The meaning of the name Lydia: character, fate

The meaning of the name Lydia was not initially interested in people, because it was not own and was used only to determine the place of residence of a woman, because in ancient times one of the regions of Asia Minor was called Lydia, inhabited by hard-working, kind people. "Lidiyanka", "resident of Lidia" - this is the name that translates from Greek. According to one version, it was only because of Apostle Paul that it became its own, because the first woman in Europe who converted to Christianity was a resident of those places, so she began to wear the name Lydia. The meaning of the name and the fate, as a rule, are closely related, but will they bring happiness to their owner?

meaning of the name lidia


Lydia is growing up a curious child, which they say "ears on the top." The girl is interested in everything, looks at everything. Sometimes it even seems that the baby is excessively fussy, but this is not at all the case, she just wants to know everything about everyone, but she is very afraid to do something wrong, for which she can be scolded or punished. The meaning of the name Lydia for the girl undoubtedly influenced the character of the child.The baby is very obedient, careful, always trying to stay close to adults.

School years

The value of the name Lydia manifests itself in school. The girl is still curious, but she tries not to stand out from the team and be "like everyone else." Lydia always listens to someone else's advice and does as she is told, even if in her heart she thinks that her version was more correct. The value of the name Lydia left its mark on the character of the girl. She is too indecisive, suggestible and can easily submit to someone else's influence, which is why she often falls into bad stories.

Name Lydia meaning of name and fate

Lydia: meaning of name, character

The girl named Lydia is very kind, unforgiving, always ready to help her close, not only in word but in deed. However, despite this, it often becomes the object of jealousy and envy. “Smart, ironic, has an inflexible will, is prone to self-analysis” - this is how friends characterize the girl who bears the name Lydia. The meaning of the name, character and fate are closely intertwined with each other, for which there is evidence in the guise of our heroine. Lida is incredibly hardworking, always diligently and responsibly performing any work assigned to her.As a rule, she is interested in the area of ​​activity that is connected with people, she is happy to engage in public affairs, she prefers to work in administrative positions or in the service sector. The team loves Lydia, because she never tries to prove that her opinion is the only correct one.

 Lydia meaning name character

Personal life

How is the personal life of the girl whose parents gave her the name Lydia? The meaning of the name and the fate here also left their mark. The girl never waits for a prince on a white horse, she is a realistic and chooses a life partner, based not even on her own feelings, but on the advice of a mother or another person she trusts. A husband, as a rule, becomes a person much older than Lydia - a wealthy, intelligent, practical. The girl herself also puts a lot of effort, trying to equip the family nest. Lydia treasures her husband very much and never praises herself or her work, she seems so simple and ugly to herself. Spouse respects Lydia and appreciates her housekeeping, affection for the house, accuracy. He can half-day discuss with her the usual household chores, for example, about where to hang the regiment or where to put any piece of furniture.The girl will never destroy the family, even if family life fails, Lida will tolerate and live with her husband for the sake of the children. Lydia is very economical, but this is expressed only in relation to himself. A thing intended for a spouse or children, a girl buys without hesitation, but before buying something for herself, she will go around a lot of shops and will doubt for a long time the advisability of buying. Lydia has a rather complicated relationship with her children. They treat her condescendingly, even a bit down, ashamed in front of their peers of her lack of modernity. After getting married, Lydia is a little removed from her mother and now she prefers to discuss the solution of difficult life situations with her mother-in-law.

 Lydia meaning name character and fate


Sexual satisfaction, love and tenderness in Lydia are closely intertwined. The girl is very sensitive to male caresses, she cannot reach the climax without foreplay. The behavior of Lydia in bed depends largely on the sincerity and delicacy of the partner. Sometimes not very experienced, but gentle and gentle man can give her more pleasure than the one who considers himself an ace in sex.

The value of the name Lydia in the seasons

Lydia, born in the winter, is rather modest, intelligent, and has a great deal of own emotions. Never show in public discontent with something, insult or anger.

"Summer" Lydia is also humble, kind, very responsive and sensitive to someone else's grief.

Lydia, born in the fall months, is enterprising, strict, resolute and serious. Prefers to work in administrative positions.

"Spring" Lydia is a real angel. She is sociable, cheerful, loved by both adults and children. Among the many professions he prefers to work as a teacher, musicologist or tour guide.

meaning of the name lidia for a girl


Lydia's body is very delicate and sensitive, so she needs to carefully monitor her health. The girl is subject to frequent colds, pressure drops, insomnia, headaches. The weak point is also the lungs.


The ideal relationship with Lydia develops with Mikhail, Alexey, Sergey, Edward, Maxim.

Low compatibility with Ivan, Gleb, Cyril, Vasily, Leo.

Suitable patronymic

The name Lydia harmonizes with the patronymic: Grigorievna, Fedorovna, Mikhailovna, Vasilyevna, Oskarovna, Dmitrievna, Rostislavovna, Filippovna, Askoldovna, Svyatoslavovna, Vadimovna.

Astrological characteristic

  • The harmonizing sign of the zodiac is Pisces.
  • Planet - Neptune, the Sun.
  • The color of the name is blue, silver.
  • Stone - aquamarine.
  • Plant - fir, hydrangea, calla flower.
  • Totem - waxwing.
  • Happy day of the week - Tuesday.
  • Happy season is summer.

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