The best steamers for clothes: ratings and reviews of manufacturers

Responsibilities around the house are becoming routine tasks for many that you don’t want to do at all. Doing them is tedious, but necessary. Therefore, people tend to find ways to facilitate the implementation of this work. One of the useful gadgets can be considered a steamer for clothes. The rating of the best (2016), reviews of owners and other nuances can be found further in the article. Such devices will be needed in cases where you need to smooth out clothes and other products made of delicate fabric. Their peculiarity is that there is no need to put things on the ironing board. The whole process takes place in an upright position.

The concept of the steamer and its characteristics

The steamer is an electrical device that produces steam, through which clothes, textiles are smoothed, upholstered furniture and toys are cleaned.If you need to smooth out and smooth out delicate fabrics, remove dirt and sanitize, purchase a clothes steamer. Rating the best, reviews of manufacturers - the information that will not be superfluous when choosing this device.

top steamers for clothes rating

The principle of operation is based on the generation of steam with a temperature of ninety-nine degrees. Steam penetrates the fabric, aligns the fibers. However, no damage to its structure does not occur.

The best steamers for clothes (their rating is given below) are capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Smoothing on the weight of fabrics of all kinds (even curtains).
  • Cleaning upholstered furniture.
  • Disinfection.
  • Remove unpleasant odor.
  • Glass cleaning.

Types of steamers

Silk, cotton, velor, viscose, wool, organza, polyester - all these fabrics can line the best steamers for clothes. Their rating is compiled for each type of models separately. Let's see what kind of steamers can be:

  • By design - floor and manual.
  • In terms of functionality, they are universal and designed to perform only one task.
  • By the principle of steam supply - self-flowing and under pressure.

Consider each of the types in more detail.

Gravity steamers

This type differs in that the generated steam leaves the boiler in a natural way, without additional acceleration. In this category, as in any other, you can select the best steamers for clothing. The rating of such models will look like this.

clothes steamer rating best 2016 reviews

The Polaris PGS 1603VA is a 1.6 kW self-powered floor-standing device. Includes four modes, no extra functions. Made of plastic. Water tank capacity - 1.9 liters. He perfectly copes with light tissues. According to users, this is the best budget gravity steamer floor for clothes.

The ranking of the best continues “Grand Master GM A 600”. About its technical characteristics will be described below.

Manual models

Small size, light weight - the main features that distinguish the manual otparivatel for clothes. Top rated is as follows:

  • MIE Piccolo -stylish beautiful model with reasonable price and big power. Power - 1.2 kilowatts. The capacity of the tank is half a liter.
  • "Philips GC320 / 25"- a stylish model from a well-known worldwide manufacturer. Power - 1.2 kilowatts. The volume of the tank is only sixty liters, which is, according to consumers, a significant drawback that a hand otparivatel has for clothes.
  • Top ranking continuesENDEVER ODYSSEY Q-401- a popular model among users. Low power (eight hundred watts). The capacity of the water tank is two liters. Reviews confirm many advantages of the device. The only drawback - the inability to use in a horizontal position.

These models have high rates. But this is not a complete list of steamers that are worthy of the attention of buyers.

Vertical Clothes Steamer: Top Rated

Among the models of this type are the following:

  • GM A 600 from Grand Master.This model is one of the best in the list of sales. Accordingly, most buyers prefer this particular device. Power - 1.8 kilowatts. The volume of the tank - two liters, steam at a speed of forty-five grams per minute. There is no vapor pressure, which is a minus of this model.

clothes steamer rating best reviews

  • "3A Superjet SJ-100A".Its power is two kilowatts. Polutoralitrovy water tank. Steam is supplied at a rate of 38 grams per minute.
  • Polaris PGS 1603VApower and a half kilowatt and a tank capacity of 1.8 liters. About him already mentioned above.

Selection of professionals

There are models of steamers that have higher power, better functionality.True, the price of them is higher than other models. Such features possesses a professional otparivatel for clothes. The rating of the best of them includes the following models.

The leader is the GM Q7 MULTI ELITE steamer from the manufacturer Grand Master, which has high quality, reliability and functionality. Due to the special nozzles, it can be used as a steam cleaner and steam generator. The steam pressure is three and a half bars. Capacity for water - 2.3 liters. Power - 1950 watts.

GM Grand Master Q5. This is an attractive model. Among its advantages can be identified high power –1950 watts. Steam is supplied at an intensity of seventy grams per minute. It can be supplied under pressure of three and a half bars. For this is a separate function of the device. The tank is quite roomy. Its volume is 2.3 liters. For better work, the kit includes special nozzles for steam cleaner and steam generator. The latter function can be used if you connect an iron-steamer for clothes to the body.

The ranking of the best professional models continues MIE Deluxe.This model can be considered one of the most productive. Its power is two and a half kilowatts. The functionality and specifications for a very long time were the best among competitors.

The water tank has a volume of two and a half liters. Up to eighty grams of steam is served per minute. Its supply pressure reaches three and a half bars.

Universal steamers

This category includes devices that can perform several tasks at once. They not only steam, but also disinfect, clean. That is, are multifunctional. Performing several functions at once requires more power from the device. Consider in this category the best steamers for clothing.

Rating of models begins withMIE Bello.This steamer, according to different characteristics, defeated its competitors many times. This is a 1.7 kilowatt unit. Pressure - five and a half bar. Water tank capacity - 1.7 liters.

best steamers for clothes manufacturers rating

"Karcher 5 IRON KIT"- The device from the world famous company, which is popular due to the high quality of its products. And the steamer was no exception. The power of the device - 2.2 thousand watts.Steam is supplied under a pressure of 4.2 bar. The tank has a capacity of one and a half liters. There is only one drawback - the high price.

