The hottest spots on the planet: a list

The most terrible period in the history of mankind are the world wars, which entailed the huge loss of human lives. The last such war died down in 1945, but local armed conflicts still flare up in the world, due to which certain regions turn into hot spots - places of confrontation with the use of firearms.


In Asia, there are as many as 11 hot spots. Separatism, terrorism, civil war, inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts have led to the fact that a number of countries have armed conflicts on their territory. Among them:

  • Iran;
  • Israel;
  • Palestine;
  • Lebanon;
  • Afghanistan;
  • Pakistan;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Myanmar;
  • Philippines;
  • Indonesia.
    Terrorism in Iraq

But the fiercest battles take place in Iraq - a hot spot where terrorism flourishes. Government forces are trying to confront the infamous organization of the IG (formerly ISIS), intending to create an Islamic theocratic state in the country.The terrorists have already included a number of cities in the caliphate, of which the government managed to recapture only two. The situation is complicated by the fact that at the same time there are scattered Sunni groups, as well as Kurds, who are taking over large regions in order to secede from the country and create autonomy in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The IG controls not only Iraq, but some parts of Syria, which has practically freed itself from the influence of the group, as well as small captured territories of Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Congo. They take responsibility for a number of terrorist acts, starting with the detonation of artillery shells in 2007 and ending with the attack on the police and the seizure of hostages in a supermarket that occurred in Treba in March 2018.

In addition, the militants do not shun the killing of civilians, the capture of the military, the destruction of culture, human trafficking and the use of chemical weapons.

Gaza Strip

The Middle East continues its list of hot spots in the world, where Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories are located. The civilian population of the Gaza Strip is under the yoke of the terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah, whose infrastructure the defense army is trying to destroy.Rocket attacks and abductions of children take place in this hot spot of the world.

The reason for this is the Arab-Israeli conflict, in which the Arab groups and the Zionist movement are involved. It all started with the founding of Israel, which captured several regions in the Six-Day War, including the Gaza Strip. Subsequently, the League of Arab States offered to peacefully resolve the conflict if the occupied territories were liberated, but no official response was received.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Islamist movement began to rule in the Gaza Strip. Military operations were regularly carried out against him, the loudest of the latter was called “The Unbreakable Rock”. She was provoked by a terrorist action involving the abduction and murder of three Jewish adolescents, two of whom were 16, and one was 19 years old. The terrorists responsible for this during the arrest resisted and were killed.

At present, Israel is conducting operations to counter terrorists, but militants often violate the terms of the truce and do not provide humanitarian assistance. The civilian population is strongly involved in the conflict.


Syria is one of the hottest spots in the world. Its inhabitants, along with Iran, are suffering from the seizure of territories by IS militants, and at the same time it has an Arab-Israeli conflict.

Syria, along with Egypt and Jordan, was at enmity with Israel immediately after its creation. “Partisan wars” took place, attacks on holy days were carried out, all offers of peace negotiations were rejected. Now there is a “cease-fire line” between the warring states, instead of the official border, the confrontation continues to be sharp.

Military conflict in Syria

In addition to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the situation in the country is also restless. It all started with the suppression of anti-government uprisings, which escalated into civil war. It involves about 100 thousand people in the various factions. The armed forces oppose a huge number of opposition groups, of which the radical Islamists are the strongest.

In this hot spot of the world, the army currently controls most of the territory, but the northern regions are part of a caliphate founded by a terrorist organization.Syrian President authorizes an attack on the city of Aleppo, controlled by the militants. But the struggle is not only between the state and the opposition, many groups are hostile to each other. Thus, the “Islamist Front”, Syrian Kurdistan actively oppose the IG.

East of Ukraine

Not escaped the sad fate and the CIS countries. Aspirations of individual territories for autonomy, interethnic conflicts, terrorist acts, the threat of civil war endanger the lives of civilians. Hot spots in Russia include:

  • Dagestan;
  • Ingushetia;
  • Kabardino-Balkaria;
  • North Ossetia.

The most fierce battles took place in Chechnya. The war in this republic took many lives, destroyed the infrastructure of the subject, led to violent acts of terrorism. Fortunately, the conflict has now been settled. There are no armed uprisings in the Chechen Republic or in other subjects, so it can be said that at present there are no hot spots in Russia. But the situation still cannot be considered stable.

Also, conflicts arise in the following countries:

  • Moldavia;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Tajikistan.

The hottest point is the East of Ukraine. Dissatisfaction with the rule of President Yanukovych in 2010-2013 led to numerous protests. The change of power in Kiev, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, which Ukraine perceived as an occupation, the formation of new people's republics — Donetsk and Luhansk — led to open confrontation with the use of firearms. Against the militias constantly carried out military operations. The armed forces, the National Guard, the Security Service, the Russian Orthodox Army, Russian volunteers and other parties take part in the conflict. Air defense systems, anti-aircraft missile systems are being used, cease-fire agreements are being violated, thousands of people are dying.

War in Eastern Ukraine

Periodically, the armed forces manage to discourage individual cities from the separatists, for example, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka were the last successes.

central Asia

The geography of the world's hot spots affects a number of Central Asian countries, some of which belong to the CIS. The places of armed conflict are Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Pakistan (South Asia).But Afghanistan is the leader among these countries, in which the Taliban regularly bombings as terrorist acts. In addition, the Taliban shoot children. Anything can be a reason: from a child learning English to accusing a seven-year-old boy of espionage. It is common to kill children as a revenge on their parents who refused to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan is fiercely challenging the territorial borders with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, formed after the collapse of the USSR. When forming the union, ethnic and socio-economic nuances of the territories were not really taken into account, but then the borders were internal, and trouble could be avoided. Now disagreement with the division of the territory threatens an armed conflict.


