The most expensive works of art

In our time, collecting works of art is not a luxury, but a safe investment of capital. DW represents the most expensive paintings and sculptures in the world.

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1. Giant puppy

The orange version of "Inflatable Puppy", created by American Jeff Koons, is the most expensive of the works of living artists. It is part of the famous series of giant steel sculptures created by Koons, imitating toys made of balloons. In November 2013, the orange Inflatable Puppy went under the hammer for $ 58.4 million.

2. Sham and Skull by Damien Hirst

Briton Damien Hirst - the richest of the living artists. However, he is a champion not only in fees, but also in scandals caused by his work. The central themes of his work: life, death, consumption. In the photo - Hurst shampooed alcohol. And the most expensive of his brainchild - the art object "For the love of God": platinum skull, encrusted with diamonds in the amount of 8.601.

3. Capital Art

For 119.9 million dollars the painting “Scream” by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was acquired at auction. Prices for works of famous artists are constantly growing, and therefore are a reliable form of capital investment, emphasizes Karl Arnold (Karl Arnold), owner of the auction house Arnold in Frankfurt am Main.

4. The most expensive triptych in 2013

Triptych by the British painter Francis Bacon “Three Sketches for a Portrait of Lucien Freud” was the most expensive work of art ever sold at an art auction. He went under the hammer for 142.4 million dollars.

5. 106.5 million for a nude sweetheart

The picture "Nude, green leaves and bust" by Pablo Picasso wrote in 1932 in just one day. Today, this work is among the three most expensive lots of art auctions.The canvas, which depicts the beloved of the Spanish artist, went under the hammer for 106.5 million dollars.

6. Hand to hand

The famous card by French post-impressionist Paul Cézanne "The Card Players" was sold for $ 259 million, thus becoming the leader of "private" sales. True, this officially not publicly advertised transaction is not confirmed.

7. Leaders of sales at private auctions

One of the most expensive lots of private auctions is the painting by Austrian Gustav Klimt (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, also known as Golden Adel and Austrian Mona Lisa). She sold for 135 million dollars. Even more given to the canvas of the Dutchman Willem de Kooning "Woman III" (137.5 million dollars) and the picture of the American Jackson Pollock "Number 5" (140 million dollars).

8. 37 million per square in Milan

While Jeff's Inflatable Puppy, was sold at a record price, the German Gerhard Richter was considered the most “expensive” living artist. Only for his picture “Cathedral Square. Milan "paid 37 million dollars. Richter himself considers such fabulous prices absurd. In his opinion, the relationship between significance and value of works of art today does not exist.

9. Step into eternity

For 104.3 million dollars was sold in 2010 at the auction of the Swiss Alberto Giacometti sculpture "Walking Man I". She still remains one of the most expensive sculptures in the world.

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