The main secrets of Adolf Hitler

The main secrets of Adolf Hitler

The main secrets of his life and death, the nondescript corporal Adolf Schicklgruber, who had grown to the hegemon of the Third Reich, took with him.

There are only two of them, the main mysteries of the Adolf Hitler phenomenon: how an insignificant second-rate artist in the shortest time could achieve such a resounding success with the masses and become the leader of the most influential military world power and could this earthly demigod put an end to the sunset life suicide?

The Fuhrer made a deal with the devil?

This version of the ascension of an unknown artist from the Austrian village of Ranshofen to the central figure of German national socialism of the 30s of the twentieth century and ultimately the leader of the nation looks too extravagant for most historians. But this is if you do not take into account the particular preferences of Hitler and his now well-known penchant for mysticism and the occult.

Proponents of the demonic origin of Hitler's energy power are inclined to believe that Adolf Hitler is obliged to his rapid career takeoff ... a deal with the devil.Allegedly, the Führer sold his soul in exchange for prospects for world domination. The impetus for the emergence of such an absurd, at first glance, theory was a find made in post-war Berlin in 1946.

The found document, which, according to apologists of the theory of the devilish conspiracy, was subsequently studied by the clergymen of the Vatican, contains no less than the text of the agreement with the devil. And the person who signed this treaty is Hitler. Allegedly, Adolf Schicklgruber laid his soul of evil, and the final date of its "return" to the angel of hell comes after 13 years. The signature in blood on the document indicates a specific number - April 30, 1932. As is known, it was on April 30, 1945 that Hitler and Eva Brown, according to the official version, committed suicide in the bunker of the Berlin Reich Chancellery.

Proponents of this mystical hypothesis claim that the blood type on the document is identical to Hitler's blood type.

He was characterized by mysticism and the occult

You can be skeptical about the assumption of a deal between Hitler and the devil, but it’s pointless to deny the Fuhrer’s keen interest in mysticism and the occult - these facts are documented.

The theories of the mystical origin of the Germans and the uniqueness of the Aryan race, which Hitler liked so much, were actively introduced into the masses in Germany throughout the Fuhrer's rule. It was absolutely demonic ideology from the point of view of any religion. Probably, therefore, the assumptions about Hitler's deal with the devil, absolutely absurd at first glance, against this background may look convincing: the theory of the destruction of entire nations in praise of one did not fit into any religious dogma.

Death on Walpurgis Night

According to official data, Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun committed suicide on the night of April 29-30. This is the Walpurgis Night, the time of the uncleaning. By the way, beliefs about the devilish period were distributed only among the German-speaking peoples. Goethe reflected this phenomenon in his Faust. The ritual death of Hitler coincides with the date of the "sale of the soul to the devil", which is referred to by the supporters of the Fuhrer's deal with the angel of hell.

Died or gone?

One of the greatest mysteries of Hitler lies in his “posthumous biography”. According to the official version, after the discovery of the remains of Hitler, burned by the Führer’s confidants, the Soviet military completed the unfinished work of the Nazis, dispelling the remains of this devil in the flesh.Skeptics claim that even the growth of the burned corpse found did not match the original, and the result of the examination of Hitler’s corpse as a whole was formal.

Adolf Hitler’s miraculous rescue from a surrounded and glowing Berlin fits perfectly into the concept of saving the many leaders of the Third Reich who escaped during the crucial period of World War II to Latin America, the USA and other countries. There is an assumption that Hitler was hiding in Tibet, South America and even on the basis of the Nazis in Antarctica. The numerous testimonies of “eyewitnesses” are full of references to a meeting with the Fuhrer in various parts of the world.

In fact, the mythology associated with the real biography of Hitler is largely based on speculation, since access to many documents, which in this case would finally dot the i, is still in the Russian archives closed.

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