The choice of a toast-master is not wrong

A wedding is real magic, which can no longer be found, this is the birth of a new soul from two separate. The wedding is forever bumped into the memory, so much so that you no longer take it out with anything!

And this noble act should be colored as nothing in the world has been painted before! After all, this is a new stage, and this new stage will mark a new life, a whole archipelago of mysterious islands and the pitfalls of family happiness. For these purposes, you just need your own and special wedding toastmaster!

Tamada in the midst of trouble - like a hill on the plain

In the days of such strong unrest, in the days of anxiety and all the other pre-wedding troublesome care - perhaps the most important thing is to find a suitable master of ceremonies, because without him it will not work at all!

The magician master of ceremonies, a real magician! How he manages the process, how he prioritizes! How he entertains the guests, without giving them one more time to sit down, what a praise his skill is worth, what respect he is seeking from the participants!

Everyone will remember to the end of the century this talkative person, with jokes, toasts and jokes of amusing guests, honoring the groom and even the bride!

And you probably want this day to remain in memory forever, so that later there would be something that is not a shame to tell the children and their children too, and indeed everyone.

To tell and to tell so - endlessly. The best families are those who constantly tell everyone about their wedding! Who has not dreamed of being just a bit like them? Surely everyone dreamed of what to say here.

Tamada work hard. Not everyone, not everyone will cope with it, special professionalism is needed here!

Special professionalism toastmaster

The choice of the host, mastermind of your wedding is crucial! The master of ceremonies is not the captain, but the master of ceremonies is a faithful cook who helps you in word and deed. He will follow the entire crew of your vessel and organize the search for the mysterious treasure of family happiness. The wedding truly begins with a toastmaster!

The master of ceremonies, like the old man Silver, will help you in managing the great schooner of your love! And the way you call a ship, how you lead it, so it will sail through all the storms and oceans, bypassing Scylla and Charybdis and other misfortunes that await the newlyweds.

Wedding is a triumph of optimism.The old life passes, a new significant stage of joint joy begins, which will never end, the main thing is to start correctly.

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The choice of a toast-master is not wrong 33

The choice of a toast-master is not wrong 32

The choice of a toast-master is not wrong 14

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