The main gestures of judges in volleyball

The gestures of volleyball referees must be known and understood not only by players and coaches, but also by all fans of this sport. Only in this way can you be well versed in the game, understand all its subtleties. In this article you will examine in detail the illustrative examples of the gestures of the arbitrators in typical situations.

Official judicial gestures

The gestures of the volleyball judges help them quickly and without further ado notify everyone of the decision they made. And if necessary, explain why the decision is exactly that.

Official volleyball referee gestures are necessary to demonstrate the reason for which the whistle was given. Thus, the arbitrator indicates, for example, the nature of the error. The judge must endure the gesture for some time, so that everyone will realize it. If it is shown only with one hand, it should be addressed to the command to which it belongs.

Linear arbiters also have their gestures. With the help of a special sign with a flag, they indicate the nature of the mistake made. Also have to withstand your signal for some time.

The main gestures of the judge in volleyball

volleyball referee gestures

One of the fundamental gestures is permission to serve. In this case, the referee indicates the direction in which the serve is to be flown by hand.

Just before the start of the game, the head referee gives permission to enter the ball into the court only after he is convinced that the opponents are ready for the game. After that, the ball is passed to the serving team.

After each ball is completed, the referee indicates which team gives the next one. This means that she won the previous point. In order to do this, the judge pulls his hand in the direction of the team that must serve.

The volleyball referees' gestures also indicate when teams need to switch venues. This happens after the end of each batch. The exception is a tiebreak. In this case, the change of sides occurs as soon as one of the teams scores 8 points. A change occurs immediately, without interruption.

To do this, the judge raises the forearm in front and behind and turns them around the body. They contain various nuances of the rules of volleyball. The referee's gestures remain the same if for some reason the change in the tie-break was not made when the team scored 8 points. In such a situation, the change occurs immediately after the error is detected.The account does not change.

Substitutions and breaks

volleyball rules referee gestures

No game, especially intense, is complete without replacements and timeouts. Each team has two breaks in the party. In addition to them, technical breaks are provided, which are announced when one of the opponents scores 8 and 16 points respectively. True, in recent years, technical breaks have been refused to give the game more dynamics.

To announce a time out, the arbitrator places the palm of one hand above the fingers of the other in an upright position. Thus, the letter T is formed. After that, the judge points to the team that requested the break. At this time the ball should not be in the game. Also, if a whistle has already sounded, allowing you to do half the time, you cannot take a timeout.

In the case of a replacement, the arbiter makes circular movements with his forearms around each other.


The gestures of the judges in volleyball apply to those cases where the referee must punish the player for any wrongdoing. To warn the judge, a yellow card is issued to a specific player.

gestures of the judges in the game of volleyball

And the punishment can be oral first. To do this, the judge refers to the captain of the team, the player who is guilty.The yellow card is issued by the arbitrator when the player has reached the level of imposing a sanction. In this case, by itself, it does not carry any restrictions, but the corresponding entry is made in the protocol.

For more gross violations, other gestures of the judges in the game of volleyball are provided. For rough behavior, the arbitrator shows a red card. In this case, the opposing team gets an additional point and the right to serve.

In special cases, the referee may remove the player from the court. For this, he shows both cards at the same time. And the player is removed only until the end of the game, not the match. Also the coach can retire. In this case, the mentor has no right to interfere in the game until the end of the game.

Bugs in the game

Quite a common mistake - the delay in filing. After the referee's whistle, the server is required to enter the ball into the game within 8 seconds. If this does not happen, the judge raises eight divorced fingers. In this case, the ball goes to the side of the opponent.

Often, volleyball players make a mistake when screening or blocking. To indicate this, the arbitrator raises two hands vertically with his palms forward. For example, this error is fixed when one or several players wave their hands,jump or actively move along the net in order to prevent the opposing team from seeing the time of the serve and the trajectory of the flying ball.

volleyball rules of the game and gestures of the judge

The arbitrator closely monitors the positional position of the players on the court. If the judge notices this, he makes a circular motion with the index finger of his right hand. Often this happens during an improper replacement.

A collision may occur if in one game episode one team makes a positional error, and the other - an error in the serve. In this case, the error of the server prevails over the positional slip.

Change account on the scoreboard

One of the key moments in the game is the determination of the minute when the ball enters the court. For this, the team gets a point. The judge fixes this moment, pointing his hand and fingers towards the floor. For this, many and watch volleyball. The rules of the game and the gestures of the judge are what every expert in this game should understand.

The ball in the court is fixed at the moment when any of its parts touches the court or its limiting lines.

When the referee raises his forearms vertically with open palms facing the body, this means that the ball was outside the court.These episodes are recorded at times when the ball touches the floor outside the court, or any object outside the court (for example, a wall, ceiling or a person not participating in the match, as well as cords, stands, antennas), or else completely crosses the vertical plane. grids or lower area under the grid.

Touch and Delay

official volleyball referee gestures

When performing a block, players of the defending team often make a mistake when touching the ball. Fixing this moment, the judge holds the palm of one hand on the fingers of the other, which at this moment holds vertically.

Also, the arbiter strictly determines any attempts to delay the ball. For an attempt to delay the player is given a warning. For this, the arbitrator covers the wrist with a yellow card (or red if he wants to give a remark).

Linear arbiter gestures: features

The main gestures of the judge in volleyball

Linear arbiters also have a list of conditional gestures. When the ball is on the court, the referee points the flag down. If the ball is out of play, the referee raises the flag vertically.

Having determined the touch of the ball by one of the players of the defending team, the line referee raises the flag, touching his top with the palm of his free hand.As a rule, this violation is recorded when the ball goes outside the playing field from the team that practiced in the reception.

In the event of an error in the transition, touching the ball with a foreign object or a player's spade when the ball is put into play, the line judge will begin to actively wave the flag over his head. After that, he points to the antenna or the corresponding line, depending on which violation was committed.

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