The best wound healing agents and drugs

Nobody is insured against injuries or bruises. There is no such person who would not accidentally damage the skin. In ancient times, healers stopped the blood from a wound, burning it with a hot iron, then smeared it with oil. But today there are many humane and effective means for treating various skin lesions. Modern pharmacology and traditional medicine offer wound healing agents in a wide range.

Safety rules for the treatment of wounds

Any damage to the skin should be treated immediately and treated promptly. When injuring the skin should pay attention to the degree of damage and the nature of the injury: too deep wounds and serious burns should be treated under the strict supervision of doctors. In such cases, only the doctor will be able to choose the right wound healing agents. The reason for the immediate treatment in the clinic are also the bites of animals, as it is likely to become infected with rabies.For small and shallow injuries, the wound should be treated and treated, as healing is a long and painstaking process.

Stages of healing of damaged tissues

The healing process of damaged tissues is a natural phenomenon developing according to a universal scheme. Wound healing agents and preparations in this process are used, as a rule, in order to restore the original shape and function of the tissue in the shortest possible time. Initially, the damaged area should be thoroughly washed with boiled water or treated with hydrogen peroxide to avoid infection, then cover with a non-sticky sterile cloth. In the event that the wounds are deep, the doctor will usually prescribe a course of antibiotics to prevent inflammation and infection of the tissues. In case of shallow injuries, self-treatment is allowed using effective wound healing agents. The choice of the most appropriate depends on the nature of the damage and the individual characteristics of the skin and the organism as a whole. However, there are drugs that can confidently be categorized as the “Best Wound Healing Agent.”

Medical wound healing agents in the initial stage of the wound process

The biological wound healing process usually consists of three main stages: inflammation, regeneration and scar formation. Therefore, for each stage, the appropriate means have been developed by specialists. At the initial stage, characterized by the occurrence of the inflammatory process in the damaged tissues, care should be taken to prevent wound infection. Therefore, at this stage, agents with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are used. Doctors recommend in the home first aid kit to always have such wound-healing agents as Betadine, Baneocin, Levomekol, and Nitatsid. An effective drug is considered ointment "Miramistin", which suppresses the activity of many viruses and bacteria. In the event that the inflammatory process is accompanied by pain, the most effective will be the means with anesthetic effect, for example, Trimecain or Methyluracil.

Promotes healing of abrasions and small wounds cream "ARGOSULFAN®". The combination of the antibacterial component of sulfathiazole silver and silver ions provides a wide range of antibacterial action of the cream.Apply the drug can not only wounds, located on the open areas of the body, but also under the bandages. Means possesses not only wound healing, but also antimicrobial action, and besides, promotes healing of wounds without a rough scar1. There are contraindications. You must read the instructions or consult with a specialist.

Treatment of weeping inflammatory processes

Wound-healing agents for moist wounds are used primarily for drying and disinfecting tissues, as in a humid environment, as is well known, the activity of pathogenic bacteria increases. This leads to a significant increase in the risk of infection of the tissues around the wound. Weeping wounds give a person significant discomfort, since they are almost always accompanied by pain. In addition, tissue repair proceeds much more slowly on the background of a humid environment. For pain relief, prevention and control of infection, accelerating the healing process, experts recommend using Neosporin ointment. The original composition of the product contains three different antibiotics.The action of the drug "Neosporin" helps minimize the appearance of scars. This remedy is considered to be one of the first recommended by doctors as a soothing ointment and to prevent infectious environments on wounds and scratches.

Drug-healing wound healing agents in the phase of regeneration and scar formation

The next stage of wound healing is characterized by a decrease in the amount of excreted fluid and mucus, the gradual restoration of damaged tissues. At this stage, you should use drugs that accelerate the process of regeneration. Experts recommend to pay attention to such ointments as "Bepantin", "Solcoseryl", "Panthenol", "Actovegin". The composition of ointments "Solcolerol" and "Actovegin" includes a natural biological component that promotes the rapid recovery of damaged skin tissue cells. "Panthenol" and "Bepanten", in turn, significantly increase the elasticity of the fibers and thereby restore the skin. Such wound healing agents are indispensable at the stage of repairing tissue cells, significantly reducing the risk of formation of cicatricial effects of damage to the skin.An excellent tool at this stage is also considered balm "rescuer", which consists of only natural ingredients and essential oils.

