The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor

He was one of the favorites of Hollywood. Handsome, cute, colleague and friend - a long list of compliments that can be given to this person. He was a bright personality during his lifetime, which can be confirmed by those who had the opportunity to work with him. No other news about him could be worse than this - the death of Heath Ledger. The reason that the actor died was a long time most discussed one. Since the body of Heath was discovered, the official conclusion had to wait a long time. At this time, fans of the actor puzzled that what could have happened, that their idol no longer became. The death of Heath Ledger, the cause, her circumstances and facts are the subject of this article.

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Normal childhood

Australia became the native land of Heath Ledger. The story of his family goes back to Scotland.
Parents, a teacher of French and a follower of the dynasty of engineers, named the son after the character of the beloved “Thunder Cross”. After their divorce, at the age of 10, the future actor was forced to stay with his mother. This did not affect the relationship with his father. Heath studied, was fond of sports, made his debut in theatrical circle.

Main hobby

Heath is firmly convinced of the future profession - he will certainly become an actor. Native town did not promise discoveries in this direction, because the logical decision was to move to Sydney. Megapolis took the future star of the screen warmly - in 1996 he got an episode in the TV series "Pot". The first main role followed with the next film, the teenage thriller "Black Rock". These works brought Ledger fame in his homeland. From the States received a proposal to star in the TV series "Roar", to which the actor, of course, agreed. Australia, the birthplace of many famous artists, took him to Hollywood, wanting creative success, and never ceased to follow his achievements overseas. Actor Heath Ledger, whose cause of death shook this southern country, left forever the warmest memories of himself.
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New country - first luck

In a country of dreams, Heath hired an agent who for several years selected interesting projects for him. The comedy melodrama "10 reasons for my hatred" won audience recognition, and Ledger received a fee of 100 thousand dollars. Not wanting to remain in the image of a handsome heartthrob, the actor is eyeing the work of a different genre. Thus, the military thriller "Patriot" allowed him to completely change the line, and the "Story of a Knight" tape nominated Heath for the MTV channel award.

No one could have imagined that in a few years the world would be overwhelmed with terrible news - the death of Heath Ledger. The reason for this is not called out loud, but the lingering press draws its own conclusions. Some tabloids shout about drug use and their possible overdose, others lean toward the version of suicide. How could this ever happen? The idol of millions, a young sought-after actor, whose career was at the top, suddenly decides to leave everything behind? Fans and fans are at a loss, because the actor was expecting new successes on the big screen.

New Century - New Roles

The beginning of the millennium brings the proposals, resulting in a series of successful paintings.Every year one film is released featuring Ledger. "Monster's Ball" is replaced by the Four Penes drama, which, in turn, by the criminal fighter "Kelly Gang". Each of them bears the complex, ambiguous nature of the characters played. In 2005, the Brothers Grimm went on to tell about fraud brothers. In the Kings of Dogtown, the hero is often put to the bottle. Three years later, the death of Heath Ledger will be partly connected with this film, the cause of which was alcohol and drug abuse, which eventually resulted in an explosive, life-threatening mixture. In Casanova, the actor gets the image of the most amorous seducer on the entire planet, and Brokeback Mountain evokes an ambiguous public perception of the picture.

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"Brokeback Mountain"

In general, this picture is the first thing that comes to mind when Heath Ledger remembers. Of course, his filmography is rich in other interesting images, but the cowboy homosexual is not only bright, but also unusual. Brokeback Mountain has earned many film awards, such as the Oscar, Golden Globe, Golden Lion, and others. There were excellent friendships between Heath and his screen partner, Jake Gyllenhaal. And the press could gossip about Hit’s unconventional orientation, there was no reason for that.Between the actors there was nothing and could not be, if only because in life, Ledger gained fame for the lovelace. His girls were colleagues in the actor's workshop: Heather Graham, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams, who played one of the roles in Gore. Moreover, they brought the relationship beyond the screen, giving birth to a daughter, Matilda Rose.

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Last picture with and without Ledger

In 2007, were filmed "The Dark Knight", which is considered a continuation of the story of Batman. Heath embodied the Joker, the killer psychopath, repulsive and symbolically sinister. The actor worked hard at his image and even honed the conversational manner of communication of the hero. It was extremely important for better reproduction of the character. Director Christopher Nolan Heath was pleased with the game.

The last work of the actor was the "Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus". Heath's death violated the filming process. The creators had to decide what to do with the footage. In the end, the hero Tony, who changes the appearance of the plot, was played by Colin Farrell, Jude Law and Johnny Depp.

Heath Ledger: Cause of Death

Filmography of the actor has about 70 paintings. He tried himself as a director of an obscure 7-minute short film, but remained in the memory of viewers, fans and colleagues in a number of other bright and charismatic images.

The information about the death of the actor is different: some publications said that the apartment where the body was found belongs to Heath himself, others claimed that it was the apartment of actress Mary-Kate Olsen, with whom Ledger had a good friendship. The reason for the death of Heath Ledger at first was overgrown with legends due to the fact that the doctors themselves could not establish it immediately.

Ledger hit death cause

According to a later statement, the official conclusion was as follows: death was due to an overdose of drugs. They were probably prescribed by the artist, but he accepted them in greater volume. So the great actor Heath Ledger left us tragically.

The biography, the cause of death and the mysterious soul of the idol of millions still excite the minds of his fans. Many interesting roles and unforgettable complex images are forever imprinted in our hearts. In 2009, film academics were posthumously awarded the Oscar actor, who received his family.

On February 9, 2008, Heath Ledger was cremated. The funeral took place in his native Australia. Among those present were his friends and colleagues: Tom Cruise, Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams.

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The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor 100

The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor 66

The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor 90

The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor 6

The death of Heath Ledger: the reason, the facts, the circumstances. Biography and best work of the actor 98