The best models of 2016

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which one to choose: floor or hand otparivatel for clothes. Ranking of the best (2016) will help to do this. It includes models of the following types:

-"Philips GC670 / 05"is the best steamer, if we compare the quality and price. Its power is 1.8 kilowatts. After switching on, it is enough to wait just a few minutes to get started. A jet of steam comes out at a rate of forty grams per minute. Suitable for working with various kinds of fabrics. It can be silk, cotton, drape and so on. To do this, the device is equipped with five different modes, each of which is suitable for fabrics of a certain composition and type. The tank has a capacity of 2.1 liters. This is enough to operate the device for forty minutes. The package includes: a brush, a pillow made of lint, a mitten and nozzles for the collar and arrows. The mitten is necessary to ensure safety during work with the steamer. No need to look for a place to store these additional items.For them there is a special department.

-"Karcher SI 4 Iron Kit"distinguished by its versatility. He is able to work not only as a steamer. The device copes with such functions as the care of curtains, tablecloths, cleaning furniture, care of the house. When the fluid in the tank runs out, a beep sounds. Steam is supplied with a pressure of three and a half bars. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability of the device to remove and blow off steam. The first function is necessary so that steam penetrates into the fabric structure more easily, while removing moisture from it. The second is especially necessary for the treatment of delicate fabrics.

floor steamer for clothes rating best 2016

-Roventa IS 6300has an average power (1550 watts). To prepare for work just one minute. Steam is supplied at a rate of thirty grams per minute. Foot off (on) is very convenient when your hands are busy. Special brush included in the kit, will handle things without creases and folds. In this case, the clothes do not need to hold hand. A large tank (2.4 liters) ensures long-term operation without interruption. This is a floor otparivatel for clothes.

- Ranking of the best (2016) continues the manual device"Maxwell MW-3704 VT". This is a compact steamer with a small water tank (only 0.2 liters). Without a break, is able to work fifteen minutes. This model is perfect for travel. Power is one thousand watts. This is enough to smooth light tissue. Prost in use and management (only one button for inclusion / switching off). Made of durable plastic.

-"Philips GC320 / 25"- one more model of a manual otparivatel. For this type of device has a good power (1.2 kilowatts). Perfectly copes with gentle and light fabrics like silk. In such situations, it will be a good alternative to the iron. Copes with more dense fabrics worse. Although a special nozzle for thick fabrics is included. Very comfortable to hold. After work, it folds into a storage pouch. Capacity of the tank is sufficient for steaming, for example, one blouse. The manufacturer claims 24 minutes of continuous operation. But, according to users, this time is actually much less. Ready to work after just a minute after switching on.

Opinion of experts

Household appliances specialists have their own opinion on floor and hand otparivatel for clothes. The ranking of the best (2016), in their opinion, is as follows.

professional garment steamer top rated

Kitfort KT-907- floor model. Its price pleasantly pleases (four and a half thousand rubles). At the same time it has a good power (1.6 kilowatts). The intensity of the steam supply - thirty grams per minute. A large volume of water tank (two and a half liters) will ensure long uninterrupted operation. For comfortable work there are two modes. Heated to the right temperature in just a few minutes. The kit additionally includes a stand, mitten, clips, plate, brush. The cord of the device is only one hundred sixty centimeters. According to consumers, this model does not cope well with dense tissues.

MIE Magic StyleIt has high power, distinguishing it from models of other manufacturers. This figure is 2250 watts. The steam rate is fifty-five grams per minute. To heat the water enough 45 seconds. The steamer is equipped with a 1.7 liter water tank. For convenient use there are two operating modes. The kit includes shields, clips, pad, bag. From pleasant trifles - the cord is reeled up in the automatic mode. Among the shortcomings can be identified high cost, which amounts to seventeen and a half thousand rubles.

The representative of the compact steamer in this list is the model"Maxwell MW-3704". Two and a half thousand rubles is a good price for a device whose power is one thousand watts. A small tank is only two hundred grams, with a flow rate of twenty grams of steam per minute.

Top steamers for clothes: manufacturers rating

Choosing an appliance is not easy. In addition to the technical characteristics, you need to pay attention to reviews of manufacturing companies. Global brands can also be ranked. The list of the best manufacturers will look like this:

  • Philips- Honored world-class leader. His goods are used in some countries. Steamers of this brand are appreciated for a variety of models. For each price category, the manufacturer offered his options. This has not gone unnoticed by consumers. Convenience of use is achieved through various capacities, features and design features. Existence of additional nozzles and elements provides easy operation and good result.

hand otparivatel for clothes rating the best

  • Kärcher- another recognized consumer leader. The quality, reliability and durability of the products of this brand is beyond doubt. This brand is so loved by buyers that people are willing to pay extra for it.And this is a sign of the highest consumer confidence. According to their reviews, we can say that steamers of this manufacturer perfectly cope with their functions, smooth fabrics even in the most hard-to-reach places. They are amenable to fabrics of all kinds. Additional accessories allow you to make the process pleasant and comfortable.
  • "Maxwell".This manufacturer is chosen by fans of classic models. Steamers of this brand please users with ease of operation, comfort, ease of use, reasonable price.

The manufacturers presented in the article are known worldwide for their high quality, reliability and durability.

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