Folk remedies for the treatment of damage to the skin

Since ancient times, a considerable amount of information has accumulated on the application of folk methods for healing wounds. The effectiveness of herbal remedies tested for centuries, and because such recipes are popular among the people. Wound healing folk remedies today have their own, quite impressive list, which reveals to all the well-known aloe plant. Its antiseptic properties allowed to actively apply for the healing of wounds and the juice from this plant, and the leaves themselves, which are applied in the form of a compress.

Since childhood, a well-known tool for preventing infection and healing of wounds, widely used in modern pharmacology, is psyllium leaf. Sea buckthorn oil is used to soften tissues, but experts note that only shallow and small wounds should be treated with such oil. No less popular in wound healing are calendula, essential oils, chamomile.The action of the “Rescuer” balsam, which is considered a safe and effective wound-healing agent, is based on this composition.

Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is considered to be equally effective in treating wounds. The well-known herbal preparation has a number of advantages in wound healing in children and adults. This oil can be purchased at the pharmacy, but many people prefer to prepare this medicinal product on their own, at home. Calendula tincture disinfects the wound surface, for babies lotion or decoction of calendula will also be effective.

Children's wound healing first aid kit

Children, unlike adults, have no sense of danger. Over the entire period of carefree childhood, babies receive a large number of abrasions, wounds, cuts and other skin lesions. Therefore, each parent is familiar with a sense of security and safety with the constant availability of the necessary materials. What you need to have in the home first aid kit wound healing agents for children, you can understand by examining the composition of certain ointments or creams. Experts pay attention to the fact that “Levomekol”, “Rescuer”, “Panthenol”, “Bepanten” are considered absolutely safe for both children and adults.The latter have been successfully used in pediatric pediatrics since the birth of a baby.

In the formation of post-traumatic scars successfully used ointment "Kontraktubeks", the advantage of which are natural components, absolutely harmless to the child's body.

Misconceptions in the treatment of wounds

A few years ago, greens or iodine were considered to be the main means of injury to the skin. Indeed, these tools are effectively used in the absence of other effective antiseptics. However, experts point out that the brilliant green and iodine are considered to be a somewhat aggressive disinfectant due to the alcohol in the composition. They are able to disinfect a wound, but at the same time they significantly slow down the process of restoring damaged tissues, like hydrogen peroxide. In addition, you should know that as a wound healing agent for open wounds, neither iodine, nor green should not be used. Alcohol, falling on the open integument, can cause pain shock, which is especially harmful to the child. Zelenka and iodine have an active drying effect.In the treatment of open wounds, the drug should contribute primarily to the restoration of tissue elasticity to facilitate the reunion of the edges of damage. This is something that some medications, such as Astroderm, contribute to.

Facial wounds treatment

The skin on the face has a number of features, including a predisposition to bleeding due to the superficial location of the blood vessels. In addition, wounds that occur on the face, as a rule, are accompanied by edema. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat injuries of the facial skin with a brilliant green and iodine; it should be disinfected with other, less aggressive means. Experts recommend using those tools for healing wounds on the face, which are used to treat children: "Panthenol", "Bepanten", "Rescuer". Before using the ointment, which contains an antibiotic, it is necessary to make sure that there is no allergic reaction of the body to this drug group. Since the skin on the face is hypersensitive, this is why an allergic reaction occurs more quickly, and it is more pronounced.To reduce puffiness, you should use special means of directional action, such as cream "Ai-Pain".

Preparation of folk remedies for wound healing

It is not always possible in case of unexpected trauma to use medication wound-healing agents. Sometimes people get injured in nature, in the country, because they use medicines made with his own hand using herbal ingredients for healing. Wound healing agents at home are usually made from improvised means. Grape leaves are excellent for this purpose if they are pre-crushed. This slurry should be applied to the wound twice a day until complete healing. Cherry leaves, dried and crushed to a mushy state, have the same property. This powder sprinkles the wound several times a day, which contributes to the rapid restoration of damaged cover.

Cranberry is also considered a popular remedy for the treatment of wounds, the pulp of which is used in the form of compresses. Nature itself provides man with a huge amount of available tools for the treatment of wounds and abrasions. It is the experience of traditional healers that often forms the basis for the creation of many - №3.

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