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No one is immune from unexpected injuries, sprains and bruises of various parts of the body. This is especially true for athletes and workers of heavy physical labor, when one awkward movement can cause pain in a damaged area.dolobene reviewsIn order to quickly eliminate the pain syndrome and contribute to the speedy healing of the injured area, preparations for external use with anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative, regenerating, analgesic, antithrombotic activity have been developed. Among these drugs, Dolobene gel deserves special attention. Instructions for use of this tool is a recommendation regarding the application, method of application and dosage.

Dosage Form

The drug "Dolobene" is a tool that is used externally.The most common is the Dolobene combined gel, the instruction describes it as a transparent, sometimes with a slight turbidity, colorless or with a yellowish tinge gel-like substance. They produce gel in aluminum tubes, 50 and 100 g each. In each pack of Dolobene preparation, instructions for use are attached to the tube with the gel.

Dolobene instructions for use

The composition of the drug

This drug is a multicomponent agent with three active substances that determine its pharmacological action. 100 g of gel contains 50,000 IU of sodium heparin, 2.5 g of dexpanthenol, 16.66 g of 10% aqueous solution of dimethyl sulfoxide, which in its pure form contains 15 g.

Dolobene, the composition of which is described above, also includes polyacrylic acid, trometamol powder, macrogol glyceryl hydroxystearate, isopropyl alcohol, rosemary, citronella and pine oil, purified water - in such proportions that allow to maintain the gel structure of the drug and strengthen as inactive substances. healing of injuries.

Pharmacotherapeutic action

The therapeutic effect of the drug on the human body is determined by the functions of its active components: sodium heparin, dexpanthenol, dimethyl sulfoxide.To understand how the drug "Dolobene", the instructions for use contains information about the pharmacology of each component.

Heparin is an acidic sulfur-containing glycosaminoglycan that exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect, improves the process of cell repair in connective tissues by reducing the function of hyaluronidase. Its dose-related antithrombotic efficacy is associated with increased activity of specific proteins, antithrombin III, which reduce the activation of prothrombin and thrombin. The intake of heparin sodium through complete skin depends on the dose and begins to be traced from the dosage of 1.8987 mg / g.dolobene instruction

Dimethyl sulfoxide reduces inflammation, relieves swelling, has an analgesic effect. Shows anti-inflammatory activity due to a partial decrease in the activity of high-reactive and short-lived HE–radicals that are produced in the plural during inflammatory processes, which leads to a destructive effect on the cells of all organs.

Dimethyl sulfoxide reduces the rate of passage of the nociceptive (sub-field) impulse intoneuronal cells at the periphery, due to which local analgesic activity of the substance occurs.

Dimethyl sulfoxide fights against edema by reducing the activity of highly reactive and short-lived OH–radicals, by improving metabolic processes under the skin in the area of ​​the introduction of the gel and high hygroscopicity of this bipolar aprotic solvent.

The ability of dimethyl sulfoxide to penetrate the biological membrane and skin is used to improve the conduction of heparin and dexpanthenol molecules to the affected area.

Dexpanthenol is a precursor of pantothenic acid, which is formed from it in the skin cells. Pantothenic acid is considered a component of coenzyme A, which is involved in the reactions of assimilation and dissimilation of various substances in the cells of tissues. This component of the gel improves the granulation and epithelization of the skin, which, in turn, provides rapid recovery of damaged areas.

Pharmacokinetic characteristics

As already known, dimethyl sulfoxide easily penetrates the skin. Three times a day use of 1 g of this substance in the form of a gel for 5 days increasesthe content of dimethyl sulfoxide in the area of ​​direct application up to 3 mg per 1 g, in muscle tissue - up to 8 μg per 1 g, and the synovial fluid contains 0.8 μg per 1 g.

gel dolobene instructionDuring external application, the rate of absorption of heparin sodium is low, and due to good absorption, dexpanthenol is converted in skin cells into a dipeptide in the form of pantothenic acid.

Indications for use

The instruction attached to Dolobene includes a list of diseases for which this agent can be used. This may be radiculopathy, in which the spinal roots inflame; peripheral nerve damage with pain syndrome in the innervated zone; inflammatory process, edematous conditions or the development of a hematoma in soft tissues, muscles, ligaments or tendons. Dolobene ointment (gel) is used to treat diseases with joint damage, inflammatory processes in its mucous bag or tendons, lateral epicondylitis with inflammation and irritation in the extensor tendons. It is used to relieve pain in closed bruises and injuries.

How to use?

Gel “Dolobene” is easy to use, its use is associated with the superficial application of a layer of the drug on the affected area, which is carried out 2 to 4 times a day. In the case of using a gauze dressing, a layer of gel is applied to the skin. 2-3 minutes after absorption into the skin and evaporation of isopropanol, a hermetic bandage is applied.

Using a constant galvanic current of iontophoresis, you can enter the drug "Dolobene" in the affected area. Put the gel under the cathode electrode.

Also, to supplement the therapeutic effect of ultrasound with the combined method of phonophoresis, it is recommended to use Dolobene as a contact gel.

The duration of use is determined by the degree of damage.

gel dolobene application

Who is contraindicated for treatment?

Gel "Dolobene" instructions for use does not recommend to apply if there are some other diseases. These can be obvious disturbances in the work of the digestive organs and excretion, such as the liver and kidneys. In addition, contraindications are vegetative-vascular dystonia with impaired blood supply, bronchial asthma.

It is forbidden to use the tool for pregnant and lactating women, patients with individual intolerance to the individual components of the drug.

Do not use the drug in children under five years. The combination of Dolobene gel with sulindac-based products, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, is not recommended.

Features of use

In order for Dolobene to show its full activity, before applying it, it is necessary to remove the remnants of medicines and cosmetics from the skin.

Do not use the drug for the mucous membranes of the organ of vision, nasal and oral cavity, open wounds, damaged skin or postoperative scars, in places of sunburn.

The use of Dolobene gel can increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays, therefore, to protect it, during the treatment period they impose a restriction on sunbathing or using a tanning bed. At the slightest manifestation of the reaction of the skin to the components of the gel, it is no longer used.

Drug reviews

For many people who suffer from radiculitis, arthritis, frequent edema and bruises, Dolobene in the form of a gel is a boon.Especially suitable for people with very sensitive and delicate skin, on which bruises and swelling occur at the slightest blows.dolobene ointmentIts action leads to relief of pain, removal of swelling and reduction of the inflammatory process at the site of injury. It is enough to apply it in time and use it regularly, then the effect of the gel will not allow a bruise or inflammation to develop. If this medicine was not immediately available, and a hematoma formed, then with regular spreading within 3-4 days it begins to dissolve.

About the drug "Doloben" reviews can be heard only positive, so well this tool has proven itself.

It helps with pain in the lower back and shoulder joint with frequent exertion of people whose work is associated with heavy physical labor, with amateur gardeners, who after the winter break set about spring work on their backyards. It will be effective in case of injury in the area of ​​the joint, which is accompanied by stretching of the tendons, with arthritis and polyarthritis.

dolobene priceTraumatologists and surgeons dispense Dolobene medication to their patients to eliminate swelling in the limbs after removing the gypsum, when massage does not always help.This drug is suitable for adults and children (after 5 years), it should be in your home arsenal of medicines.

Drug price

Many people after the use of the gel are satisfied and believe that not quite a low price pays off due to the positive effects on the body. One fifty-gram tube of this agent is enough for a two-week use according to the scheme described in the instructions for use.For the drug "Dolobene" the price is about 265 rubles per 50 g, about 320 rubles per tube of 100 g.

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