The record for the number of hot spots on the planet is Africa. In addition to terrorism and separatism, it is a zone of the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict, as well as piracy, civil and liberation wars. This affected a number of countries, including:

  • Algeria;
  • Sudan;
  • Eritrea;
  • Somalia;
  • Morocco;
  • Chad;
  • Liberia;
  • Congo;
  • Rwanda;
  • Burundi;
  • Mozambique;
  • Angola

In Nigeria, meanwhile, an inter-ethnic conflict flares up. The Boko Haram sect is fighting to transform the state into a Muslim, while a significant part of the population professes Christianity. The organization managed to arm itself, and it does not disdain any means to achieve the goal: terrorist actions are being held, mass executions are being carried out, people are being kidnapped. Not only confessors of other religions, but also secular-minded Muslims suffer from them.

Sect activities in nigeria

Under the control of "Boko Haram" are entire regions, government troops equipped with outdated weapons, can not suppress the rebels, the negotiations do not give a positive result. As a result, a state of emergency has been established in some states, and the president is asking for financial assistance from other countries. Among the last high-profile crimes of the sect stands the abduction of 2014, when 276 schoolgirls were taken hostage for sale into slavery, most of them continue to be held captive.

South Sudan

Sudan in Africa is also considered the hot spot of the world. The political crisis in the country led to an attempted military coup by the vice-president of the tribal union Nuer.The president announced that the uprising was successfully suppressed, but later began to carry out changes in the leadership and removed from it almost all the representatives of the Union Nuer. A rebellion arose again, followed by mass arrests by supporters of the current president of the Dink tribe. The riots escalated into armed clashes. Initially, Dink’s stronger alliance lost control of the oil-producing territories seized by the rebels. From this inevitably suffered the economy of the state.

As a result of conflicts, more than 10 thousand people died, 700 thousand became refugees. The UN has condemned the actions of not only the rebels, but also the government, because both sides resorted to torture, violence and brutal killings of members of another tribe. For the protection of the civilian population, the UN peacekeeping force was sent to help, but the situation has not yet been resolved. On the side of the official government are the troops of Uganda, located in the neighborhood. The head of the rebels expressed willingness to negotiate, but the situation is complicated by the fact that many of the rebels are out of control of the former vice-president.

Sahel Region

People of the tropical savannah Sahel, unfortunately, used to starve.Even in the twentieth century, there were large-scale droughts, due to which the population sharply lacked food. But the terrible situation repeated itself now, the statistics asserts that 11 million people are starving in the region. Now it is connected with the humanitarian crisis that erupted in Mali. The northeastern part of the republic was captured by the Islamists who founded the self-proclaimed state of Azawad on its territory.

Famine in the Sahel

The president was unable to remedy the situation, and a military coup was carried out in Mali. On the territory of the state are the Tuareg and radical Islamists who have joined them. Government troops helped the French army.


In North America, Mexico is a hot spot, where plant and synthetic drugs are not only manufactured, but sold and shipped to other countries in huge quantities. There are huge drug cartels with a forty-year history, starting with the resale of illicit substances, and now producing them independently. They are mainly engaged in opium, heroin, cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine.At the same time, corrupt state structures assist them in this.

Drug industry is booming in Mexico

At first, conflicts arose only between rival drug cartels, but the new president of Mexico decided to rectify the situation and stop illegal production. Police and army forces were involved in the confrontation, but the government still cannot achieve significant improvements.

The cartels that developed under the guise of state institutions have great connections, they have their own people among the top leadership, outbid the armed forces, hire agents engaged in public relations to influence popular opinion. As a result, self-defense detachments did not trust the police in various states of the state.

Their sphere of influence extends not only to the drug business, but also to prostitution, counterfeit goods, the sale of arms and even software.


Europe’s hot spots are represented by several countries, including Serbia, Macedonia and Spain. Also a lot of trouble delivers Corsican separatism. An organization operating in the south of France is fighting for independence and recognition of the island’s political independence.According to the demands of the rebels, the inhabitants should be called the people of Corsica, not the French.

Corsica is considered a special economic zone, but it never achieved complete independence. But the rebels do not abandon the attempts to carry out the desired and are engaged in active terrorist activities. Most often, their victims are foreigners. Financing of the National Liberation Front is carried out through smuggling, robbery, and drug trafficking. France is trying to resolve the conflict with compromises and concessions.

Corsica terrorist acts

These 10 hot spots of the world are still a threat. But besides them, there are many other regions where the life of the population is endangered. For example, the ever-growing conflict in Turkey between the capital and the military political party, originating in 2015, and the periodic terrorist attacks in Istanbul are dangerous for the indigenous population and tourists. Also, this includes the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the political crisis in the Republic of the Congo, the armed conflict in Myanmar.

Short lull periods at these points give way to even more violent clashes.The worst thing is that in this confrontation the civilian population is dying, people are deprived of their homes and a quiet life, they become refugees. However, hopes for resolving conflicts remain, because the military forces of many countries have been thrown at it.

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