spouse "my Allochka". Family happiness was greatly hindered by the war: in the first months, the couple had a daughter, Natasha, who lived only four months. Throughout the war, the couple went with performances to military units along with the troupe.

In the blockade years, the couple adopted a boy. They picked up on the street a hungry, dirty, clad-in child who was then four years old. Ivan Dmitriev gave Kolya his last name. The boy lived with them for almost four years.Then Kohl was sought by relatives and taken to Tashkent. Ivan Petrovich loved a child and missed him very much.

Personal life: second marriage

Last years

In 1957, a new wife, Galina Grigorievna, appeared in the personal life of actor Ivan Dmitriev. Family and children (Anton and Xenia) have always been important to him. As his friends and relatives recalled, like many men, he loved fishing, football, and collecting mushrooms. Later hockey was added to these hobbies. He really wanted to get acquainted with the outstanding Soviet goalkeeper Vladislav Tretyak, when a distant relative of his daughter Xenia married a hockey player. Almost until the end of his life, the actor regretted that he was unable to communicate with the legendary athlete.

In 2000, his wife died, with whom he lived for 50 years, and after 13 days, his son, who was only 43 years old, died suddenly. Anton fell asleep in the chair and did not wake up. The tragedy hit the actor hard, his disease worsened - a cancerous tumor in the lung. If he had begun treatment on time, then perhaps he would have been able to overcome the disease. In 2003, Ivan Dmitriev suffered a heart attack, he was put in hospital, where he died.

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