The Office for Combating Economic Crimes (UBEP)

The state at all times waspolitical and legal structure based on the joint activities of its population. The fact is that it is society that is the key factor that led to the creation of countries. To date, the states are sufficiently developed. In their structure, there are many different institutions of power and government. In their work they carry out various functions, one of which is law enforcement. Representatives of such activities have always enjoyed respect and respect in society at all times. Today, this trend has not changed.

In the Russian Federation there are manylaw enforcement agencies and security agencies, one of which is the police. It should be noted that the significant direction of the police is the organization of security in the economic sphere and the fight against corruption. The tasks for the implementation of these functions are assigned to the special structural subdivision of the said body, the specifics of which will be described later in the article.Department for Combating Economic Crimes

Economic security and the fight against corruption

Today, the activities of Russian law enforcement agenciesis concentrated on several priority directions, which are such due to the tendencies of the modern world. For example, if after the war in 1945 the most "off-the-shelf" crimes were robberies, banditry, murders and robberies, today they are replaced by offenses in the economic sphere, as well as corruption as an independent phenomenon. Extremism has also become widespread, but it is not the topic of this article.Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Specificity of economic crime and corruptionis the lack of typical dynamics for many crimes. In other words, such acts are committed by "white-collar workers" or by civil servants. In addition, corruption and economic crimes are accompanied by high latency, as it is difficult to identify and suppress them. Nevertheless, the Office for Combating Economic Crimes (UBEP) carries out counteraction to socially dangerous acts. This work is carried out in the sphere of activity of civil servants and "white-collar workers".убэп г москвы

UBEP MIA: description

The police are an element of a more cumbersomestructure. It is included in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This body of the executive branch has its own apparatus. It is in its structure is the Office for Combating Economic Crimes, or UBEP, as it is abbreviated to be called. This division ensures the actual development of the state policy in the sphere of regulatory regulation of the economic sector. In addition, UBEP is engaged in the fight against corruption.ubep mvd

History of the Office

The Office for Combating Economiccrimes has its roots, going back to the times of the USSR. The need for economic security agencies appeared before the war, namely in 1937. At this time, a provision is adopted, a special departmental normative act on OBXS. For several decades, the organ has been reorganized more than once. For example, in 2008, UBEP began to fight organized crime in the economic sphere. Today UBEP is included in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, or rather its apparatus, as it was already mentioned earlier. Direct management in this case has a great effect on the effectiveness of its activities.

Main goals

Before any law enforcement agencycertain goals are set. Their achievement is always in the priority of his work, because otherwise the expediency of the existence and financing of the unit simply reduces to zero. In its work, the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Counteracting Corruption accomplishes the following tasks:

  • creation of priority directions of the policy in the field of financial security;
  • improvement of all normative bases without exception, which regulates the activities of the UBEP;
  • suppression, prevention, disclosure and identification of corruption and economic crimes;
  • development of priority tasks for the UBEP;
  • ensuring the activities and coordination of the work of the OECD units.

Depending on the political situation in the state and other factors, the tasks of the unit may change.

Key activities (functions)

UBEP in its activities implements a set ofvarious functions, which are provided by the current legislation. There are quite a lot of them for today, therefore the most important ones will be presented in the article. Thus, the main functions of the UBEP are:

  • analytical work in the field of monitoring of operational information;check up ubap
  • development of perspective directions of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  • organization and support of corruption expertise of federal laws and subordinate regulatory acts of the state;
  • organization of investigation, suppression and disclosure of corruption and economic crimes;
  • counteraction to money laundering activities, as well as counterfeiting;
  • the fight against organized crime in the sphere of the economy, and so on.


It should be noted that UBEP isthe structural division of the police, which, in turn, is authorized by the current legislation to conduct operative-search activity. Thus, the structure mentioned in the article has the right to carry out measures with the purpose of revealing and actually suppressing crimes. The operational-search activity plays an important role in the activities of the UBEP for today.

Other information

As we understood from the features presentedabove, UBEP carries out a very important activity on which the welfare of our state depends. It should be noted that a significant role in the work of the unit is played by the regulatory framework. UBEP operates on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, orders of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as regulatory legal acts relating directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Chief UbepThe very organization of the workflow isbased on the entrusting of territorial units by specific employees and entrusting them with individual tasks, the implementation of which is necessary for the department. The UBEP of Moscow coordinates other structural parts of the administration. Direct regulation of the activities of the service is carried out by a single person. To date, Major General of Police Andrei Kurnosenko is the head of the UBEP.

Thus, the activities presented in theThe article of the service is extremely important for the modern economic security of the Russian Federation. Let's hope that in the future, management activities are only being modernized. To check the UBEP for careless citizens and corrupt officials was like a bolt from the blue.

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