The most popular excuses for women who do not want to go to the gym

Everyone knows the magic combination, which works 100% of the time - it is proper nutrition and regular exercise, but nevertheless many women, knowing this simple truth, still torment themselves with exhausting diets and hunger strikes, and brush off trips to the gym , saying that they do not have the time and energy for it. So, dear ladies, you will never lose weight if the following excuses are present in your life that will save you from going to the gym.

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1. Excuse number 1: “What kind of fitness is there - there is no time at all! I was entrusted with a new project, and the horse wasn’t lying there, I would have to sit at work until late. And at home there is still a husband, children, a cat, fish ... "

In fact. Yes, time is catastrophic for nothing. Only if you look half an hour through the pages in Odnoklassniki,write a post-other on LiveJournal, see the next series of the new sitcom, call your friends on the mobile ... Well, really, you just need to evaluate your schedule impartially, as it will reveal “black holes” in which your time is running out.

Therefore, the lack of free minutes is more often just an illusion. By the way, very busy business women easily find an hour or two a week to attend classes. What's the secret? In the habit of clearly planning and organizing a schedule. Follow their lead. Write your approximate schedule and set aside just two hours a week for fitness - for starters, this will be quite enough. And your husband, and children, and fish from your good mood will benefit.

2. Excuse number 2: “Now, unfortunately, there is absolutely no money for a subscription. And because you need to buy a decent shape, sneakers ... "

A subscription in an elite fitness center is definitely worth a lot of money - not many people can afford such spending. Small middle-class sports clubs are coming to the rescue. The price of the issue is about 1500 rubles per month for one of the types of physical culture - swimming in the pool, aqua aerobics, yoga, Pilates, belly dance, etc.Is it difficult to allocate such a sum? Then use the spaces of the nearby park or the jogging tracks of the neighboring stadium - they are at your disposal for free. In the end, you can do at home, moving at a pace set by the instructor from the DVD. Now it’s easy to find a workout CD from Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer - these divas are still in great shape.

Speaking of sportswear. It has a very important "content" - the motivation to practice. Therefore, it makes sense not to engage in stretched sweatpants, but in a beautiful and high-quality sports suit. This, and inexpensive, set can be purchased at the stock supermarket stock boutique.

3. Excuse number 3: “In the evenings I have no strength even for a book or a movie - I fall down from my feet. What can be after work dancing or aerobics ?! "

Oddly enough, but the feeling of "falling off the legs" is removed by the active involvement of these very legs. And hands, and the whole body. Where do you get strength from? From a change of activity, it is rest in itself, therefore it guarantees a surge of strength. And then active physical exercises launch a whole chain of chemical reactions in the body - blood circulation increases, metabolic processes accelerate, and most importantly, hormones responsible for our cheerful mood are released into the blood.

four.Excuse number 4: “I would like, of course, to work out, but somehow not before. Maybe someday it will ... "

If this excuse is "all dearer", perhaps your "horse" lies in a typical procrastination (mania set aside everything "for later"). This “affliction” glorifies and cherishes the fear of trying something new, even if the current situation does not suit you at all. For example, you constantly build grandiose plans, which are pleasant to dream about, but to fulfill their "lack of time" or the insidious force majeure interfere forever. The paradox is that the constant postponement of affairs does not make your life easier, but, on the contrary, it leads to an inner “vanity of vanities.” Or maybe ask for advice from a psychologist and try fitness, dancing, diving - and therefore life in all its taste? The question, as you understand, is rhetorical.

5. Excuse number 5: “With my back (legs, hands, eyes - it’s necessary to underline) the direct road to the doctor, not to the coach ...”

Yes, of course, if there are health problems, you should first see a doctor. And he - the doctor - will surely “prescribe” you an active lifestyle along with therapy - he is fitness. By the way, if you are worried about any specific problems, still do not give up on training.Just consult a doctor in a fitness club - you just pick up the ideal class and determine the optimal load, which in general will certainly improve your well-being.

6. Excuse number 6: "Where I already have yoga, that Pilates ... At my age, to begin training is the height of levity"

It is curious that such an excuse comes to mind for women of all ages — at 50 and at 25. There are a lot of reasons for such a verdict, harmfulness for the body and appearance - a lot. Need proof? You are welcome. Avoiding physical exertion, we sooner or later “wean” our body from the efficient use of resources - it begins to work in half strength, and then “fails” every now and then. Blood circulation worsens, metabolism slows down, excessive fullness, swelling, shortness of breath appear - that is, the aging process in all its glory. To radiate freshness and extend the time of its attractiveness, training is needed. If you feel an unusual tension, the body will mobilize - and after that extra “ballast” will leave, your eyes will shine, the skin will become elastic, and this means that you will be the addressee of the compliment for a long time: “Look like a girl!”

7Excuse number 7: "Fitness is so boring!"

If you add sugar to sour lemon juice, you get delicious lemonade. So with fitness. If you are bored and tedious, you need to change something with an eye on pleasure. Do not inspire the "glands" in the gym? Change the dumbbells to latin, bellydance or energetic step. Love water procedures - welcome to aqua aerobics and aqua ride (it is easier and more fun to pedal the simulator in the water). I do not like to jump to music - work out in the gym, but not alone, but with a friend, sister or husband.

8. Excuse number 8: “I was engaged for a month, and the results - zero. It turns out, just spent the money ... "

Did you go to the sport center for a whole month, and “only one kilogram of weight went to the bottom”? Or not considered a crime to eat cake after a hard workout? Then your disappointment is understandable. Unfortunately, many young ladies are confident that fitness is a temporary measure to improve the shape. In fact, it is a way of life, just as important as work or study. And then fitness is not only physical education, but also a healthy diet, self-care, bright thoughts about yourself - beautiful, attractive, radiant.But do not expect that in a couple of weeks after the start of classes you will begin to resemble Angelina Jolie - just practice and the result will come by itself.

9. Excuse number 9: “Anyway, I already missed the training session - I’ll start all over again next Monday. Or on Wednesday. May be…"

How sometimes it happens: we went to trainings, worked hard, but some circumstance knocked you out of the usual rut, and you already get used to the thought: “Everything was in vain.” It turns out that the same mechanisms work here as with diets. You try not to go beyond your calories for a whole week, but then eat up the cake and decide - alas! - The whole diet went down the drain. In fact, one missed workout, like one cake, is not a disaster. To blame yourself and make promises to do something from Monday, next month, new year means to fall into a psychological trap. Enough the next day to resume diet or exercise.

10 Excuse number 10: “Oh, there surely all the young ladies flaunt the parameters 90−60−90, and here I am with my FORMS. No, thank you - I do not want to be a universal ridicule! "

Perhaps this excuse could take first place in our "charts."Where did her legs grow from? Glossy magazines promoting catwalk standards bordering on… anorexia symptoms contributed to the fear of being “not a standard”. That’s why many people think that fitness clubs are filled with skinny photo models looking at those burdened with cellulite and extra kilos of “mere mortals” with disdain. In fact, 90% of female sports center visitors are ordinary women who, like you, want to solve some aesthetic problems. If it is still difficult for you to get rid of your fear, imagine that the terrible can happen if you cross the threshold of the hall. Will they start pointing the finger at you? There will be laughter or screams of horror? Of course not. And then, all — and perfectly-built beauties — were once newcomers and were stressed from the first step. A competent instructor will help you to relax, to adapt to the rhythm of training - and after a couple of workouts you will forget about your “imperfection”, feeling all 33 pleasures from your movements.

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