The most famous museums of Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is one of the most ancient cities of ourcountries. And despite the fact that it is a large regional center, there are many examples of architecture and art objects of Ancient Rus. Until now, Yaroslavl is one of the most visited cities in Central Russia. There go not only residents of the country, but also foreign guests. And not the least role in this is played by the museums of Yaroslavl, many of which are known all over the world. Among them there are both old, created in the 19 century, and new, unusual, created by individuals, but also interesting and visited.

Major museums of Yaroslavl

1. You can get acquainted with the past in the Museum of History of Yaroslavl. It presents his life and the fate of its inhabitants from the very foundation of the city to the present day.

museums2. The oldest and largest in the city is the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve. Yaroslavl attracts tourists with samples of ancient Russian architecture and art gathered here.

3. Another major museum of Yaroslavl - Artistic. It is also represented by a complex of buildings and contains a collection of more than 70,000 paintings.

4. The Museum of military glory is interesting, attracting the attention not only of city residents, but also of numerous tourists.

5. There are in the city and private - "Music and Time" - a museum. Yaroslavl became famous for his unique collection of bells and old records.

Small museums and exhibition halls

Most tourists are limited to visitingthese known complexes. But very small museums of Yaroslavl are also very popular. Fans of the theater should visit the house of the opera singer LV Sobinov and the Theater Museum named after F. Volkov. Very interesting are small museums: this is Bereginya, which represents a collection of Old Slavic dolls, and Majolica, which tells about unique Yaroslavl ceramics. Of the modern memorials, it is worth noting "Space", the railroad car of the Northern Railway and the Museum of Firefighting.

Very interesting museums of Yaroslavl for children. They are created in the last decades, but for small spectators are quite attractive. Be sure to go to a small private museum "My Favorite Bear", where a unique collection of toy bears is collected. In summer, you need to go to the interactive open-air museum "On a visit to Ivan Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful", and older children will be interested in "The Ark", which represents the diversity of the animal kingdom of the region. There are also several exhibition halls in the city, where temporary exhibitions are located.

The oldest museum complex of Yaroslavl

museum reserve Yaroslavl

It is now the most visited place of the city,located in its center. And this complex was created in 1865 on the territory of the Spassky Monastery. In the middle of the 20th century it was named "Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve". Yaroslavl is one of the oldest cities in Russia, and many tourists come here to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity. This complex just provides them with this opportunity. From the highest viewing platform of the city you can see the ancient buildings and other museums of Yaroslavl. On the territory of the complex is the ancient Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral with a unique collection of rare books, works of art and church utensils. In addition to it, the complex includes six churches with excellent wall paintings and icons. It is very interesting to visit the only exhibition in Russia dedicated to the unique work of Old Russian literature - "The Lay of Igor's Campaign."

Art Museum of Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Museum of Time

This is one of the largest Russian art museums. It was created in the early 20th century and is located in the former Governor's House. This building itself is an architectural monument, as it was built for the visits of the emperor. The richest collection of paintings amazes all visitors to the museum. Here canvases of great artists: K. Bryullov, I. Levitan, V. Perov, I. Shishkin, A. Savrasov and many others. Uniquely the largest collection of works by K. Korovin. The museum collection includes more than 70 thousand exhibits. In addition to paintings, there are monuments of icon painting, numismatics and arts and crafts. Now the Yaroslavl Art Museum is a complex of historical buildings. In addition to the Governor's house with a huge garden, where the exhibition of sculptures is located, it includes the Metropolitan Chambers, the house museum of A. Opekushin and a small museum - "House on Novinskaya".

Museum of History

It was opened only at the end of the 20th century. The purpose of its creation was to trace the fate of the city and its inhabitants and their place in the history of the country.Yaroslavl Museum of MusicThe museum's compositions are arranged in a chronologicalorder and tell about how people lived in the city, how art, culture and science developed. In addition to archaeological excavations, one can see ancient coins, weapons and household items. Worthy of interest are compositions dedicated to the success of medicine and famous people, who became famous for the city of Yaroslavl.

Museum of Music and Time

music and time museum Yaroslavl

It was created in the late 20th century by GrigoryMostoslavsky. It is one of the largest and most popular private museums in the city. The peculiarity of it is that the exhibits work, they can all be touched and checked. There are collected various musical instruments, caskets, barrel organ, as well as many bells and bells from different eras. Therefore, this collection of antiquities received the name "Music and Time" (museum). Yaroslavl did not know such collections. It is also unusual that you can try to play on any instrument, listen to the sounds of bells, bells and music boxes. Some people go to Yaroslavl for this purpose. The Museum of Time and Music allows them to also hear the voices of great people of the early 20th century in recordings on records.

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