The film "The Carrier": actors, plot

The film "Carrier" in 2002 is anotherthe work of the brigade of French film director Luc Besson. Having completed his most famous saga about a taxi, he decided to pamper the viewer with a spectacular movie, shot in the best traditions of the genre and Hollywood. Well, what kind of action movie without a charming and moderately brutal protagonist? A question from the rhetorical. Producers were invited to the main role in the film "The Carrier" actor Jason Statham and not lost.

About the plot

actor of the film carrier

The plot of "Carrier" at first glance mayseem banal and very beaten. In the center of history, once again a former military man, a special forces fighter. However, after a very small amount of screen time, the viewer understands that the plot is twisted in a very original way. The protagonist, Frank Martin, although resigned, lives a secluded life of seclusion, but is engaged in a very specific and in some ways interesting work. He transports goods and people, guided by all three simple rules: no names, never open a load and never change the terms of the concluded transaction. Once everything goes awry from the very beginning. Frank has to break all his rules, risking his own life.

Jason Statham

The "carrier" became for Statham the same as"Taxi" for Sami Naseri. What can you do, such a Luc Besson feature - "take young people to the people." At the time of filming, Statham had already shown himself in Hollywood. On his account there were such films as "Cards, money, two trunks", "Big jackpot", "Confrontation". However, it was the "Carrier" that became his runway. After the premiere, Statham literally woke up famous, and his fee for shooting was about a million dollars. A brilliant physical form allowed the actor himself to perform all the tricks during filming, without resorting to the help of stunt men.

Three years later, Statham took part in thecontinuation of the film "Carrier". The actor significantly increased his fee, but the box office from the hire of the militant in comparison with the first part were also more.

Secondary roles

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The character of Jason Statham is central, secondary, perhaps - it's all the other actors. The film "Carrier" does not abound with loud names, but at the same time it has a good acting.

In the role of the main antagonist, American musician and actor Matt Shultz. His character is the mysterious Mr. Wall Street, who hired Martin to transport live cargo.

In the role of the girl Martin and the "problem cargo"starred actress Shu Qi (in the photo above it can be seen) - a native of Taiwan and a former fashion model. She was known mainly at home, and the "Carrier" became for her a real breakthrough.

In the role of Martin's only friend is the French actor Francois Berlean (pictured below), known for his roles in the films of Louis Mal ("Milo in May", "Goodbye, children").

film carrier 2002

However, he received recognition not only thanks tointellectual copyright tapes, but also to militants, including the film "The Carrier". The actor also took part in the eponymous television series Luc Besson. He went on screens in 2012-2014, consists of two seasons (each for 24 series). It was closed due to low rating. The role of Martin in the series was played by British actor Chris Vance.

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