The onset of labor. How to determine the onset of labor

The onset of labor has certain signs that every woman is capable of recognizing, even the one who gives birth for the first time. However, the abundance of information that this event may occur prematurely leads to the fact that almost every pregnant woman from the beginning of the third trimester sees signs of the proximity of this event. Everything is aggravated by altered hormones, fear of childbirth. The general feeling of anxiety is fueled by “horror stories” that “experienced” friends and acquaintances like to share with pregnant women.onset of labor

So, let's talk about how to determine the beginning of labor, and consider in detail everything that can be their forerunners.

Signs and symptoms that your baby is near the day of birth begin to appear about 5-7 days before this event and appear on the 38th week if the pregnancy is normal. If you notice something similar to contractions or discharge of water, immediately inform your doctor, as such manifestations may indicate the beginning of preterm labor.

How to determine the onset of labor. Signs and symptoms

It is widely believed that labor always begins with contractions, and only then does the discharge of amniotic fluid occur. This is not true. Everything is completely individual. So, the first sign of the onset of labor is contractions or discharge of water.


At first they look like menstrual cramps. It is quite tolerable, and a woman can do her usual business. Sometimes there are unpleasant pulling sensations in the lumbar region. Contractions are real when they lead to the disclosure of the cervix (at the beginning of labor, disclosure reaches 10 centimeters), and false.

False contractions

With false contractions there is no pain, but there is tension in the ligaments. These bouts are also called preliminary. They appear about a week before an important event and prepare the uterus for the onset of labor.

This scramble tends to increase and lengthen. The first lasts 10-15 seconds, and the rest period is 15-20 minutes. By the time of birthhow to determine the beginning of laborchild duration of labor is increased to one and a half minutes, and the rest period will also be a half minutes. To understand, they are real or false, try to count.If contractions occur with a certain interval, then this indicates the beginning of labor.

You can go a simpler way: drink a pill "No-Shpa" and lie down to rest. If the fight is false, then the discomfort will pass. If this is really the beginning of labor, they will continue to increase.

Also, a week before the birth of a baby with false contractions, it is recommended to rest more, get enough sleep and prepare for the most important holiday in the life of every woman - the birth of the long-awaited baby.

Real fights

With a real contraction, the pain is undulating. It begins in the back, then goes to the hips and then - in the abdomen. During the boutsonset of labor signs and symptomsthe uterus is in good shape, the stomach is strained.

Be sure to record or remember when it all began. This information may be useful to the doctor.

If the interval between contractions is 5 minutes, then you need to urgently go to the hospital.

The onset of labor can also be accompanied by preliminary pains, which have a pulling character. It occurs in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar region. Unlike contractions, these pains have no periodicity.

During the whole pregnancy, set yourself up so that the day of birth is the best day of your life. So it is, because on this day your baby should appear. At the beginning of labor, try to remain calm, relaxed, keep deep and slow breathing. Talk more with the baby, because for him the appearance of the world is a very big stress.

Listen to your body. The body itself will tell you what is best for you. Many women feel better when walking.

Amniotic fluid rupture

As mentioned above, the outpouring of amniotic fluid is also the first sign of the onset of labor.first sign of labor

If your waters are gone, you need to urgently go to the maternity hospital, since the dry period should not be more than 12 hours. Be sure to tell the doctor what color the water was, if they had a smell, and at what time they moved.

In general, ideally, the onset of labor is labor, and the waters are poured out almost right before the onset of attempts with the cervix almost fully opened. But they can move away before the onset of contractions, or at the moment when the complete opening of the cervix is ​​still very far away. Sometimes the doctor has to open the bladder to trigger the onset of labor.

Waters can pour out immediately, or they can simply leak.

They can move away at earlier periods, and their discharge for a woman can be almost imperceptible (in case of low water).

Contractions and discharge of water are signs of childbirth, which are always present. Now let's talk about what changes may indirectly indicate that the birth of the baby is not far off.

Cork discharge

The stopper is a lump of mucus with streaks of blood that protects the uterus from the entry of various infections. She can move as a few weeks before the birth, and with the beginning of these bouts. Sometimes its discharge occurs in the childbirth itself, but this is rare.

