The origin and meaning of the name Leila

The name Leyla is associated with a black-eyed mysterious eastern princess. And for this there are good reasons. What is the meaning of the name Leila? It has an ancient Persian origin, it came to us from the Arab culture.

Name Leila: origin and meaning

Leila literally translates as "dark night", and the figurative meaning is interpreted simply as dark-haired.

This name is very popular in the countries of the East, in Europe it is less common. Among the Jewish, Armenian and Tatar peoples, a modified form of the given name is often used - Lily or Lilith.

value of the name leila

The meaning of the name and the nature of its owner

How can one characterize a girl whose parents have named her exactly like this - Leila? The meaning of the name, the nature of its owner is very interesting, it does not happen outside the center of attention. The name Leyla gives her possessor such traits as responsibility, decency and surprising integrity. At the same time, Leyla is incredibly feminine, charming, successful in society, and in the depths of her soul eager for universal acceptance.

Therefore, in the very early childhood, little Leyla does everything to attract the attention of others to her person. The girl with the same name is extremely sociable, and since kindergarten is surrounded by a crowd of fans and numerous girlfriends.

What is the meaning of the name Leila? For a girl, it will bring good luck. At school age, such qualities as accuracy, sense of duty, responsibility and ambition manifest in the character of Leilochka. Classes are given to her easily, and the girl with all her strength strives for the title of the first student.

Leila is ambitious, sets a high bar and usually achieves her goals. However, there is no arrogance or arrogance in it, therefore relations with peers develop very well.

Leila is a good friend who can tell the truth to the eyes and give useful advice from the heart.

The nature of the matured Leila doesn’t change much. A woman with that name will always be an example to others. She has a sharp mind, punctuality, can keep this word.

name leyla origin and meaning

Thanks to her perseverance and hard work, Leila can achieve great career success. Most of all it will suit professions related to people and requiring continuous communication.So, from Leyla it will turn out an excellent social worker, teacher, journalist, and HR manager. Although, it must be said, some subordinates may be wary of the owner of this name because of its severity, restraint and meticulous attitude to the performance of work tasks. In addition, thanks to the fine internal organization, Leila can succeed in the field of art.

For Leila characterized by such qualities as honesty and straightforwardness. She always says what she thinks and expects the same from her surroundings. Deception and betrayal of loved ones can be a hard blow for her.

Leyla herself loves justice and always takes the side of the weak and undeservedly offended.

Personal life

In everyday life, a woman named Leyla manifests herself as a great hostess. At home she always has perfect cleanliness, comfort and order. It is not clear how she manages it, but she does it all!

The meaning of the name Leila and her fate are not at all simple. Despite the large number of boyfriends surrounding this amazing woman from an early age, the relationship with the opposite sex does not develop in her best way.This is due to Leila’s severity and her desire for the ideal. She does not enter into casual relationships, but stubbornly awaits her only man. And when he finds him, he turns into an immaculate little wife - loving, soft and docile. In love, she is a decent and faithful partner, betrayal and even easy flirting is unacceptable for her. She does not torment her man with manifestations of baseless jealousy, avoids pettiness and pickyness. However, if she caught on hot, she would not forgive betrayal, no matter how strong her love was.

leila meaning name character

Although at the same time there is a high probability that later the woman will maintain friendly relations with the former spouse, and at a difficult moment will give him a helping hand.

And all the owners of this beautiful name are wonderful, caring mothers. At the same time, Leila respects the identity of her child and does not impose his own opinion on him, preferring to communicate with the child on an equal footing. Children are for her the meaning of life, and therefore most of her time, her mother Leyla will be happy to spend on their full development.

Characteristic name according to the seasons

What is the meaning of the name Leila? How can it be characterized? The season in which the girl was born, named Leyla, leaves a special individual imprint on her character and destiny.

"Winter" Leilastrict, straightforward and very principled. She likes to help others and has high moral principles, from which she will not give up in any situation.

"Spring" Leilahas a softer, appeasable character, she less resolute. Such a woman is very emotional, she has a fragile psyche and a fine mental organization. She is vulnerable and a bit of a temper.

meaning of the name leyla in islam

"Summer" Leila- a very disciplined person, prone to self-organization. Her every day is literally painted by the minute, but at the same time Leila will always find time for friends. She is extremely responsive and will never refuse to help the needy.

"Autumn" Leilapossesses excellent abilities in the conduct of the housewife, she has a real culinary gift. Such a woman is very economical, organized and purposeful. But her personal life is not easy. Leyla, who was born in the autumn months, usually has to endure several unsuccessful marriages before she meets her ideal partner.

Positive qualities of the name

The meaning of the name Leila tells us that it gives her mistress many positive features. I would especially like to highlight such qualities as frankness, sociability, femininity and emotionality.

Negative characteristics of the name

The value of the name Leila does not disregard the negative traits of the character of its owner. Negative character traits include excessive straightness, sometimes turning into rudeness, conflict, stubbornness and a firm conviction that they are right, inability to give in or compromise.

meaning of the name leila and her fate

The meaning of the name Leila in Islam

The name Leila has a special place in Islam. Thanks to Arab roots, it is widespread in countries where people of a given nationality live predominantly. Well, given the fact that the majority of the citizens of this ethnic group are Muslims, the name Leyla gradually gained wide popularity among Muslims in the whole world. An indicative story is the story of the famous American boxer Cassis Clay, who, by adopting Islam, was renamed Muhammad Ali, and his beloved daughter called Leila.

Muslims have several options for its interpretation.

  1. The impenetrable, dark, hopeless night - in a direct, literal translation.
  2. The name of one of the local wines is “Umm Leila”.
  3. Easy intoxication is one of the interpretations of the translation.

What is she, a girl named Leila? The meaning of the name, the character and the fate of the girl are of interest to many - both the owners of the name and others. The beautiful and slightly sad Arabian legend of the tragic love of the girl Leila and the poor young poet Mejun is associated with this name. The motives of this story still serve as a source of inspiration for creating poems, writing music and paintings.

leila meaning name character and fate

In addition, some associates of the great prophet were named Leyla. Namely - Leyla bint al-Judy bin Adi bin Amr al-Gassani, wife of Abdurrahman bin Abu Bakr al-Siddik, Leyla bint Habis at-Tamimiya, sister of the famous ally Aqra bin Bhabis. Thus, it is obvious that in Islamic culture and history it is customary to treat this name with great respect. Probably for this reason, Leila for many years in a row is listed in the top ten most popular names of the Muslim world.

Astrological features of the name

Planet patron- Uranus.

Stone Mascot- tiger eye, amethyst, rauchtopaz.

Totem animal- eel or electric ramp.

Happy color- purple, violet, all shades of lilac.

Zodiac sign,corresponding to the given name - Aquarius.

Totem plant- rose or wild orchid.

Totem tree- aspen.

Element- air.

meaning of the name leyla

The name Leyla is surprisingly melodious, melodious, mysterious and captivating. These features, of course, are transferred to its owner, endowing it with special sensuality, attractiveness and oriental charm in the eyes of those around him.

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