The most expensive hotel in Turkey: name, photo

For most tourists, Turkey is associated with a fairly inexpensive, but high-quality rest. Here you can perfectly relax both body and soul, and you don’t have to take a loan from a bank to pay for expensive holidays. Many hotels here are ready to offer good rooms, an all-inclusive system and a warm clear sea. However, for those who want to make their holidays rich and respectable, the resort also has something to offer.

Guests wishing to spend time among luxury and great service should go only to five-star hotels, because this category will have the most expensive hotel in Turkey. For living here you can lay out tens of thousands of dollars in just one night, but the impressions will be breathtaking.

What is the most expensive hotel in Turkey?

The place where the visitor is waiting for royal luxury and a very rich decoration, without exaggeration, can be called a palace.And there are plenty of such hotels worthy of living exclusively for reigning individuals in Turkey. First of all, it should be noted Ciragan Palace Kempinski, located in Istanbul and occupying the building of the palace of the XIX century.

However, the answer to the question, what is the most expensive hotel in Turkey, brings us to the Mediterranean coast, to the city of Antalya. It is here that built in 2009, a holiday palace called Mardan Palace. The construction of this hotel took about half a billion dollars, although initially in many media indicated the amount of only five hundred million.

the most expensive hotel in Turkey

The idea and money to build the most expensive hotel in Turkey belong to Telman Ismailov, a native of Azerbaijan who has become one of the Russian rich. He is the head of AST, which managed the well-known Cherkizovsky market.

Journalists mentioned that Ismailov even asked to give him Turkish citizenship, apparently as a reward for building this most expensive hotel in Turkey. The name Mardan Palace was not given by chance, but in honor of Father Telman. By this, the Russian oligarch did not spoil the tradition that has already become for him to name his projects in honor of family members. After all, AST received its three letters from the names of the owner and his two sons.

Mardan Palace Architecture

Imagine the amount spent on the construction of this palace, proudly bearing the title of "the most expensive hotel in Turkey" is very difficult. But if you list all its rich features, it becomes clear where such an exorbitant amount of dollars came from.

The most expensive hotel in Turkey photo

The architectural solution of Mardan Palace allows you to enjoy copies of such monuments of Turkey as the Galata Bridge, Dolmabahce Palace, the building of Kuleli and the Maiden Tower. For the construction of all this beauty it took Italian marble in the amount of 23 thousand square meters, half a million crystal crystals, more than 10 thousand square meters of sheets of pure gold and a huge number of unique interior items.

Hotel territory

The territory of the hotel occupies as much as 15 hectares. Here, tourists are waited by real water channels through which gondolas float - a sort of little Turkish Venice. The pool, which has an area of ​​16 thousand square meters, has a very large aquarium with many tropical fish and beautiful fountains that are illuminated in the dark. All this space is decorated with a large number of plants brought from all over the world.

The most expensive hotel in Turkey 7 stars

The beach is also worthy of special attention, to which guests are brought directly from the hotel by a comfortable train every ten minutes. The sand in this place on the Mediterranean coast was brought from Egypt, and it took him as much as 9 thousand tons. Since the Egyptian sand is recognized as the cleanest and softest in the world, the Mardan Palace beach also won the title of one of the best on the coast.

Rooms for the coolest guests

The most expensive hotel in Turkey, the photo of which must be seen, has a huge number of rooms, numbering 560 apartments of various price categories and areas. They are located in three residential wings of the hotel: European Wing, dominated by European style, Dolmabahce Wing, where everything is decorated like in the Dolmabahce Palace, and Anatolian Wing, where you can enjoy the Ottoman style.

what is the most expensive hotel in turkey

The most demanding guests can stay in the presidential or royal suites. Each room of the first category has an individual layout, some of them have their own bar and pool table, while others have a terrace with a jacuzzi. The second category is characterized by the presence of a sauna and a separate room, a pool and even the services of a personal butler.

There are also detached villas located in a beautiful garden with two pools. Here guests can relax in three-room suites with a living room and two bedrooms, a Turkish bath and a jacuzzi.

Other room categories

Two-room junior suites are perfect for vacationing families, because there are a living room with a bedroom, a bathroom, some rooms with a jacuzzi, a balcony or terrace. For large companies, guests are perfectly suited two-story apartments Grand Deluxe Duplex, equipped with a kitchen.

the most expensive hotel in turkey name

Those who want a personal Turkish bath and Jacuzzi bath in their room should pay attention to the rooms of the Grand Hamam Suite category. In the wing of Dolmabahche there is a unique executive suite, in which the two rooms are separated by a large arch.

Superior and premium single rooms are equipped with luxurious marble baths. They are suitable for more modest visitors who still want to touch the luxury of Mardan Palace, which bears the title of “the most expensive hotel in Turkey (Antalya)”.

Food and entertainment for guests

People who are resting in this palace will not die of hunger. Located on the territory of ten restaurants offering dishes of the most diverse cuisines of the world.Nice to chat and have a drink in one of 11 cafes and bars, daily waiting for guests at their tables.

The most expensive hotel in Turkey Antalya

You won't be bored here either, because the best hotel in Turkey offers its guests a golf course, gym, football field, tennis, volleyball, badminton and other sports games, a large SPA center, an artificial coral reef, and its own amphitheater and awesome fun for young guests.

Opening Celebration

The former owner of the Cherkizovsky market in honor of the opening of his palace on the Turkish coast gave a luxurious holiday. The most expensive hotel in Turkey, which has already been given up to seven stars by many people, managed to see such stars as Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Tom Jones, Monica Bellucci and Richard Gere as guests. The coveted red ribbon, which marks the beginning of the hotel, was cut by Joseph Kobzon and Yury Luzhkov.

Of course, Mardan Palace is a great place for a luxurious holiday in Turkey. And if the future tourist has an extra hundred or two thousand dollars for a vacation, then here you can safely go to feel like a truly royal person.

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