Belly down

Lowering the abdomen occurs for the reason that the child at the time of birth goes deeper into the mom's pelvis. It happens on the 35-40th week of pregnancy. The woman begins to feel more comfortable, because the uterus is now not so pressing on the diaphragm. It becomes easier to breathe and more comfortable to sit.

Vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, nausea

The onset of labor in primiparous and multiparous is often accompanied by the indicated symptoms, and they can appear both before labor contractions and at the beginning of the opening of the cervix. As the doctors explain, this happens because of an overflowing stomach, so it gets rid of excess.Perhaps this is because the body saves its strength for childbirth and does not allow itself to spend it on the digestion of food.

At the beginning of contractions it is not recommended to eat, especially tight.

time of commencement of labor

Slight weight loss

Weight can be reduced by about 1-2 kilograms, swelling can also disappear. So the body gets rid of excess fluid. If a pregnant woman watches her weight and controls it every day, then she will definitely notice such a decrease in body weight.

Rare movement of the child

The baby becomes too big, and now there is not enough space in the uterus. This phenomenon is observed a few days before the onset of labor. A woman during this period is recommended to follow, so that the child moves at least 10 times a day, in case she feels his movements less often, tell the doctor about it.

High activity of the woman

The day before the onset of labor, an increase in the activity of a woman can be observed. If before that she could lie on the couch all day, then on the day before the birth she takes on a lot of work: she cleans, erase, cooks, as before the arrival of guests. After all, she really is waiting, not just a guest, but a new family member! Psychologists explain this phenomenon by the fact that a woman completes the most important things.There is also an assumption that while a pregnant woman does not do everything that is necessary for her, childbirth will not begin.

The onset of labor in primiparous women and those who give birth again

In general, the signs and symptoms of the firstborn and reboring the onset of labor are the same, but there are differences in time.

the onset of labor contractions

In primiparous women, the stomach goes down in about 7 days, in those with whom it happens again - in three, and sometimes in two days. The cervix opens more quickly in people who are multipy, their contractions are more painful.

How to alleviate the condition of women and children during the onset of labor

It is very important not to hold your breath and breathe calmly, as in this case the vessels narrow, and the child receives not enough blood and oxygen.

It is good if you familiarize yourself with breathing techniques in advance and master the special postures that will help relieve pain.

The easiest type of breathing is called slow. The duration of inhalation (through the nose) and expiration (through the mouth) is 1: 2. Helps with painless pains. This technique can be used throughout all genera.

how to start labor

When contractions become painful, you can connect the voice breathing, when exhale "sing" vowels "a", "y", "o".The sound that you get with this should be low, which contributes to the relaxation of the muscles. High notes can cause cramps.

Also at the beginning of contractions breathing helps, more precisely, “exhalation”, through relaxed lips with the sound “poo”.

With intense fights, many women in labor become harder to breathe deeply. Shallow breathing "dog" helps in this situation.

During fights, you can walk and move as you like. You can not sit in any case. You can lie in the pose of the embryo.

How to start childbirth

If the gestation period is more than 40 weeks, then the placenta will age, and doctors tell the woman that it is necessary to stimulate labor.the onset of labor in primiparous

To avoid such trouble, try to do gymnastics, cleaning, walk more, especially the stairs, from the 38th week, although, as a rule, you do not want to do this, but do not overload.

Include in the diet is not refined and not deodorized oil, you can add it to salads.

Carefully read this article, you can easily determine the beginning of labor. Now it is best to focus on pleasant troubles and taking care of your own health.Read the baby care literature and just good books. Buy a dowry for a newborn, if, of course, you are not superstitious. Listen to pleasant music, not necessarily classical, you can simply make for yourself a selection of gentle melodies that are to your liking.

Well, if you do yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women, it is better to do it under the supervision of a specialist. Sign up for courses for young parents, bring the house in order, and most importantly, relax. Remember, with the birth of a baby, you will not be able to devote as much time to yourself as it is now, so enjoy. Ahead of you is a great time full of worries and the most beautiful moments.

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